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Should You Repair or Replace Your Appliances?

Your appliances are probably some of the most expensive things you have in your home. So, when one of them breaks down, not only does it disturb your daily routine but it can also cause quite a headache when it comes to your finances. Replacing it might break the bank, but there is also the option of repairing it. Deciding between the two, however, is harder than it seems at first and the decision involves quite a few factors you should take into account. Here are some of the telltale signs that will help you decide whether to call a repairman or the scrap metal collector.

Get acquainted with common problems

Above all, you should get acquainted with some of the common problems with appliances so that you can estimate whether you’re in for a costly ordeal. Some of the issues, such as installing a new door seal on your dishwasher or replacing the thermal fuse in your dryer, you can solve easily by yourself. Even a more serious oven repair can be solved cost-effectively if you turn to the right people. So, don’t write off your appliance as soon as you see it won’t turn on.

Consider the average lifespan and warranty

Every appliance has its life expectancy beyond which repairing and replacing parts is all in vain because it will just break down again for another reason very soon. This is why it is of the essence that you check how old your broken appliance is and whether it’s too late for it. For example, if your fridge is well over 13 years old, it might not be worth going through the repairing process. However, if your washing machine is still under 10 years old, you should probably not throw it out just yet. It’s also worth studying your warranty in detail. While it probably won’t entirely cover your repairs after a few years, some manufacturers have different kinds of services for their registered customers. In addition, if you’re looking to secure yourself, you can also extend your cover in some cases.

Follow the 50% rule

There is a general rule of thumb, which says that if your appliance is over halfway through its average lifespan and the cost of repair exceeds 50% of the price of a new appliance, it’s better to go for the new one. So, before you decide on your next step, research your appliances lifespan and get a repairman to diagnose the problem and give you a quote. This should give you a good enough starting point for your decision.

Other considerations

Don’t forget that there are always pitfalls you should take into account no matter what you decide. Buying a new appliance might involve more additional costs you did not count on. For example, if it’s larger than your previous piece, it might require adjustments to the kitchen layout. This could also involve plumbing and wiring changes, which basically means a whole kitchen remodel, which is not a cheap endeavor.
On the other hand, if you are repairing a relatively old and battered appliance, chances are it’s going to break down again in the future. Moreover, if you’ve bought your appliance decades ago, you are probably aware that it is not the most energy-efficient compared to today’s models.
Finally, keep in mind that maintenance is key. Depending on how you treated your appliance, it could serve you well beyond its expected lifespan. Combine a trusted brand with regular maintenance, and you can be confident that you won’t have to replace it anytime soon.

At the end

Our appliances play an important role in our everyday lives, which we often only realize when one of them malfunctions. Being aware of when you can safely get them repaired and when it’s time to say goodbye will help you efficiently solve the problem when it arises.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

After School Snack Attack

 by 12-Year-Old Nutrition Expert, Kai Nunziato-Cruz

Hey Guys!  Kai here from Generation Kai!  I’m a 12-year old Kid obsessed with food…healthy food that is.  Like many kids living in the south, my school year has already started. (Kids up north are about to start soon though!) I know when I get home from school, I am starving.  Here are some things to keep in mind when the 3pm snack attack hits after school. 


• Instead of snack bars…consider veggies dipped in hummus.  (This gives you the vitamins and the protein that keeps you full until dinner!) Veggies are a great go-to snack if they are prepped ahead of time.  My favorite dippable veggies arecelery, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and grape tomatoes.  
• Instead of fruit snacks or fruit cups… (which are loaded with added sugar,) consider snacking on fresh fruit. Like veggies, fresh fruit is easy as long as it’s at your fingertips and pre-cleaned.  We usually go shopping once a week and buy everything we need for the upcoming week, no more and no less.  Examples of fresh fruit we like to use include strawberries, apples, oranges, bananas, mangoes, and grapes.  
• Instead of PB&J…get your sweet fix with slices of banana with honey, or carrots dipped in almond butter or sun butter (made from sunflower seeds.)
• Instead of grabbing a bag of Doritos or Cheetos (which are loaded with chemicals and preservatives,) get your salty fix from Spelt pretzels or veggie/sweet potato chips. 



It’s important to mix up your snacks during the week.  That goes for all foods actually.  Every fruit and every veggie has its own vitamin and mineral make-up so if you just eat strawberries all the time you only get the vitamins and minerals from strawberries.  If you mix up your diet and eat all different things throughout the week you are sure to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy. 


