Monday 31 August 2020

Tips on Hiring a Moving Company

Changing a living place is not a thing that happens often. People rarely decide to make such a change. When they do, there is a solid reason for it. A good business opportunity and a chance for education are things that are worth starting an adventure called moving. Wherever you go, the stress that accompanies this process is inevitable.

One of the concerns is the cost of relocation, which can be quite high, depending on where you move. That is why many are in a dilemma about organizing the move on their own or calling professionals. What the benefits of hiring moving experts areread here.

Some people choose to start their life in another city, at the other end of the country, or even abroad. For long-distance moving, it is recommended to hire reliable movers. They will make sure that the whole process goes smoothly. Besides, they are familiar with the rules and regulations related to relocation. That matters, especially if you go to another state.

How to Find Reliable Movers
Your current place of residence is an essential factor in your search for reputable movers. Base it on local moving agencies. People in cities have more choices while finding reliable movers in smaller towns can be problematic. The choice is narrowed, and in most cases, a single agency holds a lot in the local market.

For your relocation to go well, you need a mover that instills confidence. It means positive reviews, a good reputation, and affordable prices. If you have a list of several dozen agencies, the first step should be to find information about each of them. You will need the help of the Internet and friends and relatives who may have had experience with these companies.
Personal recommendations are the best way to check the reputation of moving agencies. That can be one of the eliminatory factors. You don't want to hire someone who provides poor service or is unprofessional in their job. Still, don't be exclusive if you hear only one bad comment.
Personal experiences can vary, so be sure to do a double check by searching the Internet for a specific moving agency. Pay attention to movers' ratings, reviews, and criticisms from previous clients. If there are too many negative experiences, there's a good chance that you will experience the same dissatisfaction.

License Is a Must
Use the advantage of the World Wide Web, and look for the license number of a particular mover. This information should be available on their web pages (if any) or the regulatory body's website. All registered moving agencies are safe to work with. The license obliges them to specific standards in providing relocation services. Don't consider moving agencies without a license even if they offer better conditions.

If you are going out of state, reputable movers Charlotte NC suggest looking for DOT number in long-distance moving companies. It means that the Department of Transportation guarantees their work and that their trucks can freely cross borders. 

You should know that some states have certain restrictions on the transport of goods. For example, transport of animals and house plants requires a particular protocol. Make sure to talk about this with your mover, to avoid legal issues.

Check Rates
Even when a company has a monopoly on the local market, its services' prices must not deviate from the national averageIf you live in a town with only two or three agencies available, compare their rates with companies operating nationwide.
Check rates and comments about them. Suppose there are disagreements with what the movers may have displayed on their website, or people suggest the hidden costs that the movers charge extra. In these cases, different prices are a clear sign you should skip that company.

If you think the price of moving services is too high, be prepared to negotiate. Also, you need to know which part of the relocation process you can do yourself. For example, if friends can help you with packing and loading stuff, there is no need to pay for this service. That can cut unnecessary costs. Any reputable mover will be ready to give you a fair offer suited to your needs.

Pay Attention to Hidden Costs

Before you hire any mover, be sure to ask them to calculate yourmoving costs. It must be a written document, signed, and certified by the moving agency. Know that there is a chance that these rates deviate from the real ones, but ask the mover to be transparent and to list possible variable costs.

Don't work with movers who give verbal estimates. Also, avoid those asking for payments in advance and accepting only cash. Such movers usually don't go on the spot but give estimates by phone or e-mail. Make sure the company you hire is explicit about what is included in its services. 

Keep in mind that items like carrying things upstairs, using a mover's warehouse, or not being able to park in front of your yard or building can affect the final bill. You'll avoid unpleasant surprises by asking movers what services they charge extra.

Ask for Insurance Policy
Licensed movers are obligated to offer their customers insurance for their belongings. That's something you shouldn't skimp on, especially if you're going to a remote location or have valuables. Long-distance moving can take time, and you never know what might happen along the way.

Damage or loss incurred in transport, due to loose packaging, or non-compliance with safety regulations will be compensated if you have coverage policy. The moving agency will arrange this through its insurer. If you don't have a policy, you expose yourself to the risk of high costs.
More information on moving insurance, see on the following source:
Moving is an event that can be quite upsetting. You can make it less stressful if you entrust part (or all) of the relocation work to professionals. Do your best to find a trusted moving company that guarantees that everything will go well.

