Friday 17 November 2023

Getting Older Can Be Painful - Affordable Remedies For Pain Relief

As we get older we begin to notice aches and pains worsening whether you are active or more of a couch potato. Your bones and joints can start to cause you pain leading to plantar fasciitis that makes your body move slower and rethink your general activities throughout each day.

Many times people will simply take a pain killer and get on with their day but there has to be more options, and affordable ones can take some research. Luckily I have done my research and found the best pain relief options that don’t break the bank! 

Topical Creams & Ointments

There are lots of different anti inflammatory creams and ointments available to you in every pharmacy and drugstore. The way these creams work is by being applied to the area of the body that is in pain. The anti inflammatory cream then penetrates the skin slowly and begins to give you a warming or cooling sensation depending on the cream you are using. This can help to loosen up aching muscles and help improve the mobility of your joints that are in pain. 


Getting your body moving may sound like a painful task at the time you are in pain but it can really make a difference if you let it. If you are healing from an injury or surgery ensure to follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor, only do what you are supposed to. Don’t start lifting weights and prepping for marathons. If you are simply just trying to solve a problem like pain in your neck or back after a long day there are all kinds of exercises you can do that will help. 

Swimming is great for the body and helps you to stimulate all your muscles and joints. 

Walking can be a great way to get your blood pumping and get your legs moving if you have been sitting at work all day. 

Jogging or running are great if you can handle it, another great way to get this activity into your busy like is with a treadmill or stationary bike.

The beauty of using exercise is you can also combine it with anti inflammatory creams as well as dietary changes and really give your pain a good run for its money. 

If you have issues with foot and ankle pain it is always a good idea to slowly incorporate upper body exercises first and then begin to move lower as you get more comfortable moving your lower portion of your body. 

Diet Changes

Your body needs healthy fuel to function properly. Take a look at your eating habits and diet and see if you can make some changes to your meals and what you are using as your daily fuel. You could add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, eat less processed foods, or even begin cutting out sugar and caffeine. There are also plenty of foods that have anti inflammatory properties that can help to relieve pain and discomfort. 

Diet changes alongside a good exercise routine and some anti inflammatory cream is a great way to begin your pain free journey.

Adding CBD products to your diet or using them to replace current pain killers might be a great option for you as well. CBD is a natural way to get you moving and feeling better. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help to relieve lots of different ailments. If you were injured or had an accident this service will be covered by most health insurance. If you are simply looking to use physical therapy techniques for pain relief there are hundreds of videos online to teach you how to use physical therapy at home. 

Chronic pain can be hard to live with but there are plenty of ways to help make your life easier, and eliminate some of your daily pain. 

Injections or Surgery 

Depending on whether or not you have health insurance or medical coverage steroid injections or surgery may be the best option for you. 

Steroid injections can be done quite frequently to treat pain and they work very well. Many people choose steroids over taking pain medications so they aren’t popping medications everyday to feel relief.  

Surgery might be your last resort and can be the most expensive depending on your situation. You may have medical coverage but have to take down time, you may not have coverage and have to pay out of pocket. Regardless, you may be in so much pain that this is the only option now. If this is the case for you ensure you prepare for all the outcomes. 

Ensure your bills can be paid while you are out of commission.

Maybe look into getting a work from home job to cover costs or get insurance before hand. 

Take the time to try other options before resorting to surgery if you don’t desperately need it. These pain relief options can be huge affordable if you take the time to research, plan, and follow through. Pain is something we all need to live with as we get older, so hopefully these tips can help you to get through it and live a comfortable life. 

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