About Kai Nunziato-Cruz:

Kai Nunziato-Cruz is a 12-year-old nutrition expert from Arizona. As the son of Liz Cruz M.D., a board-certified Gastroenterologist, and Tina Nunziato, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Kai has watched his Moms for years help adults get well and stay well with their books, podcast, online home study program and more and felt it was his mission to take those same teachings to kids. Kai is the author of Digest This Now! for Kids a kid-friendly, doctor-approved book about healthy eating and he also teaches through his YouTube show Generation Kai

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The Benefits Of Bean Bags for Kids

Bean bags are fantastic for children (and adults!) of all ages. They look stylish around the home and are extremely comfortable to relax on. Here, we take a look at everything you need to know about the benefits of beanbags, so you can go ahead and choose the perfect one for your child.

Why are bean bags good for children? 

Bean bags are a great choice for children because they can easily be transported from one room to another. Kids will love having their own special seat to use in any room of the house! Bean bag chairs can also help children sit comfortably at school or when they are watching television or reading. They are also great for helping the transition to school. Sitting at a desk for several hours a day can be difficult for young children, but bean bag chairs can help children have a more relaxed seating position, whilst still providing support. So, if children are sitting comfortably, they are more likely to succeed at the task they are carrying out. 


Another great advantage of bean bag chairs is the fact they come in such a wide range of colors and styles. There are thousands to choose from, so there's sure to be something to match your home d├ęcor! Unlike some children's furniture, a bean bag can really fit in with the style of the room and you can find prints and colors your child loves. 


Choosing a toddler bean bag chair 

There are many different styles of bean bag, so it can be hard to find one which is right for a toddler. There are some which come empty and can be filled with blankets, clothes or soft toys. These can be ideal for toddlers who have a lot of 'stuff' - parents will be so glad to finally have their child's room tidy and free from clutter on the floor!


Advantages of using a baby bean bag 

Baby bean bag chairs can offer a great place for babies to sleep and sit during the day. They're ideal for allowing infants to watch as mom and dad go about their business. The soft surface of a bean bag can help prevent babies from developing flat head syndrome, which often occurs when they spend a lot of time lying in the stroller or car seat. 


Baby bean bags are also ideal because they come with two covers in most cases. One has a harness for younger babies to keep them safely in place when using the seat. The other is for toddlers and has no harness – meaning one bean bag can be used for up to 5 years. There are very few other baby products offering such good value for money! 


Finally, it is worth mentioning that many bean bags are more environmentally friendly than traditional wooden chairs. By choosing a bag filled with a 'green' filling, you can help reduce the number of trees which are being chopped down to make wooden chairs – it's thought this figure is in the millions, every day. 


Author Bio 

Emily Dick is a parenting blogger who writes forWHOOPSADAISY.COM all about a variety of parent topicsabout kids, including product reviews on the latest toddler toys and board games. She is a mom of one toddler girl, and two cats. Emily has also recently graduated from the Open University with a degree in social sciences.

Using The Skill Of Research To Improve Finances

Every household wishes they had a little more disposable income. In fact, scratch that, a lot more. There are literally countless ways in which this could be achieved but if we had a choice, we would like to play it safe. And when we think of safe, we think of working overtime, picked up weekend work, doing odd jobs for friends and family etc. This leads to us being overworked and underpaid as none of those kinds of jobs we will do, will be enough. But, have you noticed how that kind of work is almost always physical? It's being somewhere or doing something that nets us the extra cash. What if you could earn a little more, by doing less than you normally do? Using your mental skills to do work that is time-consuming but often very beneficial in many industries and to many companies could be what you’re looking for. Research is something that not only costs companies a lot and drains their resources as well as funds, but it takes patience and they’re willing to pay you for it.