Thursday 27 August 2020

Tasty Asian Inspired Recipes to Make This Week

Stop! Drop that Chinese takeout menu and fire up your stove. These Asian inspired recipes are all you need to satisfy that craving and are probably healthier than what the hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the corner has to offer. You won't even notice the lower sodium content with the bold flavors you can whip up right in your own kitchen.

So roll up your sleeves, grab your ingredients and get cookin'.

Colder weather is just around the corner, signaling the beginning of soup season. This Thai shrimp soup is perfect for chilly evenings and has just a hint of spice to keep things interesting. The basmati rice also adds some substance to keep you feeling full and happy. Simply combine the ingredients — some of which you likely already have — and enjoy!

This recipe requires just 35 minutes of your time and a handful of ingredients. The instructions also help you make a delicious marinade that beats store-bought sous any day. Allow the salmon to sit in the marinade for at least 10 minutes before adding to the pan to soak up all the flavor.

If your hubby is craving a big, juicy burger, grill up some of these Korean BBQ burgers. This recipe makes four beef burgers as well as a spicy mayo. Serve the finished product on lightly toasted buns with lettuce, pickles and everything bagel seasoning or sesame seeds for extra flavor. 

Chicken wings and drummies are the perfect summer food. They also make excellent appetizers during football season so this recipe for Asian glazed drumsticks will serve you well in the coming months.  Soy sauce, vinegar and sriracha come together to make a sweet and spicy sauce that'll have you licking your fingers. Serve with rice and broccoli for a well-rounded dinner. 

Skip the sushi bar and make your own poke bowl at home. It's easier than you ever thought possible, especially with this recipe in hand. After combining the avocado, ahi tuna, veggies, rice and other various ingredients, you'll have a sort of deconstructed sushi role that's just as tasty as one you might find at a fancy sushi restaraunt. 

Take sloppy joe Sundays to the next level by putting an Asian spin on this old classic. You'll need a few more ingredients than buns and a can of Manwich for this one, but the end result will be more than worth it. Simply combine the ground beef or pulled pork with the other ingredients and top the sloppy mix with slaw and sesame seeds. 

Bibim Gook Soo is essentially a dish containing spicy mixed noodles. Nearly every Asian household has their own version of this meal as they substitute various ingredients to accomplish different flavors. This recipe, for instance, calls for fruits and vegetables in the sauce, putting a twist on more traditional variations. Blend the ingredients together and allow the mixture to sit for 30 minutes to three days for optimal flavor. 

Simplify dinnertime with this one-pan Asian chicken and rice recipe. The beauty of this dish is you'll only have to wash one pan — and the plates, of course — after dinner. Plus, you don't have to stir anything. Simply pop your skillet in the oven and cook it to perfection. Garnish with green onions or scallions and serve immediately. You can worry about cleanup later.

If you don't have time to cook dinner in the evening try this set and forget slow cooker beef and broccoli recipe. The sesame oil, cornstarch, soy sauce and brown sugar will create a thick sauce that perfectly compliments the meatier flavors of this dish. Simply combine everything except the broccoli and set your timer for four and a half hours. Add the broccoli and allow it to cook for the last 30 minutes. Then, serve over warm rice and dig in. 

If you and your better half have a night to yourselves, feel free to have a little fun and make an Asian inspired cocktail to complement your poke bowls or Korean burgers. All you need to make the Ma Collins is whiskey, anise-ginger syrup, yuzu juice and a few other ingredients you likely already have on your bar cart. Follow the instructions to make your own syrup and be sure to find a rip yuzu fruit to add some zest. 

Don't Forget the Classics

The above recipes certainly put a twist on many traditional Asian dishes. While they may be delicious and fun to make, there's nothing wrong with craving some fried rice, lo mein or wontons every now and again. Luckily, these meals are quite easy to make and can serve as classic additions to any of these newer recipes. 

Feel free to combine the old with the new as you see fit, but be warned. Your homemade cuisine might just be so delicious you'll never eat takeout again. 

Tuesday 25 August 2020

What Moms Need to Know About Life Insurance

As a parent, you would do anything to protect your children. However, no one has a crystal ball — what will happen to your little ones if the unexpected takes you out of the picture prematurely? 

Life insurance lets you provide your family with financial protection that it would take a lifetime to save. It keeps your mind from whispering, “what if” at 3 a.m. Here’s what moms need to know about this powerful planning tool and how they can get started protecting their loved ones. 

1. You Shouldn’t Put Off the Purchase 

When insurance companies write a life policy, they use actuarial tables to determine your chances of surviving until your next birthday. Like it or not, you can’t stop the aging process. With every passing year, any coverage option will increase in expense. 

