Sunday 28 February 2021

Simple Ways To Make Money Online

We are all trying to find ways to improve our finances especially since the pandemic hit. The best thing we can do is start making more money on the side along with our regular jobs. There are a number of ways you can make money after work from your home to start saving for what you want, building an emergency fund, or simply pulling your income up a bit to secure your future. Here are a few quick and easy ways to get started!

Start a blog! 
Yes you can start a blog about pretty much anything. Gaming, products, hair and makeup, or even your daily life. People love to read success stories, personal struggles, learn new skills and improve their own lives through those of others. Begin today by using a free blogger platform and see if it is a good fit for you. You can also help your child become a blogger and have them starting a new and exciting opportunity.

Start getting social! 
Social media is one of the biggest money makers for bloggers. Use Twitter, facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to start marketing your new blog and what you have to offer! Once you get going you can sign up for jobs on ValuedVoice and get paid to share articles, tweets and more! 

Start doing surveys! 
There are countless paid survey sites on the internet willing to pay you for your opinion. They won’t make you rich by any means but they will give you some extra pocket change each and everyday. Sign up for Swagbucks it is one of the easiest ways to earn cash and gift cards! 

Start making videos!
YouTube is full of videos filled with nonsense! Kids absolutely love weird stuff, random things, product reviews, gaming videos and pretty much anything they can watch on YouTube! Start filming and posting and see where it takes you, you can start advertising on your channel and earn a decent income.

Start signing up for affiliate & referral programs.
There are millions of affiliate programs waiting for you to start advertising and sharing their links and will pay you commission on the sales and referrals you send their way. You may need to wait a bit before certain programs will work with you because they require a larger following and higher traffic than others but many are willing to work with beginners as well!  

Get started today and begin your journey to a little bit more financial freedom! Follow us on our social channels like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter for more ways to earn and learn from the comfort of your own home.

Saturday 27 February 2021

How to Maintain Rayon At Home

Treat the fabric with care with just a few handy tips from us!

Rayon is a very versatile and multipurpose material indeed. And since it is often used in many households,

people keep on wondering how to take care of it correctly to not ruin the item.

And even though rayon can not be called a delicate fabric, being aware of how to deal with it can save you

tons of time and help to avoid any unpleasant accidents when washing the material.

Briefly About Rayon. What Is It?

Before we proceed to our tips list, let us first recall what this fiber is in fact. People often call rayon a fifty-fifty

fiber because, on the one side, it is made of cellulose which is a sort of natural plant fiber that is derived from

wood pulp.

But on the other side of a coin, there is a heavy chemical procession that rayon fibers come through during the

manufacturing process. This is why it will be more correct to refer to it as a semi-synthetic material.

Due to its mixed origin, rayon has quite useful properties and good characteristics, even though

this material tends to wrinkle and distort when getting wet. Nevertheless, most of its properties are rather

appealing to customers:

  • it is soft

  • the material is known for having an excellent drape

  • rayon can be easily dyed, and the final color will look brilliant!

  • the fabric is lightweight

  • it is breathable

  • its absorbency ability is also pretty good unlike some other artificial fibers

But even if the material is partly artificial, it does not mean we can carelessly treat it and pay no attention to

how it is washed or stored. To be sure your rayon items are always neat-looking, consider using several basic

care tips we suggest.

Where It Is Used

Rayon is quite a multipurpose material. Most of us assume it is only used for making garments, but in

fact, this cellulose material has way more areas of application.

  • clothing (dresses, blouses, and even socks)

  • furnishing (bed sheets, blankets, covers)

  • curtains

  • carpets

  • medical bandages and surgical dressing

  • rayon is even used in the tire industry for manufacturing the tire code!

But still, maintaining this fabric that is used for household and daily purposes is a rather delicate


Rayon Care Complete Instruction

So, basically, what do we mean by taking care of a fabric? That’s right, it is laundering, ironing, drying, and

storing it. And all these steps are the same important for rayon of course.

  1. How to iron

Such a seemingly simple process has certain nuances when it comes to rayon. See, this material (well, most

of its types) tends to wrinkle excessively after being laundered, and fighting those wrinkles can turn into a

true nightmare! This is why we recommend iron rayon when it is still slightly damp.

Simply set the iron to the medium-hot setting, and use it on the wrong/opposite side of the fabric. As one of

the means of extra protection, make use of pressing cloth to place it between the iron and the material since

heat can leave glossy marks on this fabric after direct contact.

