Tuesday 30 November 2021

Easy ways to make money from decluttering

Whether you’re moving, renovating, or you want some more space in your home – decluttering is the best way to start. Every household includes a number of items the family does not use anymore, as well as damaged or expired pieces. These take up a lot of space, so there must be a way to put them to better use. This guide will help you not only make your home more spacious but also earn something. Here are the easy ways to make money from decluttering. 

Why is decluttering so important?

Decluttering should be part of your regular cleaning routine. However, even if you try to keep everything tidy, certain items seem to linger in your home more than they should. Removing clutter is particularly important in situations when you need to relocate or renovate your home. The main benefits of doing so are:

  • You’ll make more space and have the home organized and tidy;

  • You’ll have fewer boxes to pack when moving house;

  • Your living space will be more pleasant and comfortable

  • A neat, clutter-free environment will help you stay focused and productive if you work from home

  • Finally, you can make money from decluttering – so let’s find out how. 

A tidy home is a happy and healthy home.

Have a plan first 

If you randomly start packing items to sell or donate, you can get lost in the process and give up very quickly. Make a plan of your decluttering project, and do the house room by room. Also, make sure you have realistic expectations about the time and space you need to do it, especially if you're busy with work or have a handful of kids to take care of. Any pace is good as long as you're making progress!

Organize the whole process, so it doesn't take away a lot of energy and time.

Organizing a garage sale

Before you go online to sell your items, you can try organizing a garage sale in front of your home. If you think your neighborhood is suitable for that kind of event, use the chance to sell the things you no longer need. However, don’t forget to get a permit if necessary. Also, make sure you promote the sale on your social media, talk to the neighbors, and hang some prints around the neighborhood. 

Selling kids’ clothes and toys online

Parents know how fast their kids overgrow their clothes. They also have too many toys they have stopped playing with. It’s the reality of parenthood so try to make the best of it. You can quickly sell clothes online – just be sure to take good pictures of them and show the actual condition. However, maybe the best way is to use consignment services – you can make more money that way. Also, you’ll save time taking pictures and preparing items for sale. 

The internet helps you make money from decluttering – the easy way.

Selling furniture 

If you don't' sell large pieces in the garage sale, you can put the items online. Use Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, and similar websites to promote your items and sell them much faster. You can sell baby furniture and equipment you no longer need, leftover renovation supplies, etc. You can make a decent amount of money and make a lot of space in your home. 

Should you sell old pieces?

Sometimes, people underestimate the value of old furniture or décor pieces. Buyers who love DIY projects or need old-style furniture for decorating a studio, café, etc., will undoubtedly love those pieces. So, it doesn't matter if something is old. If it's in good condition, put it up for sale. 

Old electronics or phones 

You can't make big money from an old PC or phone, but you can find stores that offer store credit for recycled pieces if you do some research. Find out where you can get that kind of offer; maybe this is a great time to get a new phone!

Selling old books 

After you’ve read them once or even a couple of times, old books may take up the space in your home. And if you’re an e-reader lover, selling the old books makes even more sense. That’s why selling old books is one of the great ways to make some money. Try some of the book buyback sites, or sell the books on Amazon. 

Decluttering for the move

As mentioned previously, moving house is the perfect opportunity to clean up and declutter your home. Experts from zippyshelllouisiana.com tell that families that didn’t skip this step ended up having a faster and cheaper move. 

Check if your items fit the new home

Decluttering will help you stay organized during the relocation. But, you also have to make sure that items you decide to keep fit in your new home. Be sure to measure all the bulkier pieces, as they might not fit your new home. It’s crucial to compare old and new floor plans, take measures and see if some of your current furniture needs replacement. 

Storing the things you don’t want to give up on

Some pieces hold sentimental value, or we need them seasonally, so you don’t want to sell them. However, you might still need more space in your home. In this case, renting a storage unit is the perfect solution. However, to ensure that this is not a waste of space and money, do your best to choose the option that fits your needs. Take storage that provides just the right amount of space you need, so you don’t end up overspending. 

Decluttering as a mental preparation

The feeling you can't let go of certain items is a sign of other issues, even depression. Decluttering is also a mental exercise of focusing on what’s important – being healthy and feeling good when spending time in your home. And the fact that you can make money from decluttering your home only makes it better!





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