Wednesday 23 November 2022

Fun Activities In Kelowna & West Kelowna To Celebrate Birthdays

Our youngest turned 10 and we celebrated his special day by enjoying some of the best our wonderful city has to offer! It can be really hard to choose gifts for a 10 year old boy these days, especially when they have so much already. 

Troy decided he wanted to spend the day with his family and enjoy some of the greatest activities for kids his age. 

First we went to H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre and swam for a few hours. They have an amazing wave pool, small kids splash park, waterslides, diving boards, lane swimming, the lazy river and hot tubs for you to splash around in! We had a great time swimming together.

After we swam we went to Scandia Golf & Games for some awesome arcade games! They have quite a bit to offer the community, lots of arcade games with a ticket program to get prizes, indoor and outdoor mini golf, batting cages, go karts, and a small concession for when you get thirsty. 

After that Troy decided he wanted to have a tasty fish & chips dinner from C-Lovers. C-Lovers takeout special is absolutely the best bang for your buck. You can always choose to dine in and have all you can eat but I can only eat a small portion at once and their fish is amazing even the next day when you heat it up again. They offer heaping piles of fries, delicious piles of fresh fish, coleslaw, and a 2 Litre of pop for 46.99! 

Once we were finished dinner Troy wanted to NetFlix and chill with some movie theatre popcorn from Landmark Cinemas. You can get them to deliver you popcorn and snacks using DoorDash. Head over to DoorDash to sign up using this link ( to get $45 off your first 3 DoorDash deals. I have never had any issues using DoorDash ever and they have the best customer service out of all the delivery services I have used. Anytime there has been an issue they have credited me instantly, and they let you know exactly where your driver is and an estimate of when your order will arrive. You can get so much delivered now you almost don’t need to leave your home anymore. 

Celebrating Birthdays in the Okanagan can be a blast! With so much to enjoy each and every season it truly is an amazing place to live! There are so many other places to explore in our beautiful cities take a look at these guides for more:

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