It would be even better if you managed to steam those wrinkles out since this approach is gentler in

comparison to simple ironing which often leads to scorching of cellulose.

  1. A bit about storage

Let’s agree, we don’t pay much attention to how we store our clothing. What we usually do is shove the pile

of wrinkled and non-ironed garments into the wardrobe. And if we are in a good mood, we can even find

some time to hang those on the hangers.

But with rayon, we must be especially attentive. This fabric is better to be kept either on hangers or placed

flat on a stiff and even surface like wardrobe shelves. But avoid using metal hangers since they will leave

rusty marks on your garments!

  1. How to fight the stains

Stains are always a great concern, especially on such demanding synthetics like rayon. And even though they

usually come out easily after the proper laundry, some stubborn ones may need more attention and time.

If you faced such a situation, simply prepare a homemade solution made of equal parts of white acetum and

aqua, and apply it to the damaged area. After letting it work for ten minutes, blot the mark carefully with a

wet towel and finish blotting using a dry towel instead. 

  1. What about laundering?

Even though rayon can technically be machine-washed, it is better to launder it manually since like that, the

item will hold up way better over time. Besides, hand washing is much gentler and prevents any damages to

an item. The only thing you must remember is never to wring or twist the wet rayon and wash it in cool water

with a gentle laundering product!

To do everything right, immerse the rayon item into a sink filled with cool water, add some washing product,

and agitate it there gently. After sinking the item for like a quarter of an hour, take it out, and rinse under the

running water to remove sudsy leftovers.

For deleting the excessive moisture, roll the item up in a towel.

Remember to shape the garment back to its initial form since rayon fibers get easily misshapen when wet, and

the item can easily tear or distort. For the same reason, avoid using a tumble dryer or washer.

So, as you could already guess, rayon is a rather tricky fabric despite its men-made origin and seeming

strength. And since it is widely used in our daily life not only in clothing we wear but also in the items we

make use of frequently (like upholstery or home textile), being able to take care of it is mandatory.

When being properly cared for, rayon will not only preserve its nice appearance and beneficial characteristics,

it will also serve you longer. 

Remember that and good luck!

Friday 26 February 2021

3 Things to Consider When Finishing Your Attic

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Finishing the attic is one of those projects a lot of people tend to push back, but having a finished attic has tons of benefits. Not only will it instantly increase the value of the home, but it will also add some livable space. This space can be used as a cellar, study, or a room either for you or someone renting. Finishing the attic is not a small project, however, and you have to be well prepared before you start. Here are a few things to consider when finishing your attic.

Is the Attic Up to Code?

Don’t assume that you can convert an attic into a room just because you have one. It has to meet the same building code requirements as any other room in the house. 

In most cases, code requires that there is a least 7ft of vertical clearance in most of the room. The attic will also need to have a minimum amount of space available. Most of these restrictions are for safety purposes, so you can’t ignore them. Also, note that you may have to add a permanent staircase if you want to change the space into a living area. A pull-down staircase will not work here.

Do I Need a Permit?

Another thing you’ll have to consider is whether you need a permit to start work on the attic. You should contact your local office and see which type of permits you’ll need. Permits are usually only needed if you’re going to be doing some electrical work or making major changes to the attic’s structure, such as adding a dormer or knocking down walls. You may also need a permit if you want to add ventilation.

What’s the Attic’s Condition?

You might also want to have experts come in and clean up your attic if it has been a while. If your attic has beenneglected, chances are you may have vermin there as well as other sanitary issues. In this case, we would suggest you contact people like Attic Projects Company. Services like these will be able to completely clean your attic and make sure that it’s free of contaminants. They might also help you with insulation, which is essential.

Heat and Ventilation

You also will need to assess what your heat and ventilation needs will be. These are two very important elements, and you can’t afford to make errors here. 

You need to know if your HVAC system will be able to sustain another room if it doesn’t have any ductwork. You will need to call in a pro to see if your system will be able to handle the load and if additional ductwork could be added. If you’re on a budget and are worried about how much ductwork would cost, know that there are options like mini-split systems and baseboard heating.

These are all things you’ll need to have down before you consider transforming your attic. Make sure that all of these questions are answered and work with the right people.

