Wednesday 6 October 2021

Can your new home be kid-friendly and chic at the same time?


Being a parent can entail tough tradeoffs. You have to choose between getting enough rest and hanging out with your kids. Or getting to enjoy your hobbies versus making an elaborate and extra tasty meal. However, what about home d├ęcor? Can your new home be kid-friendly and chic at the same time? Well, our answer is yes! It might not be easy, with all the added things to worry about. However, as long as you take the necessary safety precautions in mind, you can take full advantage of different design choices. To help with this, we have put together this guide on the required steps to keep your home both kid-friendly and chic at the same time!

Prioritize furniture with soft edges

Your kids will not mind what the furniture looks like. They might put stickers over it, but they will not comment on its design. However, just as you need to keep breakables safe around your kids, you need to child-proof your furniture, as well. Sharp edges and corners are a recipe for disaster with how often kids trip, fall or plop themselves down on the floor. The good news is, there are plenty of interesting and original designs that prefer smooth, futuristic edges over their more-traditional counterparts. This means that you can, in fact, make your new home be kid-friendly and chic at the same time. All you have to do is make sure your children cannot get hurt on the furniture!

Caption: With soft edges, you do not need to worry as much when your kid starts to toddle!

Place your shelving higher, or make use of sideboards

There are two different ways you can go about making your new home kid-friendly and chic at the same time. You can either install high shelving or make judicious use of sideboards. Both will ensure you can follow formal decorations tips and create a living room that leaves an impression! However, keep in mind the risks both of this entail. High shelving does place your decorations and other items out of the children’s reach. Still, they might feel tempted to try and climb a chair to reach them. On the other hand, sideboards can look amazing, but you need to have them built with glass siding if you want to show off what’s in them and keep it out of kids’ reach. Just make sure that the glass is extra durable!

Choose the right upholstery

One of the main concerns with purchasing high-end, expensive furniture that will pretty up your home is that it will not survive an encounter with your kids. With snacks, crayons, and plenty of other ‘furniture hazards’ all over, it can be tough to maintain it. However, this can be quite thoroughly solved by picking the right upholstery! If you opt for material like vinyl, you will no longer need to worry about accidental spills or staining. The ease of cleaning it will also make your life much more manageable! This will help make your home healthier and ensure it is kid-friendly and chick at the same time!  

Invest in colorful and interesting storage containers

Living with kids entails lots of toys. Lots and lots of toys. Any parent knows that you end up needing tons of boxes and drawers to store all of your kids’ belongings. However, the moving experts from like to remind people of an elegant solution! The storage containers you used for your move can be repurposed into pretty much anything. Including caches of toys! All you need to do is purchase visually appealing storage containers. Preferably of the plastic kind, so they can last a while. You can even let your kids ‘decorate’ them with their favorite stickers.

Prioritize hardwood or laminate flooring

Hardwood or laminate can look incredibly classy and chic! Even if you leave them bare, they give off either a refined or a uniquely rustic feel, depending on color and design. And, best of all, they are entirely child-proof! Such floors are incredibly easy to clean up, notice spills and debris on, and all-around maintain. This makes them an ideal choice for any home with children. Carpets, on the other hand, can quickly get ruined and stained. Not to mention, cleaning them can be a nightmare!

Caption: Hardwood and laminate flooring are a lot less slippery than you might think!

Have rooms where your kids can go wild

Now, while we have discussed some ways to keep things out of your children’s reach, as mentioned, it might end up tempting them all the more. However, there is a way to counter that and still keep your chic living room intact! You simply need to provide them with a safe space in which they can play to their heart’s content and be able to use anything in the room on a whim. In other words, make a playroom! You can even transform your kids’ rooms into something resembling one. The key, here, is to offer them their own space where they can feel in control and unhindered. This way, they will feel less tempted to try and get at your items. 

Caption: With their own space, your kids will feel less tempted to invade yours!

Keep your kid’s needs in mind

When asked, ‘Can your new home be kid-friendly and chic at the same time?’ we will answer ‘Yes!’ every time. But you should always keep your little ones in mind when designing your new home. Luckily, ‘kid-friendly and ‘chic’ do not necessarily exclude one another, as we have shown! While it is not necessarily easy, there are always ways to strike a balance. There will be a few compromises, but both you and your kids can have the perfect home!

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