Freelance researcher

In the field of academia, researchers are some of the most revered people. They are at the heart of an issue, where they conduct tests and study various topics pertaining to a particular subject. Companies need these kinds of people to join them, as they can make sense of trends, consumer attitudes, future demands as well as improvements that could be made. Usually, this kind of role is divulged to market analysts, but part-time freelance market researcher jobs are becoming more and more widely in demand. Market analysts have researchers as their subordinates, as they are the brains that make sense of the data, opinions, and statistics collected. But the people who actually do the collecting are the researchers. You can apply for this role online, but expect to go for the assistant roles only if you don’t have experience in the particular industry the role is advertised for. Depending on the tasks you’re given to complete, you can work 10 to 20-hours more per week, with a mixture of home-based work and in-person tasks.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ljVapz1aANA" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It looks easy

Being a parent in a household means you’re constantly concerned about the economy. Inflation directly affects the price of everyday stuff we need such as food and clothing. Becoming savvy with economies and currencies could do you a massive favor. Tracking currency movements, you can bet on which one declines in value and which one rises. Watch this video and read the article to better your understanding of financial spread betting. The basic premise is pairing currencies. Your chosen currency, i.e. the base, will be offset against the counter currency which you bet to fall in value. You buy points that the company doing the betting gives out and your successes are multiplied by that number. For example, you buy 3 points at $5 each. If the currency you bet on rises above the counter currency, you make a profit of $15. It's simple and that’s why with a little research, you could continually rake in a pile of cash every week or so.

Being proficient in research is really a skill. Not many people have the patience or the know-how. However, with techniques and clear aim, you could land a great freelance role or cash in on normal currency fluctuations.

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How To Raise A Healthy Eater

Kids aren’t born with healthy eating habits – they learn from their parents. With repetition and practice, healthy eating habits can become a way of life for the entire family. 
 August is Kids Eat Right Month™, when the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation focus on the importance of healthful eating and active lifestyles for children and their families.   

“Parents raise healthy eaters, bite by bite, meal by meal, as children transition from infants to teens and then to young adults,” said registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Isabel Maples.  

“Raising a competent eater takes years. Start by keeping mealtimes pleasant. Sit down regularly as a family to share meals, because positive attitudes about food grow from that. When there’s joy in eating, good nutrition can follow,” Maples said.   

“As children grow, involve them more and more in the responsibility and decision making of meals and snacks. That might mean initiating teachable moments in the grocery store, enlisting your child’s help in planning meals or showing your teen how to prepare after school snacks,” Maples said. “Involving kids from the ground up gives them a sense of accomplishment and allows them to gradually develop key life skills about healthful food and good nutrition.”  

Maples offers additional healthful eating habits that all families can begin today:
  • Allow children to use their internal signals to decide how much to eat.
  • Explore a variety of flavors and foods from different cultures and cuisines.
  • Make food safety, such as washing hands, a simple part of every eating occasion.
  • Teach basic skills for making positive food choices away from home. 
“The more involved kids are, the more they will enjoy the fruits of their labors,” Maples said. “To help your child get the nutrition he or she needs, consult a registered dietitian nutritionist in your area.”   
 Kids Eat Right Month™, which was created in 2014, mobilizes registered dietitian nutritionists in a grassroots movement to share healthful eating messages that help families adopt nutritious eating habits.  
  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving the nation’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy. Visit the Academy at www.eatright.org. 

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is a 501(c) 3 charity devoted exclusively to nutrition and dietetics. It funds scholarships and awards, public awareness and research projects and Academy strategic initiatives, and is the largest provider of scholarships and awards in the field of dietetics. Visit the Academy Foundation at www.eatrightfoundation.org.

The Benefits of Hiring a Magician

There is nothing more satisfying as a parent then watching the amazement and astonishment appear on a child's face when they are watching a magic show. The whole idea of seeing things vanish, appear, change shape or color right before their eyes is something every child should experience in life. Magic brings a sense of wonder and imagination that makes life interesting and fun.

There are many different types of magicians and most of them are experts in their study creating mystifying tricks and mind boggling puzzles that even we as grown ups cant quite wrap our heads around. One of the greatest ways to enjoy a magic show is at a party or event that you can invite all your friends and family to, this is the best way to create lasting memories with the ones you love.

If you need a magic show that is certain to keep you kids entertained, and badly fool both children and adults, Julian is the entertainer for you. He has been performing magic at kid's parties for roughly five years and has studied magic for about 11. Julian Bull is a kids magician in Sydney who can bring the life to your party and put smiles on faces.

Imagine the kids sharing stories about:

  • coins appearing everywhere
  • balloon animal art
  • silly jokes
  • fun puzzles
  • the fastest origami artist
  • magic is truly real
These are the stories that every child wants to tell with their classmates and they will when you bring them the magical talent of Julian Bull!