Divorce Made Simple for Californians

This article details what you need to know about divorce and the process involved in parting ways. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce in the US, and while the national divorce rate is at 7.7 per 1,000, iteven higher in California. It is thus important to know what to do should you, a friend or loved one find themselves in this situation.

You will need to follow these steps to get the process started, and then it is suggested that you rely on the advice and guidance of the lawyer you have selected to oversee this action through. The first three steps have been provided here as it is often the first steps that are the hardest to take.

1. Make the Decision

The first thing about divorce is that you need to be sure of your decision. You must have tried all you can as divorce should be the final course of action. As long as you are positive of the decision then you should go ahead. Be aware of the possible results, i.e. your spouse can make the process more complicated and prolonged than it needs to be by contesting the divorce. There are costs associated with the process that you must be aware of and you must plan for these. Dont let the possible consequences keep you from taking charge of your life and making this decision. Once you have made a final decision you should immediately move on. Do not labor or procrastinate about what then needs to happen. Deal with the practicalities of the decision, but also begin to implement a clear course of action to see it through.

2. Initial Meeting with Your Lawyer 

Book a meeting with a professional for advice and guidance through this process. You may not need them throughout the whole process, but the paperwork can be confusing, so set off on the right path. Many people have a lawyer in mind that they have used for house transfers, business issues and civil disputes - but,dont do this. Use a reputable firm that provides expert divorce attorneys like Brown Dahan. They are a good local example and provide a wealth of information and checklists to start. Its at this meeting that you should ask as much as you can and determine whether there are any other options available to you, for example, will you qualify for a summary dissolution, which would be a simpler and quicker process.

3. Petition Prepared and Filed

Your lawyer will essentially take it from here, but you will need to ensure that the petition is filled in correctly and filed. The information you include on the petition is particularly important and will have a significant bearing on the case. Accurately reflect your position and ask the court for the orders you would like them to make. This process can be quite complicated, and it is suggested that you use the lawyers secured in step two to assist. You will need to know which country to file your case in and if it is a complicated split, provide details of all the orders you want the court to make.

There are steps to process and finalize a divorce in the state of California. The entire process can be shortened if there is some form of agreement between the parties and the divorce is not contested. 

Divorce is a difficult time - one of the most stressful things that you will do. It is strongly advised that you try to agree on the following with your spouse as this could shorten the process considerably: You both want the marriage to end, and you have an agreed plan for custody and visitation, child support issues and how to deal with property and any debt.

The steps outlined here are the first three and if you hire the right firm, you will not have to worry about the other 15 steps, as they will walk you through these step by step. A little planning and thinking before you act will save you a lot of money and additional heartache at this time.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Tips to Find the Best Air Conditioning Service for Home Improvement

An air conditioning system is assumed as an investment and not as a daily living necessity. A good air conditioning system in your place increases the house's resale value. Therefore, you cannot take a chance by calling an un-experienced technician and messing with the system. 

Moreover, the system is too expensive to give in the hands of workers who don't know what they are doing. Some people can't spend days without an air-conditioner service, especially when it involves night sweating. In such cases, it becomes necessary to choose the best air conditioning service available. You can make this decision right with ease when you look for the following points. 

Points Essential for Choosing the Best Service:

Look for the following points.

Do Proper Research

Research helps in avoiding a lot of mishaps. When calling an experienced company to get your air conditioner fixed, you have to do proper research. A lot of information about the company can be found on the internet. If the company is well-reputed, it is bound to have a website. There you can also check the customer review section to get a more precise idea. 

After you have found the required information about the company, you can contact the company directly. Email them your schedule for a callback. 

Look for License

It is essential to get an idea about the license. It ensures that you are hiring a professional technician to provide air conditioning service and not the inexperienced one. Many companies falsely claim that they are sending experienced professionals. Rather, in reality, they are not so it is essential to ask for proof of the license. 

The government issues the license to the professional acknowledging that they are fit for the job. You will notice the company can't provide you with proof of the license all you have to do is try to steer clear of them. 

Look for Referrals

In case any of your friends or families received service from the company, do approach them for the suggestion. Ask them how good the air conditioning service is, provided by the company. Look for other referrals like the company's customer or neighbor. It can help you a lot by avoiding any mistake in choosing the best service.

Look for Pricing

Another most important thing that you should look for in the company is the service cost. The company should provide quality work at a reasonable price. Do not compromise in any of the two things. Some companies offer quality air conditioning service at an affordable price. 

