Wednesday 25 August 2021

Fun interior design ideas for kids' rooms

Renovating your home or making improvements before moving into a new one is the perfect moment for all the family members to get the space they’ve dreamed of. Redecorating kids’ rooms is always a fun thing to do, as you can all participate and make that space truly fun and inspiring. However, it’s sometimes challenging to pick a suitable theme or details, as many different styles are available. Well, we're going to help you choose. Here's the list of top fun interior design ideas for kids' rooms that will make your little ones spend more time in it, for sure. 

Should you involve the kids in the decorating process?

Absolutely! Depending on their age, your kids can help you decide on the main color and theme, saving you a lot of time. Ask them how they imagine a perfect room, and see what you can make come true. Kids love participating in such projects, as asking for their opinion makes them feel valued and important. Furthermore, this helps with building self-esteem and teaches them about decision-making.

Just moved in? Let your kids help you out!

Your kids can also help you unpack if you’ve just started settling in. It would be great if you had remembered to label the boxes that go to the kids’ room. Asking your kids to help you settle in the new home is a smart idea. They need to organize their own space and accept the new environment as their new home. 

Picking a fun color scheme 

This is probably the trickiest part. The reason is that you want to pick colors that can last longer, so you don’t have to paint again in a few months. However, you also want your kids’ room to have personality and not be too plain. The trick is to pick neutral colors for big surfaces and break them up with interesting color pop details. Start with painting the walls in yellow, beige, or green, and build the room’s personality with pops of blue, orange, pink, etc. 

Pick a calm color and add interesting color pops for your kids’ room to make it more fun. 

A theme of choice should reflect your kid’s personality

Another initial step for creating a fun kids' room is to pick a theme that will help you choose details, patterns, etc. This should reflect your kid’s interests and personality. Luckily, options are endless – jungle theme, princess, pirates, travel, animals, comic characters, and others. 

Posters and murals 

To make the place stand out, paint the walls neutral, but decorate them with a unique hand-painted mural or some amazing posters. If you’re creative enough, you can paint a picture yourself or hire someone to do it professionally. This picture can be their favorite movie character, some jungle animals, under the sea creatures, dinosaurs, etc. You can be as creative as you want and give the space a unique vibe. 

Adding favorite posters is one of the interior design ideas for kids’ rooms you should always go for! 


The selection of kids' wallpapers nowadays is genuinely astonishing. You can pick from an endless list of themes and cover a complete wall with a wallpaper of your choice. Also, they are easier to put on and very durable. That’s why many parents decide to use them in their kids' rooms. One of the fun interior design ideas for the kids' room would be selecting a poster with a world map covering one whole wall in the room. It’s both decorative and educational – your kid will learn more about countries and cities without even trying!

Bed in a favorite shape 

After you pick a theme, you can surprise your little one with a bed in an interesting shape. Rather than going for a simple bed, why don’t you get one in a shape of a car, ship, house, tent, etc.? The options are pretty much endless, as you can get custom-made furniture just the way you want it! Sleep time will now be a delight, and your kids will rush to bed from now on. 

Kids furniture doesn’t need to be standard and boring – go for a unique style! 

A nook for reading and DIYs

If your young ones go to school, they should have a place in their room dedicated to reading and doing homework. However, try to make this space exciting and inspiring, so reading becomes their favorite activity. Here you can choose colorful shelves, make the area an arts and crafts station and incorporate a hobby nook into a space for homework. 


It’s important not to forget the storage space in every kids’ room. It’s necessary for all the toys, books, clothes and other items. There are tons of creative yet affordable ideas to use. However, it depends on how much space you’re dealing with. If the room is relatively small, make sure you go vertical and go with hooks, shelves, pegboards, etc. Also, you can use multi-function pieces such as a stool/ottoman with hidden storage, a drawer underneath the bed, etc. It will keep the place organized and tidy – as much as possible. 

Moving the kids' furniture to your new home 

If you already have some interesting pieces in the old house, you should move them to the new place and adapt them to the new room. However, ensure you have someone reliable to deal with the furniture and keep it safe during transport. As you will probably be quite busy and have your hands full with the kids, it's essential to have someone to rely on. If you browse through and similar online databases, you will find reliable movers that will be a perfect match for your moving needs. Your items will be safe and your moving stress minimized. 

Invest time to decorate a room 

Finally, consider decorating your kids’ room as a project you do together. It takes time, but it will be worth it in the end. Let these fun interior design ideas for kids’ rooms help you start developing your ideas and preferences. Also, building something together with your kids is the teamwork that makes quality bonding time and will be a piece of childhood they will never forget. 

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