Tuesday 9 March 2021

Adding an extra room to your home


Renovating a home often happens due to every household's most common problem – the lack of space. As your family is getting bigger, you start thinking about a bigger house. However, relocation is not always an option, so families often choose to renovate. Apart from making your living space more beautiful, the reason to renovate is also adding an extra room to your home. Furthermore, these improvements increase your home's value, which is very important if you plan on selling it in the future. When tackling the challenge of adding extra space to your house, you need to be creative, and we're going to help you come up with some ideas. Here are a few exciting ways to gain some extra space in your home. 

The most considerable investment – an additional floor 

Adding a new story to your home is indeed the biggest investment on this list. However, it is also the most efficient one. You can add a lot of new square footage and significantly increase the value of the property. However, this is certainly not an easy DIY project. To make sure everything is done correctly, contact a reliable builder and have a high-quality team that will improve your home. They will advise you on all the best materials and techniques and check if your home's foundation can sustain another level. This way, you will be sure that you get most of the home renovation benefits and stay safe during the process.

Project organization: adding a new story to your home takes a while, and you will probably have to leave the property for some time. Apart from finding a temporary place to stay, make sure you get a safe location to store all the items during the process. This will ensure an easy organization of the project with minimum stress and damage. 

Make sure you have professional help when adding an extra room to your home. alt.tag: builders adding an extra room to your home

Basement can be a fantastic space

If adding a new floor is not an option, you may be able to use a basement. Very often, people don't use these spaces. Depending on its condition, remodeling your basement doesn't need to cost a lot, but it can turn out to be an ideal space for a new bedroom, laundry room, etc. If it’s big enough, your basement can even be a separate apartment, too. In that case, be sure to solve any water and air circulation problems, do high-quality insulation, and add emergency windows/walkouts. Finally, the common problem in basements is natural lighting, which you can quickly solve by being creative with artificial lights. 

If you're thinking about adding an extra room in your home, think about your basement space. alt.tag: a basement turned into a bedroom

Adding an extra room to your home – look up 

Very often, there are places in our homes we usually overlook. But attics can be a beautiful part of your house after a few simple touches. That’s why you should look up and see if there’s some unused place above your home. You can have the attic converted into a beautiful space that can be an additional bedroom, storage room, DIY area, playroom, etc. The ideas are endless; you just need to choose and plan the renovation well. 

An attic can be a beautiful room that can also increase the value of your home. alt.tag: attic living room

Front porch 

The most unusual way of adding an extra room to your home is turning your front porch into an amazing room used for various purposes. This is a great example of how unused space can become a functional area in your home. If adjacent to the kitchen, this can be an extended summertime dining room and a second living room. In case you’re going to use it during winter, this space needs to have proper heating and windows so that you can access it from the inside of your home. 

Bump-out additions 

If you need just to extend a room, bump-out additions might be a great solution. These are not too complicated or costly to do, as they don’t need a roof or construction. On the other hand, you’ll be getting a perfect reading nook, closet space, a bathtub area with a view, etc. Get creative and make this part of the house your favorite!

The garage is a place to consider, too 

Garages are often the place we think of last because they aren't initially made for living space. However, if you don't need it for your car, but you do need some extra space in your home, a garage may just be the place. After checking with the local authorities, you can start adapting it – it will probably need the insulation, heating, flooring, and maybe some other work before you can move in. 

Should you go for a freestanding or attached garage?

If your home doesn't have a garage, and you think about adding one, there's a common dilemma. You can add either a freestanding or attached garage. Both of them have pros and cons, but you should rethink their purpose to make sure you make the right choice. If you're making a classic garage for your car, a freestanding garage might be a better solution. The reason is that the gas smells and dust will be kept out of your home. On the other hand, an attached garage is easier to access from the house, making it a perfect space for purposes other than car storage.  Either way, make sure you check the local architecture regulations and blend the style of the garage with your home. 

Making more space in your home doesn't need to be a difficult decision 

There are several ways of adding an extra room to your home, which sometimes makes it hard to decide what to do. In case you're dealing with such a dilemma, try to narrow down your options by considering the key factors. Your remodeling depends on your budget but also the purpose of the new space. These two factors will set the priorities of your renovation plans and help you decide what the best way to add new space to your home is. 






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