However, the cost charged by the company can depend on the complexity of the repair. They will charge according to the services they are bound to provide. You cannot expect them to charge the same for every visit. 

Look for Brand Value

Some companies are brand specific and provide better service for a particular brand than others. You can sort the company according to the air conditioner you have. The other criteria like price and license later should be checked for. Suppose you do not find any brand-specific air conditioning service center, go for the overall best service providers. 

It is not right to risk air conditioner service, especially costly ones. It is better to call experienced professionals. Moreover, if you look for the above points in your service providing company, you don't have to worry. You can be assured that you will get the best possible service also at an affordable price. Moreover, you can avoid any mishaps. 

Should Violent Games Like Grand Theft Auto Be Banned?

Illinois House Representative Marcus C. Evans, Jr. is on a mission to ban the sale of violent video games that include criminal activity like Grand Theft Auto because carjackings have been on the rise. 

The Supreme Court of the United States said video games are protected under free speech in the Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association case, which struck down a 2005 California law that banned the sale of certain violent video games to children without parental supervision in June 2011.

Evans has introduced a bill that would ban the sale of Grand Theft Auto and other violent video games in Illinois. He also wants to amend the 2012 law in Illinois that restricts the rental or sale of violent video games to minors. 

The bill also will prevent the sale of video games that depict psychological harm, including vehicle theft with a driver or passenger present.

Chris Ferguson, PhD, professor of psychology, is a video game and violent criminal behavior expert. Dr. Ferguson's research has shown that video games do not cause violence or violent criminal behavior.

Dr. Ferguson, who is well-known for his research on the effects of aggression, sexual behavior and video game violence, received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Central Florida. His clinical background includes working with offender and juvenile justice populations as well as conducting evaluations for child protective services.

In My Opinion

As a parent of 3 crazy kids I have seen them play all types of interesting videos games and not once have they tried to reenact the games they have played. Like the saying goes “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” 

Monday 22 February 2021

Ways To Take A Mental Break

We’re heading into a full year of a pandemic and everyone is at their wits end for what to do to get a mental break, parents especially. Many don’t have oodles of money, free space or extra energy to get creative in how we can mentally feel better. Below are a few “outta the box” ideas for how to get a mental break and feel refreshed even if it's only for 5 or 10 minutes.

Try to do something which stimulates the senses in unusual or unique ways to create novel experiences, whether big or small. 

Clinical Psychologist, Health Service Psychologist, a Board Certified Music Therapist, Dr. Bethany Cook emphasizes ways to take a mental break:

  1. Buy yourself a nice, large, juicy orange and take it with you to the shower. Peel it, smell it, eat it. Squeeze the skin on your face and smell the beautiful scents.
  2. Listen to a lush classical piece of music the entire way through with earphones on so there is nothing between you and the music. I suggest classical because we often don’t have strong associations or memories with these pieces of music. Allow yourself to sit or lay in a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and allow the music to take you on a mental journey. Obviously, if listening to classical music sets you off, pick anything you enjoy. Just set aside time to listen. Suggested songs:
  3.  Overwhelm your taste buds with a simple, easy treat. Take a small microwaveable bowl and add a few spoonfuls of peanut butter/almond butter/cashew butter, add 2-3 squares of  dark chocolate throughout the bowl and lightly sprinkle some sea salt on top. Place the bowl in the microwave for 15-20 seconds just long enough to melt the chocolate. Slowly drag your spoon through peanut butter grabbing some chocolate on the way.
  4. Surprise your Tongue: This one you will need a partner (or more than one). Have a “taste test” with shot-sized portions of a variety of beverages. Lemon juice, pickle juice, prune juice, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, cold coffee, vodka, Monster drink, etc. On a sheet of paper write the number of glasses. Cut them up, fold them over and put them in a bowl to draw from. Then do the same thing but this time don’t fold them but randomly place one in front of each glass. During your turn you wear a blindfold and pull a number from the bowl. The other person hands you the corresponding shot and you have to guess what it is. Person with the most correct identifications at the end wins. 
  5. Run yourself a nice hot bath and grab a bucket of ice cubes. Find your sore spots and hold an ice cube there until it melts. Not only is this a shock to your body and brain but it’s also going to help heal sore muscles. Play some calming music and burn some candles if needed.
  6. KITS- Order a self-care kit for you or someone you love.  Immerse yourself in another culture by ordering an assortment of foods from other countries or if you're more of a snacker get yourself some snacks!!!  Or if you have some extra cash and wanna go lush try chocolate, Gems and affirmations from Vogue Chocolates.  Or make up your own!  This is about finding a way to make the ordinary “extra”. 
  7. Get in touch with a childhood hobby/activity or begin one.  Youtube has made it easy to teach yourself skills.  Hell, my wife just taught herself how to patch a huge crack in our 100+ old Victorian cedar beach house from watching Youtube.  I’m gettin back to playing the piano for pleasure.  What did you love?  Model airplanes? Paper airplanes are “cheaper” so lookup some online origami and reconnect to a childhood dream.

