Tuesday 7 September 2021

How To Encourage Your Toddler To Sleep In A New Room


Changing the sleeping environment is never easy, even for adults. That’s why it’s easy to understand why toddlers have trouble adjusting to their new room. Very often, parents find these changes challenging as kids often reject new sleeping space for some time. Whether the family has moved house or they want their toddler to transfer from the crib to the new bed, this can be tricky. To encourage your toddler to sleep in a new room – you only need to read our guide. Here are the best tips on helping your young ones love their new sleeping environment.

Introduce the idea first

You've probably planned the switch for weeks or even months. Well, your child needs to know what is going on as well. Even though they are still very young, toddlers can understand a lot. That’s why the change of sleeping arrangement shouldn’t come out of the blue. Talk about the changes and the new room, and show them if some other kids you know have their own bedrooms. This way, introducing the new bed and space will not come as a shock but as a natural transition

Create the sleeping space together 

Involving the child in the décor and furnishing process will ensure they accept the new room as their own. Therefore, let your toddler pick some of the sleep-related items. This could be sheets, pillows, night lights, etc. Go shopping and decorate the new space together, which will help your child accept it even better.

Room décor to encourage your toddler to sleep in a new room

There are several things to consider when furnishing and decorating your toddler’s new room.  Create a perfect sleep and play area your loved one will look forward to spending more time in.

Bring their favorite items 

Having a new room doesn’t need to mean all new stuff. You should keep some of your kid's old items and give them an honorary spot in the new space. This is particularly important if your child has a favorite toy, a blanket, etc., and you're moving to a new house. Moving experts Golan’s Moving and Storage suggest it’s best to pack these items separately if you’re moving house. Make sure you label the boxes and unpack these items first to help the child accept the new space as their new home. Favorite things from the old place will make the new house more familiar and more acceptable to the child. 

Cool night light 

Choose the light that will stay on during the night. Darkness makes children scared when they go to sleep, even in the space they know so well. There are night lights in numerous shapes and sizes, so pick the one that will keep your young one 'safe' overnight.

Keep the old crib

If your child still fits in the old crib, maybe it's a good idea to keep it for a while longer. Move the crib to the new room to make the space even more familiar. This will encourage your toddler to sleep in a new room as it will not be so strange to them. After a while, you can make the transition and buy a new bed. 

Create a calm and friendly space where your toddler will enjoy playing and sleeping.

Share the excitement…

The steps that lead to sleeping in the new room should be positive and encouraging. Make sure both parents show excitement and be optimistic about the new space. Therefore, stay positive while doing the usual things before bedtime – having dinner, taking a bath, washing teeth, etc. This will help the child realize going to sleep is not a bad thing but the natural 'flow' of the evening. And finally, make sure you stick to the bedtime routine. Kids respond well to habits, as there's nothing unknown they should fear. 

… but know when to set the limit 

It's one thing to be positive and encouraging and follow each step of your nighttime routine. However, if your toddler is trying to postpone sleep time, try not to let them. It’s okay to give some extra kisses and tell one more story. But after the lights are out, it’s time to go to sleep. Try to be firm about this, and you’ll notice positive changes very soon. 

Reading stories and bedtime kisses are a fantastic way to encourage your toddler to sleep in a new room – yet know when it's time to go to sleep.

Make sure the move is stress-free

Moving to a new home is undoubtedly challenging both for parents and toddlers. However, if you go through the relocation process without hiccups, the adjustment will be smooth and easy.  The first impression of the new home shouldn’t be something stressful and negative. That's why parents should do their best to organize everything so that leaving the old house is not so traumatic for kids. 

Ensure you have enough time to prepare. Doing moving tasks in a hurry only leads to stress and being overwhelmed in the end. Plan everything to detail and stick to that plan until you’re all settled in your new home. 

Hire pros to help you out. It’s not easy to take care of the kids, pack and relocate the whole household. That’s why trusting someone to assist you with the move will be extremely helpful. 

Let everyone be involved in the moving process. Being part of the move will help the kids feel more valued and encouraged to do something important with their parents. And this leads to a smooth adjustment to the new environment. 

Make sure you arrive at the new house safely and smoothly.

Give your child time to adjust 

If you want to encourage your toddler to sleep in a new room, you shouldn’t force anything. Give them time to adjust and accept the new space, let them explore it, and play before actually spending the night. Every child is different, so be sure to adapt the pace to your kid and let them fall in love with their new room and enjoy being in it for as long as they need it. 





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