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8 Tips for Families in These COVID-19 Times

From homeschooling and virtual learning to finding things to do and pass the time, the COVID-19 crisis can be especially difficult for children. What can parents do to make this challenging time easier and more manageable?    Jennifer Lopez is author of the book ‘Chief Executive Mom,’ has homeschooled four of her kids and is the founder of  Assistant Pro , a concierge staffing agency that specializes in assisting families with every day, repetitive tasks.    Jennifer’s advice to keep things moving as smoothly as possible and help your kids adjust in this crazy COVID-19 world:      -          Focus on block scheduling : Rather than saying, “Do it now” or “We’ll get to it later,” create a block of time when a list of tasks must be completed, including schoolwork. In fact, to add consistency and make it easier on your kids, block off the same time each day where various tasks must get done, things like school work, cleaning their rooms or going through old close. -          Your house may

Moving To A Foreign Country With Kids

  Moving to a foreign country is always a challenge ,  whether you are moving on your own or with your family. And, if you have the little ones in your family, you should be prepared that your relocation is going to be much more complicated. Now, let us see  how you can prepare for moving to a foreign country with kids and how to make sure all members of your family are safe during the trip . Kids will take the news differently Since not all of us have the same preferences, our kids will also have various approaches to changing their homes and homeland. Naturally,  their attitude will depend on their age, habits, social skills and many more factors . If we take a look at various age groups, we will notice that babies and younger toddlers will find it easier to adapt to any new situation and that also includes moving to a foreign country. The early age of their lives is reserved for learning the language (among many other skills), so they find it easy to assimilate to any new group of k

Cool Science Projects for the Younger Set

Who says your kids can’t have fun and learn science at the same time?! Use the following science projects and watch them be mesmerized by science. Some may think that science is a subject a bit too serious for preschoolers, but if you have the right approach and smartly choose the experiments,  you are guaranteed to have them ask for more, as kids love to witness chemical reactions, building things or exploring nature. Let’s go through several science projects kits for kids that you can apply. The Rainbow Wizard’s Brew Being one of the most fun volcano science projects for kids, the wizard’s brew is a great way to have fun and explore the chemical reactions of different ingredients by making a volcano in a simple glass jar. Similar to other great summer science projects for kids, your children will love this one. Let’s go through the list of ingredients before we move on to the instructions: Baking soda Food coloring or liquid watercolors Glitter Dish soap Vinegar Glass jar Small conta

Want to Stop Wasting Money and Help the Planet? Stop Buying Bottled Water

If your family drinks bottled water regularly, you’re not alone. Americans drink around 97 billion bottles of water per year. After all, it’s quick and convenient to grab a bottle from the fridge or store when you’re on the go. But it’s an expensive habit -- and plastic bottles cause tremendous harm to the environment. What's more, everything you think you know about bottled water may not be true at all. You may prefer bottled water because it tastes better or you trust it more than tap water. You might have picked up the habit as a substitute for unhealthy bottled and canned beverages like soda. Perhaps you’re drawn to flavored waters or drink it when traveling. Regardless of your reasons, there are cheaper, easier, and more environmentally friendly ways to drink your daily H2O. Bottled Water Hurts the Planet One reason to consider quitting bottled water is to save our already at-risk environment. Sure, you might recycle, but did you know that about 80% of plastic water bot

Why Millennial Parents Support Alternative Education

The millennial generation are now America's largest generation , giving them the reigns to change the face of the education system as we know it. Millennials believe that education is integral to a successful future, but many think that the current public school system needs to change. Valuing flexibility and creativity, millennial parents are searching for schools that can meet their child's specific needs and cater to their individual learning styles. But these schools are proving far and few between. This has led many millennial parents to break the status quo and turn to alternative  education , allowing their children to choose their own path of learning. Although not as common as a traditional classroom setting, these alternative methods, like online courses and homeschooling are proving to be incredibly beneficial to the newest generation of students. With these alternative systems, children can learn at their own pace, discover their own forms of creative expressio

Tips On Selecting The Right Company for Your Commercial Fit-Out Contractors

If you are thinking of updating your office building, then you should make sure that you hire the best commercial  fit-out  contractors for the job.  If you are in the business of retail, even then you would necessarily require an expert commercial fit-out contractor . A well-designed retail store can make all the difference to the popularity of your business. The correct fittings will indeed display all your products in the best possible manner, which can result in higher sales.  So here are some of the expert tips in looking for selecting the best one.    You should start by coming up with a decent list of companies which offer  commercial  fit-out  contractors  and refurbishment services in your location. You need to have   high-speed internet for this. There are absolutely lots of them that you can also check out their websites to find  out more online and you can also check out their websites to find out more about the services that they have  to  offer.    You  have  to focus yo

Chicken Soup for the Soul Offers Free Ebooks for Students of All Ages

Volumes for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students Are Fun and Educational   Parents and teachers are looking for ways to keep students engaged while they learn at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Chicken Soup for the Soul, in partnership with American Humane, has a line of free ebooks for kids of all ages, available on all popular ebook platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple Books, Google, and more.   These books offer students fascinating stories about zoo and aquarium animals, along with photos. There are even free activity pages and complete curriculums available for download—all at no charge. The three volumes in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s  Humane Heroes  series are provided for all reading levels, with Volume I targeted at older elementary students, Volume II written for middle schoolers, and Volume III for high school students.   Here are just a few of the animals children will meet in the pages of these books:  Kasi the baby cheetah was o