Sunday 3 November 2019

Olen Skin Care - Baby Butz

We had some severe bum rashes over the past couple of months and this Baby Butz cream has been a dream come true. It took the edge off of a very painful rash during every bum change and added a layer of protection every baby needs!

Enjoying the honor of securing an NPN license that entails a rigorous process to be considered a “natural health product,” it’s no wonder that Olen Skin Care now has a top selling product on Amazon and hit the shelves at Target.

What started as a mom’s need to develop a cream to help her son with a rare disease in which diaper rash could kill him evolved into doctors asking her for her product!

Known as a “miracle cream,” Majda Ficko teamed with a chemist to create Baby Butz to help prevent her son’s diaper rash. Today, not only is it a go-to for millions of parents world-wide and doctor recommended, it’s also known for helping with all types of ailments including bug bites, eczema, bed sores, cold sores and any other topical rash!

Baby Butz highlights include:
  • Top selling diaper rash cream
  • Created for baby, enjoyed by all ages - so also available as Supraderm!
  • Helps prevent rash from occurring
  • Creates a protective barrier on skin
  • Instantly relieves itch and inflammation
  • Soothing cream that can be used for any type of rash
  • Great for bug bites, eczema, cold sores, bed sores and more
  • 100% naturally formulated and NPN certified by Health Canada
  • Safest and most effective diaper rash cream without a prescription
  • No synthetic or chemical Ingredients, dyes or artificial ingredients
  • No animal testing
  • Award winning product including Pediatrician Gold Standard, Cribsie, National Parenting Products Award, EWG Rated #1 and many more
  • Available in several retail locations including Target and Amazon

Out of a mother’s love comes a multi-award winning healing topical rash cream that everyone can enjoy! 

$12.99  - Learn more on


Majda started Olen Skin Care to formulate and manufacture all-natural products for babies and children. Her most notable product is the multi-award winning Baby Butz cream which she developed to care for her severely disabled child. The formulation heals a multitude of skin conditions and a large number of adults were purchasing the product side brand under the name of Supraderm. Building on its success, Olen Skin Care Corporation is expanding to include a full line of all-natural skin care products for global consumers

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