Does this seem unfair, considering most young parents have little in their coffers until they hit their 30s or 40s? Perhaps, but don’t let that dissuade you from talking to agents from various companies to discover all your options. Locking in a lower rate when young can save you thousands over the life of your policy. 

Will one of your folks pay for the price of your premium for a year, perhaps as a shower present? Grandparents can spoil your infant with practical gifts, too, and if the unexpected does occur, they’ll benefit if they decide to take over child-rearing responsibility. 

2. You Can Find a Price to Fit Your Budget 

If your first price check includes only whole life policies, you might mistakenly assume that life insurance is out of your budget. Please don’t throw in the towel so quickly. Multiple factors influence how much you pay, including your health, lifestyle and type of policy selected. Many term policies have lower monthly rates if underwriters expect you to survive past the coverage period. 

You can also decrease costs by kicking the butts. Your health exam can catch you in a lie with considerable accuracy — don’t fib on your application. If you do, your beneficiaries might not receive a payout if you die. However, for each year that you remain smoke-free, your rates can decrease. 

Other measures you can take to decrease costs include shedding excess pounds. While you can’t do much to change your health status if you have a heart defect or Type 1 diabetes, you can refrain from activities like parachuting that can drive up your rates considerably. 

3. You Shouldn’t Name (Only) Your Children as Beneficiaries

You want your coverage to protect your children, so it’s only natural to pencil them in as primary. Think twice before doing so if you want them to avoid hardship and hassles after you die. 

Most states have laws prohibiting the distribution of funds to minors until they reach the age of majority. If you die before your child turns 18, the courts will appoint a legal guardian. These individuals can pay some costs from the proceeds, but they can only do so within strict guidelines. Your child could endure considerable economic hardship before they reach the magic birthday. 

Plus, many parents invest in life insurance as a method for financing higher education. You want your darling to focus on their studies during their junior and senior year of high school, not stress how they’ll pay their coming tuition. 

4. You Can Use It to Plan for Your Future 

Some policies accumulate a cash value that you can borrow against to do whatever you like. You’ll pay a considerably lower interest rate than credit cards or personal lines of credit. Many parents double-dip by using their insurance as both protection and a college-savings vehicle. Your children won’t start life suffocating under student loan debt if you can borrow against your policy and cover the costs. 

What if your children don’t go to school? Wouldn’t you like to know the “bank” would almost always say “yes” to a loan to build a new deck or spend a month backpacking through Europe? A whole life policy gives you that borrowing flexibility. 

5. You Don’t Want Your Children to Go Without Coverage 

Finally, while you don’t want to dwell on the negative, life isn’t pretty for the economically disadvantaged in America. Because the nation lacks the vibrant social safety net of other developed countries, not having money means going without basics like health care, food and housing. 

Most parents would rather die than let their children go hungry, and they don’t want to leave their little ones to decide between needed insulin and a meal. You can often obtain term coverage for the price of one mid-range casual restaurant meal per month. Isn’t that a sacrifice worth making to spare your family from poverty through no fault of their doing? 

Every Mom Needs in on This Vital Life Insurance Savvy 

As a mom, you must make wise decisions to protect those you love most. Arm yourself with this life insurance knowledge and protect your family with the right coverage today. 

Reasons to Hire Professional Concreters for Your Project

If you plan to begin a concrete project, you need to take a step ahead and understand the significance of hiring reputed concreters for successful execution. Concrete work enhances the integrity and strength of every building. Therefore, if you make a mistake in hiring reliable concrete services, you may compromise the quality of work. Whether it is a residential or commercial project, you need to focus on a concrete contractor's qualities to accomplish your objectives. From the concrete driveway, patio to any other structure, you have to look forward to why a professional contractor can bring life to your project. 

 Precision of work: Contrary to what you think, the execution of a concrete project involves the mixing of mixtures, but there is something more to it. Due to professional concreters' work experience, they can work on a multitude of projects with equal ease. Therefore, they are familiar with the methods of handling various projects with expertise and skills. Leaving the same work in the hands of a beginner may mean a different outcome, and the chances are that the concrete patio or driveway you build becomes prone to cracks. 
  • Money and time: With professional concrete contracting services, you can expect a set timeline for the project, so the work finishes at the right time without delays. Most professional companies use appropriate tools, materials, and equipment, which make the work smooth and easy. Moreover, the experts also know how to appropriately approach the concrete project to complete it within the stipulated timeline. 

