Sincerely Silver Sound Wave Necklace

Imagine being able to carry around a special message from your loved one on your neck in a beautiful form such as this. This necklace is simple, stylish and goes with anything. The message I had placed into my necklace was “I love you more than anything” from my loving husband! 

You can get as creative as you want and say whatever you like for that special someone. This makes a great gift for any occasion and with the holidays approaching it is a great idea to order today to ensure they arrive before Christmas. 

Jewellery has become harder and harder to keep one of a kind and as the industry continues to grow there are more mass produced pieces hitting the markets everyday. Stand out from the crowd and get a unique piece that is true to you and only you.

It is your voice turned into a sound wave and engraved onto a necklace. You can record any message you would like to be engraved. 


Pendant width: 1.25"

Metal: Sterling Silver

Chain Length: 18"

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