Monday 19 April 2021

How to keep breakables safe around your kids


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If you're one of those people who love home décor, you probably own a couple of fragile vases, photo frames, and other items that make your home look beautiful. Placing them on your coffee table, along with a fresh bouquet and a candle, looks fantastic, but they can become an easy 'victim' of young kids' playfulness. Once your family grows, and more children are running around, home décor is no longer a priority for many families. However, this doesn't mean you should get rid of everything. We have some tips on how to keep breakables safe around your kids and have a nicely decorated home – despite all the toys. 

Change your mindset 

If you get frustrated about some of your favorite pieces being broken, you need to change your mindset first. When you have kids, things can no longer be the same. It would be best if you accepted the fact that your home will not look polished and tidy all the time as before, and some items may get damaged due to your kids’ play around the house. However, the good news is that you can adapt your home a bit and save your breakables, and at the same time give your kids enough space to run and play. We’re going to help you with the organization and placement of breakable items to make your home a beautiful but safe place. 

Locate the busiest parts of your home 

Every home has some high-traffic areas where all the action is going on. These locations are where your kids run or play the most – hallways, bathrooms, etc. Therefore, to keep breakables safe around your kids, remove them from these areas and find them a better and safer place. These preventive measures will help you avoid problems in the future and make your home safer. 

Keep breakables safe around your kids in the kitchen 

One of the high traffic areas is undoubtedly the kitchen. However, it is not always possible to obliterate breakables, as you need them for everyday use. Some of the great tips for a safe kitchen are:

  1. store items immediately after using/washing them – try to put fragile items away as soon as you finish using them. Leaving a glass or a plate on the table for a while is a high risk of damage;

  2. place fragile objects higher – try to lift all the delicate items on higher shelves or in cabinets, so they are out of reach;

  3. lock the cabinets – in case you have some lower cabinets with breakable items inside, it's best to use a locking system to prevent kids from taking them.

Kitchen is one of the high traffic areas in the home where extra attention is necessary.

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Shelves are super useful 

One of the ways to keep breakables safe around your kids and still keep your décor style is to install some additional shelves around your home. They will ensure your beautiful items such as vases, frames, and other items are away from your kids' reach. And shelves don’t need to be boring at all – find some unique design that will make your home even more interesting. 

Keep your china safe

One of the items you worry the most about is your china. It’s an expensive and fragile thing you want to be on display but safe at the same time. Make sure you purchase one of those glass china cases or window cabinets that have a lock. It will help you show off your china, antiques, figurines, glass, etc., but also keep them protected. 

The best way to display and protect your china is to invest in a window cabinet.

Alt: Teapots in a window cabinet, a way to keep breakables safe around your kids

Are you moving house?

Relocating your home with kids can be super challenging. That’s why you should leave packing and transport to professionals and let Zippy Shell Louisiana deal with your fragile items. This will give you more time to deal with the kids, prepare a new home, and handle other moving tasks.

Be smart with your TV 

Running, kicking a ball, or simply playing hide and seek can be very risky for your TV. Giant flat-screen TVs are usually relatively light and very easy to tip over. There are some things you can do to prevent this type of headache. You can mount your TV to a wall and keep it out of reach. If that's not possible, make sure you place your TV on a stable piece of furniture that is not easy to move. Furthermore, there are braces and straps, as well as anti-tip brackets you can use to secure your TV to the wall behind it or to the furniture on which it stands. 

TVs can easily be tipped over, so make sure you secure them well.

Alt: A living room with a big TV

Create a playroom

Probably the best way to keep breakables safe around your kids is to make a space in your house dedicated to playing. A playroom is a great solution to keep your kids out of the critical places and make them a safe environment where they can enjoy playing guilt-free. Make a room where they can do all sorts of activities, and they will avoid the breakables much more. 


It is essential to secure any big or small mirrors you have around the house. Ensure they are securely mounted to the wall, and if you have a standing mirror – it's best to keep it in a corner that’s not too busy. Finally, make sure you fasten it so it can't tip over so easily. 

Use a storage unit

If you feel that some of your items will be safer out of your home, getting a storage unit can be a great idea. If you think that it will cost you too much money, there are ways to save on storage expenses. For instance, figure out how big a unit you need, you can get a discount if you rent for an extended time, etc. You can store items at a reasonable price and keep them protected for a while. This will give you peace of mind, knowing your items are perfectly safe.

Accidents happen 

It’s important to remember that no matter what you do, accidents can happen.  It is impossible to predict every dangerous situation and childproof every bit of your home. Some general precautions are undoubtedly necessary, but you can only keep breakables safe around your kids to some extent. It’s challenging to keep your home completely tidy and aesthetic with kids and toys around, so try to focus on spending some quality time with them rather than worrying about every little detail in the house. Make your home a fun and stress-free zone!

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