Monday 20 November 2023

DIY Marble Table Using Daich Coatings Marble Dream Kit

Have you ever seen a marble table and thought how great it might look in your home? You take a look at the price of the table and instantly change your mind! Marble tables and countertops can cost a fortune, but they look so beautiful. There is now a solution that helps you turn any surface you want into a stunning marble piece! 

Marble Dream Resurfacing Kit by Daich Coatings is the affordable solution to all your marble dreams! This kit was so easy to use and I had a lot of fun with it. Did you know a 3 foot by 6 foot marble table can cost around $2000? Yes I am serious. The marble dreams kit can cover this space for under $200! Now that is definitely worth a weekend for those kind of savings.

I completed my table in one weekend, started Friday evening and ended Sunday evening. It is now curing in my kitchen and looking gorgeous!

Here are the simple steps and how you can also create your new tables, nights stands, countertops, and more! 

I took my old kitchen table and sanded it down to bare wood, I also scuffed up the legs to make them black and beautiful. 

After painting the legs and trim we begin by applying the base coat in our kit. 

The kit comes with everything you need to complete your project, unless you need to paint other portions like I did with the legs of my table. I got some nice interior black paint from Home Depot.

Let that sit for a couple hours and then you get to start drawing on veins with the sea sponge and the vein paint.

Spray the table section you are working on with the spray bottle included in your kit! Then begin drawing some veins throughout the surface. I did a freestyle tree look and it turned out beautiful. 

After the lines are where you want them start blurring and dabbing with the sponges to make a smokey effect. 

Apply the marble glaze to lock in the veins and expose the spots you want to see more with a damp sponge. After it has dried for an hour lightly sand with the included sand sponge. 

Wipe it clean with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before moving to the final step! 

Apply two coats of clear coat 4 hours apart and then let your table cure for 12 hours before light use and 7 days for heavy normal use!
Check out our YouTube video of the entire process!

Thats it, it’s done! Now that is worth a weekend of DIY for results like that. 

I absolutely love using Daich Coatings I have used their products to refinish my countertops:

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