Monday 26 April 2021

How to stay organized during relocation

The key to a successful and stress-free relocation is organization. If you plan your move well and stick to that schedule, you can expect a pretty predictable and smooth moving process. You will also have more time and energy to deal with the moving tasks and unpredictable things that may happen. However, many people think that you need to have expert professional skills to manage a successful move. That’s simply not true – you just need our guide. Continue reading for some of the best tips on how to stay organized during relocation and save your sanity. 

Don’t underestimate the power of time 

No matter how organized you may be, the lack of time is always a challenge. Even though this may sound like a cliché, it is necessary to start your preparation on time. Take a few weeks or even months to ensure you can organize the whole thing without worrying about anything. It takes time to declutter, clean, pack the entire household, and manage everyday activities and work simultaneously. That’s why you should start planning a lot in advance and make a checklist of things you need to do. It will serve as a schedule you can follow and stay organized. 

Bonus tip: a memo board or a pinboard can help you stay organized until the moving day. Keep your moving schedule, important notes, etc., at a visible spot in your home to remind you of the tasks you need to finish.

Start decluttering first 

To organize and pack your home, you need to have a clean and clutter-free environment. That’s why the first step should be the decluttering of your entire home. Go room by room, and get rid of everything you don’t need in the new home. These may be damaged or broken items, outgrown clothes, old toys or books, too big or too small items for the new house, etc. One way to stay organized during decluttering in the weeks before the move is to sort the items in piles. Here are some examples:

  • recycle pile – things that can't be used again and need to be thrown away;

  • donate pile – if you think that some of the items could be used by someone in need, put them in the donate pile and contact a local charity;

  • sell pile – if you have some things you can't donate, but they would be better in another home, why not try selling them instead? Sell them online or organize a garage sale if there are more items. 

Decluttering will help you stay organized during your move and pack much faster. a lt.tag recycle bin you need to declutter your home

Have a packing strategy 

To be organized when packing, have a packing strategy to help you out. When you have a system, you will pack more efficiently without creating a mess all around the house. It’s best to have a packing corner, where you would put all the packing supplies. This will help you avoid having packing paper and peanuts everywhere. Also, be sure to pack room by room. Focusing on one area will make packing more efficient, without distractions that will take away more time. Finally, pack items in a way that helps you function with other daily tasks. Start with the items you rarely use and work your way to the things you need daily. 

Organize your moving boxes 

Another way to stay organized during relocation and after the big day is to organize your moving boxes. It is essential to label each box by writing its content on the lid. This will help you find specific items much faster if you need them before you unpack everything. Furthermore, find a way to organize boxes by rooms. You can color-code them by using colorful stickers or use sharpies in different colors to label the boxes according to the room they should go to. This way, movers will sort the boxes as soon as they deliver them to your new home without creating a mess in the central part of the house. 

Stickers, markers, and other supplies will help you stay organized during relocation. alt.tag: office supplies you need to stay organized during relocation

Schedule your moving day 

The most important part of the moving process is the moving day. Everything should go smoothly without giving you a headache. That’s why you should evaluate your moving situation. It will help you determine whether you would be best-ff renting a portable storage unit or a truck. You must choose your option wisely. The decision will depend on several factors – your moving budget, experience, free time, and whether you want to DIY or not. Consider your moving situation and organize your big day in the most energy and cost-efficient way possible. 

Hiring a moving company 

If you go for a moving company, make sure you pick the most reliable option out there. Companies that offer high-quality services at affordable prices should be your focus. Always go for recommended teams. If someone you trust has recently moved home, ask how satisfied they were. Also, ask if there was anything they weren’t particularly happy with.

Moreover, do a background check on the internet. If, for instance, you take a look at the Zippy Shell Columbus website, you will see that it's presentable and informative. You will read more about their services, learn some moving tips and get a free estimate. More importantly, checking a company online will lead you to reviews, which can be a valuable piece of information when choosing a favorite.

If there are things you can't do, make sure experts do them for you. alt.tag: a handshake

Organize your unpacking process, too

When you want to stay organized during relocation, don’t forget the unpacking process that comes after the move. If you're not careful, it can create a lot of mess in your new home and stop you from functioning well for a while. Try to unpack one room at a time, using the labels we mentioned earlier. Doing this room by room will help you have a tidier home and stay motivated after completing each room. Also, don't forget to pack the essentials box, so you don't need to unpack everything to find your toothbrush, clean sheets, and other things you need for the first night in the new house.

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