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Tips on Hiring a Moving Company

Changing a living place is not a thing that happens often. People rarely decide to make such a change. When they do, there is a  solid  reason for it.  A good business opportunity and a  chance for education are things that are worth starting an adventure called moving . Wherever you go, the stress that accompanies this process is inevitable. One of the concerns is the cost of relocation, which can be quite high, depending on where you move. That is why many are in a dilemma about organizing the move on their own or calling professionals. What the benefits of hiring moving experts  are ,  read here . Some people choose to start their life in another city, at the other end of the country, or even abroad. For long-distance moving, it  is recommended  to hire reliable movers. They will make sure that the whole process goes  smoothly . Besides, they are familiar with the rules and regulations related to relocation.  That matters,  especially if you go to another state. How to Find Reliable

Tasty Asian Inspired Recipes to Make This Week

  Stop! Drop that Chinese takeout menu and fire up your stove. These Asian inspired recipes are all you need to satisfy that craving and are probably healthier than what the hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the corner has to offer. You won't even notice the lower sodium content with the bold flavors you can whip up right in your own kitchen. So roll up your sleeves, grab your ingredients and get cookin'. 1.  Thai Shrimp Soup Colder weather is just around the corner, signaling the beginning of soup season. This Thai shrimp soup is perfect for chilly evenings and has just a hint of spice to keep things interesting. The basmati rice also adds some substance to keep you feeling full and happy. Simply combine the ingredients — some of which you likely already have — and enjoy! 2.  Salmon, Ginger and Soba Stir Fry This recipe requires just 35 minutes of your time and a handful of ingredients. The instructions also help you make a delicious marinade that beats store-bought sou

What Moms Need to Know About Life Insurance

  As a parent, you would do anything to protect your children. However, no one has a crystal ball — what will happen to your little ones if the unexpected takes you out of the picture prematurely?  Life insurance lets you provide your family with financial protection that it would take a lifetime to save. It keeps your mind from whispering, “what if” at 3 a.m. Here’s what moms need to know about this powerful planning tool and how they can get started protecting their loved ones.  1. You Shouldn’t Put Off the Purchase  When insurance companies write a life policy, they use actuarial tables to determine your chances of surviving until your next birthday. Like it or not, you can’t stop the aging process. With every passing year, any coverage option will increase in expense.  Does this seem unfair, considering most young parents have little in their coffers until they hit their 30s or 40s? Perhaps, but don’t let that dissuade you from talking to agents from various companies to d

Reasons to Hire Professional Concreters for Your Project

If you plan to begin a concrete project, you need to take a step ahead and understand the significance of hiring reputed concreters for successful execution. Concrete work enhances the integrity and strength of every building. Therefore, if you make a mistake in hiring reliable concrete services, you may compromise the quality of work. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, you need to focus on a concrete contractor's qualities to accomplish your objectives. From the concrete driveway, patio to any other structure, you have to look forward to why a professional contractor can bring life to your project.    Precision of work: Contrary to what you think, the execution of a concrete project involves the mixing of mixtures, but there is something more to it. Due to professional concreters' work experience, they can work on a multitude of projects with equal ease. Therefore, they are familiar with the methods of handling various projects with expertise and skills. Leavi

The Surprising Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Families

Image Credit COVID-19 has rocked everyone's world. Parents everywhere have had new worries arise about health, school, work, and finances. Caring for and raising a family is challenging enough—throwing a global pandemic into the mix definitely complicates things. It’s brought moms, dads, and kids home, leaving parents to not only take care of normal household duties, but to parent and teach their kids while keeping up with work .  At Huggable , we care about the effects of these strange times on families’ lives, health, and emotions. So we conducted a survey of 538 mothers, all with children under 3 years old, to discover the impacts they've experienced from these interesting developments. Fortunately, many of our findings were positive, and we want to share this encouraging information with the readers of Funky Frugal Mommy .  Moms are spending more time with their children Due to office, school, and daycare closures, and a general effort to stay home more often, moms are s

Mixtiles The Easiest Way To Decorate Your Home

With Covid-19 ushering in a new era of time spent at home, upgrades to one's housing have never been more important. To that end, I wanted to get in touch regarding an affordable and hassle-free product to display people's fondest memories and transform their homes:  Mixtiles . Mixtiles is, quite simply, Instagram come to life.  Mixtiles is successfully disrupting the framing and photography industry by making hanging photos more affordable, wall-friendly and accessible to hang. The product is simple: it's an app that enables you to turn your phone pics into 8"x8" photo tiles that stick and re-stick to your walls without nails or any damage, utilizing a special adhesive that does not leave marks.Mixtiles ships orders for free and tiles arrive in just days ( that's right - no need to leave the home for this DIY project! ). Costing as little as $11 a print, the company produces an average of 20,000-25,000 tiles per day, with over 5,000+ five-star reviews across 

Savvy consumer tips for successful online grocery shopping

   Image credit 1, How do you shop thoughtfully when you can’t touch and see items such as meat or produce?   The short answer is: it’s hard. Bridging the gap between an image of a mango on your screen and what that actual mango looks, feels, and tastes like is something grocers and retailers struggle with. Companies that start to offer more updated content about their offers and specials will benefit with more customer loyalty. People will start to judge the quality of their grocer by  consistency . Consistently delivering the correct items on-time that are fresh and at the correct temperature will be a major factor in how customers choose their grocer.   2, Any shopping behaviors that basically make you likelier to spend more money, like unshakeable brand loyalty?   We believe in the value of experience. If a brand can provide a great experience—whether that is in-store or digitally—they will win new customers, retain old customers, and learn more about the people they serve. Loyalty

Back To School Shopping During The Pandemic

 Whether you have decided to send your kids back to school or not you are still going to need to buy new school supplies, clothes, backpacks, and more. Many people have decided to avoid going to the stores unless it's absolutely necessary, this is where online shopping has taken over. Buying online is becoming a more simplified process. Online shopping sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic and there is no reason for that to slow down anytime soon. You can buy nearly everything online and that has ensured less contact between people making a safer environment for everyone during these crazy times. There is some concern when shopping online that when your package arrives things won't fit properly. Luckily return systems have begun to get simpler and evolved with the times. Most packages come with proper packaging and return labels so you can contact them about t