Only professional companies know the amount of concrete mix required for the project, how big it is going to be, and the time for it to become dry. Furthermore, you need to have some preparations in the area before the project begins, which the professional concreters can handle with ease. 

  • Method of mixing concrete: The concrete project has myriad requirements besides mixing, cement, water, and sand. You cannot gauge suitable proportions from the mixture's appearance, but it is here that the professional concreters step in. The professional companies have an adequate understanding of the project and prepare the mixture with proper ratio and proportions along with suitable tools to get the best result. 

Knowledge and skills

The foundation or the basic structure of a commercial or residential building needs to stay strong and durable. Therefore, compromising the choice before selecting the particular contracting service can degrade the quality of the structure or make it prone to collapse. A professional concrete contracting service is aware that the tools and techniques need to change according to the nature of the project. The skills and knowledge of the service provider can improve the outcome of the project.

Checking the competence

The competence of the workers involved in a house building project is an important aspect to consider. The concrete projects can take a considerable amount of time to finish. Therefore, you should check the professional rating of the concreters for the best results.


Flawless work 

It is highly unfortunate to ruin a concrete project due to the inefficiency of the concreters and flaws in the mixture. Typically, you should take time to select a company with the right attitude and skills and never rush through the options. When mixing the floors, the level should be perfect when the concrete is wet. However, new companies do not have the expertise of professional workers. Therefore, if you want the concrete work to be flawless, you must hire an expert.

Keep the building free from risks

Unplanned concrete work and lack of training of the workers increase the chances of accidents. If you want to reduce the liability of lawsuits arising from hazardous concrete work, you have to rely on a professional concreter to get your job done flawlessly

Monday 24 August 2020

The Surprising Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Families

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COVID-19 has rocked everyone's world. Parents everywhere have had new worries arise about health, school, work, and finances. Caring for and raising a family is challenging enough—throwing a global pandemic into the mix definitely complicates things. It’s brought moms, dads, and kids home, leaving parents to not only take care of normal household duties, but to parent and teach their kids while keeping up with work

At Huggable, we care about the effects of these strange times on families’ lives, health, and emotions. So we conducted a survey of 538 mothers, all with children under 3 years old, to discover the impacts they've experienced from these interesting developments. Fortunately, many of our findings were positive, and we want to share this encouraging information with the readers of Funky Frugal Mommy

Moms are spending more time with their children

Due to office, school, and daycare closures, and a general effort to stay home more often, moms are spending an average of 49% more time with their young kids—a jump from 7.8 hours a weekday to 11.7. That's huge! 

Full-time working moms have seen the most significant change in this department, going from 6.4 hours a day to 10.3 for a 60% increase in time spent with their children. By comparison, typical stay-at-home moms showed a 37% increase, previously spending 10 hours a day with their children, and now getting 13.7 hours with their kids each day. 

Moms' and children's relationships are improving

Our first findings may not be very surprising—most people have been spending more time at home in recent months. But we also wanted to know if this change was a positive one. Little ones need a lot of love and attention, and being home with them all day can be overwhelming. We wanted to know how our survey respondents felt about the change. 

As it turns out, 63% of moms reported a slight to significant improvement in their relationships with their children. That increase was slightly higher for full-time working moms—67%—and slightly less for stay-at-home moms—56%. Respondents attributed this to the ability to play more together, complete household tasks together, and less time commuting throughout the day. Moms who usually work outside the home appreciated the fact that they can now breastfeed their infants more often, rather than having to pump at work. 

In addition, moms noticed siblings building relationships as they work and play together. They also appreciated the fact that dads are spending more time with kids, too—playing with them during work breaks, eating meals with them, and taking on more household tasks, as well. 

Effects of These Changes on Children 

While the events of 2020 have placed emotional strain on many of us, including children, our survey also revealed some benefits kids have reaped as a result of more time with their families and improved relationships. For example, being home while parents are working has helped children develop the skills of independent play and creativity in activities. Having more conversations together has improved their language development. Less time in the car or at school has resulted in more outdoor physical activity and gross motor development (in fact, working from home has allowed some parents to be present for kids’ big milestones, like taking their first steps). And finally, though many worry about the anxiety children are feeling around COVID-19, in fact the research shows hopeful signs of their building resilience through these difficult times. 


While these findings are encouraging, we acknowledge the heartache and grief so many are experiencing right now. Families have lost loved ones. Others have lost income and are struggling to save money and make ends meet. Essential workers have taken on additional burdens—many spending more time away from their families—to help communities with various needs such as medical, grocery, mail delivery, and public safety. We appreciate the services, sacrifices, and struggles of people everywhere during this pandemic.

