Monday 26 September 2022

Simple Lantern Craft For Toddlers

Simple crafts that take up a decent chunk of time are some of the best crafts you can do with little ones. As a daycare provider I am always looking for super easy crafts to do with my toddlers that are cost efficient and fun. It’s also nice to have small gifts for parents every once in a while to show them that you care about their experience as a care provider. 

All you need is:
Empty jars
Tissue paper

This craft is super easy and can be as frugal as you make it. I had leftover jars from my wedding decor so we used those and some tissue paper and glue as well as some candles from the dollar store. 

Cut strips of tissue paper into squares in whatever colours you have available or want to use for your theme. You can use fall colours, winter colours, or the kids favourite colours. Make it your own and have fun.

I have kids as old as one doing this craft with a little bit of help. The older ones like to make patterns but the little guys are just happy to get them on the jar. 

They spend at least half an hour to an hour decorating their jars and learning some great skills like hand eye coordination! 

They learn to share colours and trade as well which is a great social experience to grow and nurture!

When your done wrap it up and present it to their parents and show them how skilled their little ones are! 

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