Wednesday 2 September 2020

Practical baby gifts every parent will appreciate

 Practical baby gifts every parent will appreciate

Having a newborn baby can be quite challenging. From keeping up with the sleeping schedule to changing diapers at an increased pace, new parents are often knee-deep in baby duties. And when you are invited to a baby shower or visiting for the first time, it’s a good idea to buy something useful. We’ve come up with a list of practical baby gifts every parent will appreciate. It can be your guide on buying something that both the baby and the parents will appreciate and make good use of. 

A gift basket with essentials

A newborn needs everything, and so do the parents. There’s never enough diapers, baby wipes, or clothes. That’s why making a gift basket with essentials is a great practical baby gift that every parent will appreciate. With this gift, you can truly get creative. Buy a simple basket at a local shop and fill it with everything you can think of.

You can start off with a few baby-friendly toys. Just make sure that they don’t make too many sounds. Then buy a pack of diapers, a few packs of baby wipes, and finish with a nice picture book that parents can read and show to their baby. 

To top things off, you can also include a few items for the parents. Those can be restaurant gift cards, a few movies on DVD, or even a good book that they can read.

Subscribe them to as many things as you can

Time is something that every new parent lacks. There’s so much to do, and yet they can’t leave the house. That’s why subscribing to them to various services can be a great time-saver. And it’s something that a baby will need and parents will appreciate. Here are some great examples:

  • A Netflix subscription is great for when the parents catch a break. They even have some great cartoons for smaller children in their catalog

  • Baby subscription boxes are a thing, and they can be quite useful. Parents would get those essentials that the baby needs on a regular basis

  • An Amazon Prime subscription is something that the parents will greatly appreciate if they don’t already have it. With it, they will not only get access to better prices and faster shipping, but it also comes with Prime Video and Prime Music.  

Buy diapers and lots of them

Diapers are in high demand for every baby and its parents. No matter how many you buy, there’s always more needed, as the baby goes through them in a blink of an eye. They are essential for every parent and they can also be a big expense, especially in the early days. So, when it comes to practical baby gifts parents will appreciate, there’s nothing better than diapers.


It might be a bit tricky to pick the right size. Especially if you aren’t a parent yourself. But, if you are not sure, either check with the baby’s parents or buy a bit larger size, because sooner or later, they will fit. 

Cute clothes that will put a smile on parents’ faces

Babies grow so quickly that it seems they outgrow every piece of clothing in days. That’s why parents need as much as they can get their hands on. Since they will be preoccupied with their newborn, it’s up to you to pick something that they will find cute or funny. For that, is a great place. They have some clothes that are so cute that you’ll want to have a baby of your own right away. And if you are an aunt or an uncle, there are some seriously cute matching sets. 

Baby kitchen items are both cute and practical

From sippy cups to plastic plates and snack cups, there are so many items that parents need to have in their kitchen once the baby arrives. And there are never too many of them. So, when looking for practical baby gifts every parent will appreciate, this is it. Pick something with a cute design that the baby will find interesting. From flowers to teddy bears, print choices are endless. 

When buying bottles, make sure you check first, as some parents have strong preferences when it comes to them. Some prefer glass, while others appreciate plastic. And the bottle brand can play a big role in decision making. 

There’s an endless choice of cute and practical baby equipment

If you are not too keen on picking the right color of the sippy cup, or are not sure if the parents have Netflix or not, you can go for a more practical choice. There are many items that can help out parents with their babies, as well as those that will make babies more comfortable. Nursing pillows are a great choice - they come in different shapes and sizes. And even if they already own one, they’ll likely find a good use for another. 

Baby wrap carries are also an excellent choice. They will allow parents to move around more easily and the baby will feel right at home tucked close to their chest. 

Your time is the best gift that you can offer

In the end, nothing you can buy can even compare to the gift of time. And probably the best and most practical baby gift can be a helping hand. You can spend some quality time with the baby and give the parents a chance to get some sleep. So, offer to watch the baby or even do the dishes and wash the clothes. Every bit of help will be greatly appreciated. 

In order to make it more creative, you can make custom coupons that you can print out in a local print shop. Give them funny titles and cute design - it’s something that both the parents and the baby will appreciate. 


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