Monday 13 September 2021

How to Wear Jewelry the Right Way on Different Occasions


Whether in the old times or the modern world, women have always loved to enhance their looks with beautiful jewelry pieces. Your outfit only makes up half of your overall attire. At the same time, jewelry completes your style and enhances a person's features and persona. The right piece of jewelry can highlight your most dominant features and make you stand out. However, wearing the right jewelry is an art because you need pieces to complement various looks for different occasions. So, if you are missing the mark every time it comes to wearing jewelry, then take inspiration from the following tips on jewelry etiquette.

1. Pick the right style: 

Every piece of jewelry belongs to specific categories of forms and styles which are used for different occasions. For instance, some common styles of jewelry include workday and glamorous accessories. Glamorous accessories include statement necklaces, dangly earrings, cocktail rings, etc. In addition, you can also garner some traditional pieces, such as Irish jewelry, for enhancing your glamour accessory collection. It looks good with your casual outfits and adds elegance to your personality.  In contrast, in workplace jewelry, we have subtle earrings, thin chains, classic watches, and so on. So, if you're trying to decide on the finest jewelry for an occasion, keep the style you're going for and the occasion's goal in mind.

Choose whether you want to go with subtle or statement jewelry. Does your wardrobe lack statement jewelry pieces? No worries because you can find exquisite statement rings, bracelets, and more at Wholesale Sparkle at affordable prices. You don't necessarily need to have a drawer full of accessories, a few pieces of each style will save you on any occasion.

2. Keep versatile pieces for casual looks:

There are always some pieces of jewelry that are your go-to accessories for everyday activities—for instance, going out for a casual lunch with your girls? Put on some diamond studs with a pair of not too flashy bangles or bracelets and a delicate necklace. The concept of jewelry for casual looks is that they are not too noticeable, nor are they the focus of your look. Instead, a few versatile pieces like a small ring, a wedding band for married folks, a go-to wristwatch, and chains will not only keep it simple but complete the outfit as well.

3. Know about office jewelry:

It is imperative to pay extra attention to what accessories and jewelry you wear to your workplace. The general rule of thumb is to go for simple, subtle, and something that reflects your working environment. For instance, you cannot wear too much sparkle or over-the-top colors to a morning meeting. Your work jewelry should show off your personality and individuality instead of blinding and distracting your colleagues. Therefore, stick to subtle studs or matching pendant sets—layer delicate necklaces or chains with an oversized shirt. Wear your favorite statement pieces such as small gemstones, thin, simple bracelets, and small hoops.

4. Wear statement jewelry for formal events:

When attending a formal occasion, even people who aren't usually conscious of what jewelry they wear opt for their most valued items. It is the perfect occasion to wear your most elegant and best jewelry, especially your statement pieces. At a formal event, it doesn't matter if your jewelry is too sparkling because your aim should be to highlight your best features and enhance your outfit. For example, if you have a defined jawline and high cheekbones, a statement thick necklace or choker would suit a high bun, like ear climbers or crystal earring jackets. You can also go for long pendants with solitaire stone or diamond paired with a big diamond ring and chandelier earrings.

5. Create the right layers and pairs:

Layering your jewelry wisely according to the occasion is extremely important. If you want to make your outfit stand out and grab attention, then don't forget to balance your jewelry with the right matching and layering to balance elegance and simplicity. Mix your jewelry with caution for an important event, such as pairing long necklaces with simple short pendants according to your neckline. While for a casual hangout, you can go for layered chunky bracelets or multiple rings and have some fun with mismatching. The important thing is that you create layers by experimenting with the jewelry's colors, length, texture, and shape. Apart from necklaces and bracelets, you can experiment with earrings if you have multiple piercings. You can combine studs with drop earrings or cuffs with dangly ones.

6. Accessorize according to the overall outfit:

You can't wear a Senorita sapphire necklace set to a casual meetup at a coffee shop while wearing shorts and a crop top. Your jewelry shouldn't be random and must complement both the occasion and the outfit. The goal of wearing the right jewelry is to amplify the entire look and blend with the occasion's theme. It also depends on what aspect of your outfit you want to focus on. For instance, if you wear something bold or extravagant, a statement piece or subtle layering of different pieces can give off very elegant vibes. While if your goal is to go simple, then subtle or even minimal pieces will do the trick.

7. Choose a sentimental piece:

A sentimental piece of jewelry you wear almost every day or rarely take them off for any occasion. Many of us have that single piece of jewelry, such as a unique pendant or a ring and even a charm bracelet, that we are reluctant to take off. That is why to bring out the best of your overall look. You should carefully layer your sentimental pieces with stylish jewelry that can share the attention. For instance, if your sentimental piece is a long pendant, you can pair it with a lovely choker or a mid-length matching chain. You should add variety that magnifies the presence of your sentimental jewelry.


Jewelry is a crucial part of your look, whether for a professional gathering or a girl's night out. Wearing the right jewelry in the right way for every occasion can be a gamechanger for how you present yourself. You should always consider subtly layering your jewelry and keep one or two statement pieces for every occasion. You should also have the go-to jewelry to put on quickly while keeping things subtle when everyday office looks. 

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