At the end of the day I know we all could use a month’s vacation and mental break from the realities of life.  Since most of us can’t take a month off from our lives, we need to learn how to harness the power of our minds and find ways to grab mini-mental vacations whenever possible.  Taking 5-10 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time. 

Can A Teacher Make Money On The Side? Yes!

Being a teacher is a noble profession. With all the things that need to be donefrom teaching several hours a day to making lesson plans and organizing a parent-teacher conferenceit’s one of the most difficult jobs throughout history. 

However, if you’re a teacher by yourself, you may be wondering if you can make some money on the side. Well, the answer to that interesting question is absolutely yes. With the advent of technological advances nowadays, including the Internet, there are many ways you can bring in extra cash to your pocket. 

So, if you’re looking to receive some additional income, here’s how a teacher like you can make money on the side:

1. Be A Tutor

With your great teaching skills and experience, you can earn some money by becoming a tutor. It can be one of the most profitable second jobs for teachers these days. In addition to teaching a classroom filled with many students, you can tutor a particular student on a one-on-one basis in exchange for a reasonable fee. 

Generally, many students will more likely need some guidance over the summer for certain subject areas and experienced teachers like you can be of great help. However, if you want to earn more than what you expect, it’s best if you have a specialty so you can market your tutoring services better. 

Moreover, if you want to get more clients, there are tutoring websites that you can use to tutor students online. Depending on your experience and specialization, you can earn a lot of money in a short period of time. 

2. Become A Blogger

As a teacher, you’re probably good at writing. With all the lesson plans and teaching materials you create for your job, youcan consider blogging as one of the best money-making job opportunities to try. For example, if you’re a parent and you also love writing about interesting topics on teaching and parenting, then you may write informative and useful blogs about the skills every parent wants to teach their kidsThis can be an excellent way of reaching a bigger audience and making money out of it. 

Thus, in order get started, you can start a website and monetize your blogs through affiliate marketing. If you have no site, you can sell your blogs to different companies in exchange for a fee. This can be an excellent way to make some money on the side even from the comfort of your own home. 

Make extra money by signing up to become an affiliate marketer on ShareASale. You don’t need a website or blog to make money you can start today by sharing links on your social media.

3. Sell Teaching Materials

Being in the teaching profession for quite some time doesn’t mean you can’t earn some money from a part-time job. For instance, you can get the most out of your teaching skills and experience by selling your teaching materials. Whether it’s your lesson plan, worksheets, flashcards, and journal pages, you can upload them online and sell them at a reasonable cost to other teachers and customers. Fortunately, there are many digital platforms that allow you to have your materials sold and earn money from it. 

4. Work As A Translator

If you’re a multilingual teacher or you teach multiple languagesby yourself, then you might want to consider becoming a translator to make some decent money out of it. This kind of job is popular since it can be done from the comfort of your home along with a computer and Internet access. 

Not only that but due to the increasing growth of international businesses and relations, companies around the world arewilling to pay someone for a translation service. This can be your chance to generate some income aside from what you earn from your regular teaching job. 

5. Take Online Surveys

Even if you have a tight teaching schedule, you can still earn money on the side by taking paid surveys from different sitesGiven your teaching skills and experience, you can surely make some cash out of it provided you take them as seriously as possible. 

Moreover, while online surveys don’t make much as a side hustle, your money can still add up if you answer more surveys within a certain period of time. Unlike other job opportunities, surveys are very simple, quick, and convenient. So, if you’re only looking for little money, then this can be an excellent option. 


Despite your busy schedule, the side gigs for teachers that arelisted above can be a perfect opportunity for you to have some extra cash. With your unique set of skills, it’s easy for a teaching professional like you to find the right second job suitable to your needs. Once you have a profitable side hustle, you can budget your additional money appropriately, thereby making your financial situation much better.