Wednesday 18 August 2021

How to help your family cope with moving abroad


Moving to another country with your kids can be a bit of a hassle. But, it can also be your new great adventure together. It all depends on how well you manage to prepare your little ones for the big step. Therefore, we thought of some tips on how to help your family cope with moving abroad. Staying organized during relocation will help all of you have a great family experience together. 

Do some research

If you have to relocate for work or you wish to find new opportunities in another country, start by doing some research. It will help you understand your future home better. That way, you will also know how to answer any questions your children might have. Try to go into detail as much as you can. The more you can explain, the better your kids will cope with the move. These are some of the things you should do some research on:

  • Language. If you are moving to a country with a different language, start preparing your kids for the change. Buy some dictionaries and put labels on objects around the house in the new language. Start by learning simple words and make it look like a game. They will be more open to learning it, and you will have a new activity to enjoy with your kids

  • Location. Find out more about the city you will be moving to. See which the best neighborhoods for raising children are and search for the best schools around. Check out how far or close you will be to work and how affordable it is to live there. 

  • Culture. Customs can be very different from one country to the other. Therefore, find out how locals live, what they do for fun, and where and what they like to eat. Explain local traditions to your children and even start celebrating them. Also, you can cook some traditional meals from their future home. It will help them understand the changes and adapt better when the move happens.

Find new connections

Try to make contacts and friends before moving to your new home. If you meet your future neighbors, you won't feel too much like a stranger when you move. Moreover, learn about the ex-pat community in the region and seek advice on how to accommodate better. These communities are often very welcoming because they were in your place once, and they know how you feel. 

Prepare your kids for moving abroad

Moving with kids is never easy, mainly because it can be confusing and even traumatizing. Your kids are the most significant reason you have to find ways to help your family cope with moving abroad. However, doing so needs time and patience. That is why you should start preparing them for the change on time. If you rush it, they will probably be even more confused, stressed, and unhappy.

If you manage to have fun while moving with kids, it will help them enjoy the process. But it will take some preparation. Firstly, you can make packing for the trip fun by letting your kids participate. They can decorate the moving boxes; you can have various competitions and see who is the fastest packer. Your imagination is the limit, really. 

Furthermore, if it is possible, take your kids to see their future home. Familiarize them with the place, and it will be easier for all of you when the move happens. Take them to playgrounds in the area so that they can connect with the new fun area. Children become more enthusiastic when they return to places where they created pleasant memories. 

Caption: One way to help your family cope with moving abroad is to have fun.

Plan the move together

Relocating is a big step for all the members of the family. Don’t let your children feel like they are left out. Let them have a say in decision-making. For instance, ask them for their opinion when choosing the house you will live in or what their room will look like. Also, let them choose their new room. Make them feel important in the process, and the move will become a more pleasant family experience.

Maintain some balance

Keep a routine as much as possible. Having similar schedules before and after moving will give your kids some stability. Not everything has to change if your home changes. Also, reassure them that they will stay in contact with their friends and other family members. They will make new friends, but they can keep the old ones as well. 

Explain to your kids that they can stay in touch with their close friends over the internet and remind them that having video calls has become an everyday activity. Plus, during summer vacations, they can visit their family and friends. 

Let your kids help with the move

Try to organize the move in detail and prepare a checklist to ensure you don't forget anything. Start by decluttering the house. Sorting through all your belongings might help you get rid of some unnecessary stuff. You wouldn't want to carry useless things to the new place. And don't forget to get your kids to participate in the process

Getting your kids involved in the preparations for the move can help you bond. Letting them pack their things, for example, will give them a sense of responsibility. They will see that you trust them enough to ask for their help. Of course, you should make sure to keep breakables safe around your kids. Sometimes, they can get carried away with their chores and make mistakes. 

Caption: Let your kids plan how their room will look like in their new home.

Hiring professional help

If you have small children or can't manage the move yourself, call in the professionals. The moving experts from Number 1 Movers say that many of their clients attempted to move on their own but quickly gave up once they realized that the list of moving tasks is too extensive for them to handle alone. From packing to unpacking, loading, and safely transporting your belongings, professional movers can take care of all the details of your move. Meanwhile, you can focus your energy on finding ways to help your family cope with moving abroad.

On the big day

Plan the move at a convenient hour, especially if you plan to travel by car. If your kids enjoy road trips, plan to leave in the morning. Think of nice games and activities they can do in the car. Also, play their favorite music and make sure to pack lots of snacks. Alternatively, if they aren't so fond of long trips in the car, you could travel during the night. They will be asleep most of the time, and you will have to make fewer stops on the road. 

Caption: Enjoy the ride with your family to your new home abroad. 

Alt: Child in a car, symbolizing how to help your family cope with moving abroad

Moving to another country doesn't have to be a burden for you or your family. Taking enough time to prepare yourself and your loved ones for this change will pay off. Don't think of it as a challenge, but more as a family activity. With our advice, you can help your family cope with moving abroad and enjoy the ride to the new chapter in your lives. 

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