Monday 13 September 2021

Declutter your life in 30 days


If you have been under a lot of stress lately and do not feel comfortable in your new home, maybe it's time for a serious decluttering session. Having a messy house filled with unnecessary items affects our life without us even recognizing it. It slows down many of your daily tasks, distract you, and makes the living space a lot smaller. However, dealing with the clutter is not easy. To declutter your life completely, you’ll need a proper strategy. It’s essential to do this in chunks to make sure you've done it correctly. Let's see how you can declutter your life in 30 days and start a new chapter – mess-free!

Living space 

To be able to tackle other aspects of your life, start with decluttering your living space first. Here are the main steps to do it.


Go through your cabinets and the pantry and remove all the expired foods, old spices, and empty bags and boxes. Also, reconsider your kitchen utensils as well as plates, bowls, etc. Remove items that are damaged or too old to use. Leave the two categories – items you use every day and special occasion items. Get rid of things you don't use to make more space in the kitchen

A mess-free kitchen is where the magic happens!


The bathroom is the space where a lot of clutter piles up. Make sure you remove any empty bottles, expired medicines, and old toothbrushes and combs. It’s best to take all the items from shelves and cabinets, clean them, and then start putting the essentials back. Clearing the sink area will put you in a better mood in the morning so you can start your day without any mess.

Working space

Whether you work at home or the office, it's crucial to clear your working space. It will maximize and enhance your productivity and put you in a better mood. Get rid of any old papers, scan documents and upload them to online storage, throw away old pens, etc. Make your working space ready for new projects and ideas!

Declutter your computer and phone

Electronics have become a big part of our lives.  We use them for work, entertainment, and daily tasks. That’s why you shouldn’t forget about them when you decide to declutter your life. Start with your phone – delete unnecessary photos and other files, remove apps you no longer use, and free some storage. Also, tackle your computer, Put some order into your desktop/home page, make it clear from all the unused icons and unnecessary files. They only slow down your computer and make it more difficult to work or find things.

Keep only the essentials by your side – declutter your life to make it simpler and more enjoyable.


If it takes you too long to find something to wear and do laundry – it’s time for decluttering your closets.  Go through your wardrobe and sort your items into "stay" and "go" piles. Keep the pieces you wear all the time and items for special occasions. Toss or donate pieces that are too big or too small, worn out, or simply out of fashion. You'll save a lot of time in the morning while getting dressed and see what new pieces you need to purchase. 

Get storage 

If there are items that you currently don't need at your home but still want to keep, getting a storage unit is probably the right thing to do. However, if you're going to store some fragile items, be sure to pack glass and other breakables safely, as well as your electronics, properly to keep them in good condition for as long as you need.

Declutter your life – daily habits and responsibilities

Decluttering your environment is the first big step in creating a simpler, stress-free life. However, you should finish this process by rethinking your daily routines, the people you see every day, and the responsibilities you need to take care of. 

Leave only favorite people in your life 

Rethink the number of people you see and communicate with daily. We often don't see that some of them drain our energy and negatively affect our mood. It’s a common thing, and you shouldn’t worry about it. However, you should recognize toxic people in your environment and avoid them at all costs. Surely, you don't need to cut out most of the people from your life. Simply revise the time you spend with some of them and focus more on the people that truly give meaning to your day.

Set the priorities 

If you feel like you’re too busy and don have time for yourself, it’s time to declutter your life in terms of tasks and routines you do each day. Firstly, set your priorities. See if there are things you don’t need to do, hobbies you don’t love that much, or tasks you spend too much time on. Try to organize your week to maximize your free time. Try to multi-task some of your daily chores, order things online or get professional services. Try to make a structure of your week, so you waste no time, but use it in the best way possible. 

Know your priorities – declutter your life from all the unnecessary items, habits, and even people!

Do only what you want and enjoy 

Sometimes, we don’t want to reject people around us, which leads to doing things we don’t enjoy or want. Many people experience this. However, while setting your daily priorities, get used to saying no if you don’t feel like doing something. This will help you achieve more in your day, do things you enjoy, and have more energy.

Moving house decluttering benefits 

Moving to another home is another reason you should declutter your home. Van Express Movers recommend getting rid of as many unnecessary items as before you start packing. It will make the unpacking easier and your boxes lighter, leading to significantly lower moving costs. 

Maintain stress-free habits after these 30 days 

It is possible to declutter your life in 30 days – however, it's a challenge to keep it that way and not go back to old routines. Try to accept simplicity and efficiency as a new lifestyle, and create habits according to this new order. Most importantly, do the regular declutter sessions to avoid things piling up. And finally, never let unnecessary worries, toxic people, and burdening tasks waste your time and prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest!

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