We also wish to share hope—to show that even in the face of great challenges, people can be resilient, courageous, and even optimistic. Families are spending more time together and growing closer bonds to pull each other through this. There is some light to be found, even in the midst of the darkness. 

Sunday 23 August 2020

Mixtiles The Easiest Way To Decorate Your Home

I absolutely love my Mixtiles and how easy they are to apply and change as I feel the need to do so. Redecorating can be such a hassle but when you use Mixtiles it’s as simple as peel and stick! My favourite ones are the canvas style tiles but they are all pretty awesome. The picture come out so clear and cost so much less then getting frames and prints done.

With Covid-19 ushering in a new era of time spent at home, upgrades to one's housing have never been more important.

To that end, I wanted to get in touch regarding an affordable and hassle-free product to display people's fondest memories and transform their homes: Mixtiles.

Mixtiles is, quite simply, Instagram come to life. 

Mixtiles is successfully disrupting the framing and photography industry by making hanging photos more affordable, wall-friendly and accessible to hang. The product is simple: it's an app that enables you to turn your phone pics into 8"x8" photo tiles that stick and re-stick to your walls without nails or any damage, utilizing a special adhesive that does not leave marks.Mixtiles ships orders for free and tiles arrive in just days (that's right - no need to leave the home for this DIY project!). Costing as little as $11 a print, the company produces an average of 20,000-25,000 tiles per day, with over 5,000+ five-star reviews across iOS and Android.

And for those offices that are reopening, Mixtiles has created a new COVID signage kit, featuring safety instructions to protect and brighten up office spaces in the age of social distancing.

My Mixtiles were so easy to install and so easy to create on the app that even my kids can do it! I find people have not been taking enough photos and getting them developed and displayed for friends and family to enjoy! 

Now with Mixtiles we can take our favourites and slap them on the wall and they look like professionally designed decor pieces! 

Savvy consumer tips for successful online grocery shopping

1, How do you shop thoughtfully when you can’t touch and see items such as meat or produce?


The short answer is: it’s hard. Bridging the gap between an image of a mango on your screen and what that actual mango looks, feels, and tastes like is something grocers and retailers struggle with. Companies that start to offer more updated content about their offers and specials will benefit with more customer loyalty. People will start to judge the quality of their grocer by consistency. Consistently delivering the correct items on-time that are fresh and at the correct temperature will be a major factor in how customers choose their grocer.


2, Any shopping behaviors that basically make you likelier to spend more money, like unshakeable brand loyalty?


We believe in the value of experience. If a brand can provide a great experience—whether that is in-store or digitally—they will win new customers, retain old customers, and learn more about the people they serve. Loyalty will only last so far if a brand fails to provide a shopping experience that is comparable to alternatives.


3, How do you go about choosing a delivery service?


Start by seeing who your grocer uses. If you trust your local grocer, they probably partner with a reputable delivery service if they don’t handle delivery on their own. There are excellent promotions that a lot of the delivery providers are running now to win the business of new customers. Try a few, see what you like, and know that there are a lot of competitors in this space so don’t feel “locked-in” to a single delivery provider.


4, What recourse does a shopper have when they don’t receive items in their order (but are still billed)?


Most shoppers have the ability to raise issues with the grocer or the delivery partner if something is missing or wrong. It’s likely that you’ll get full credit back for your missing or damaged item, and you can apply that credit toward your next order. Consumers are fortunate to have a lot of places to voice their opinions today. Brands monitor social media much more closely than they used to because so many customers use social media as a way to air complaints. Most delivery services will have a way for you to submit questions or complaints in their app or on their website—that is usually the best way to get their attention.



5, Do you think shoppers will continue grocery shopping even after the pandemic subsides?  


We’ve have done some initial research with our partner, Alpha, digging in to that question. Our early results show that about 50% of shoppers still prefer to shop in-store even under full-COVID restrictions. We tend to think we will see a split between perishable and non-perishable where traditional in-store experiences will be more geared toward the shopper discovering and shopping for things like dairy, meat and produce—while non-perishables will become more likely to be bought digitally. In the background, more and more of every household’s basket will move to online and will likely move to retailers who have top-notch digital experiences.



Bottle Rocket has been a thought leader at the intersection of transformative technology and business innovation since 2008. They provide end-to-end experience transformation services that produce undeniable value for many of the world’s most successful companies.