Friday, 17 August 2018

Why You're Getting Sick in the Summer... And How to Avoid It!

Despite the association made between sickness and wintertime, many are surprised when they fall ill during the beautiful, warm summer season. While our immune systems do tend to take down viruses with more ease in the summertime, they don’t always win the fight. Thankfully, combatting summer sickness requires a simple, straightforward approach. To protect yourself from getting sick this summer,Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is sharing his simple advice to find a natural fix.


Dr. Calapai is a New York-based Osteopathic Physician, board-certified in family and anti-aging medicine. He suggests the following tips to identify the cause of your ailment and find a natural remedy:


1.     How clean is your air conditioner?


Air conditioning is a life-saver in the summer heat, but when’s the last time you cleaned your air conditioner? When left uncleaned for long periods of time, air conditioning systems can accumulate a wide array of bacteria that can make you sick. With these little germs being blasted right at you in the cool air, there’s no wonder you may be falling sick in the summer. In fact, studies have indicated a link between using air conditioning and needing to use health services. Not to fear, though—Just make sure to clean your air conditioner regularly and you can enjoy the coolness with much less risk to your health!


2.     Are you getting a break from your fan or AC?


Constantly being blasted by the cool air has quite the drying effect, not only on your skin, but on your mucus membranes inside your nasal passages. When these are dried out, their ability to defend against infection is greatly weakened, and thus a cold may ensue. Even without infection, the dryness can also cause your body to overproduce mucus in order to compensate, which can mimic cold-like symptoms with congestion and discomfort.  


3.     Are you really even sick?


It’s quite easy to confuse allergies with a cold, especially for those who haven’t previously been subject to the deleterious effects of pollen and other allergens. One easy way to know if you have a virus or if it is merely allergies is by the color of your mucus (assuming you have a runny nose!). A general rule of thumb is that if it is clear and watery, you’re just having allergies, but if it’s more viscous and greenish, it is likely a virus. Another sign that you have allergies and not a cold is that your symptoms remain constant for more than a week to a week and a half, as colds tend to clear up within that time frame.


4.     How is your sleep schedule?


While our environment plays a substantial role in our health, at the end of the day, colds and other sickness come from viruses and bacteria (usually). The human body’s most fundamental mechanism to ward off these pesky guys is with our immune systems. But how do we show our immune system some love, you may ask? Sleep! But not just any sleep. A consistent, generous number of hours is ideal. Furthermore, the sleep you get with alcohol, marijuana, and other substances in your system is not as revitalizing for your body. As many people drink more in the summer months, pay attention to this, as it may very well be the culprit behind your weakened immune system.


5.     How clean is clean enough?


Paying attention to cleanliness is even more important in the muggy summer months. First of all, as you may be going out more (and thus touching more things!) in the summer, constantly washing your hands is one of the most reliable ways to stay illness-free. Not only should you keep yourself clean, however, you must also keep your surroundings spick and span. Picking up your clothes and straightening your pillows is not enough in the summer season; it is the smaller bits that pose a more insidious threat. With more air circulating due to AC, all of the microscopic particles have a heightened chance to enter your breathing pathways and make you sick. Not only that, but the warmth also creates an ideal environment for bacteria proliferation, so make sure to wipe down all your surfaces regularly and to stay clean!.


About the doctor:

xxpublicxx:* * Current:>Social Life 2015:Sonja Morgan September_2015:JPG Sonja Morgan:DSC_3543-look004-C-Sonia-Morgan-NYC_©2015-VITAL-AGIBALOW.JPGDr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine and anti-aging medicine. Proclaimed the "The Stem Cell Guru" by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S. His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer's, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson's. He has worked with Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Gotham's Donal Logue; and as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers. Connect with him via Twitter @drcalapai or at www.drcal.net.


Something Old, Mostly New: How Couples Are Rebelling Against Wedding Traditions

From Meghan Markle, a divorced American actress marrying a British Royal to gay marriage gaining more of a global acceptance, it is clear that marriage is moving away from the traditional values of yesteryear. 


A forward-thinking attitude is rooted in the belief that marriage should be focused on love and partnership, rather than forced traditions that may not work for everyone in today’s world, such as women being ‘given away’. 


Daffodil Hotel & Spa have uncovered the wedding traditions that are being updated for the modern day, showcasing how modern couples are choosing to switch up the old wedded ways: https://daffodilhotel.co.uk/blog/modern-wedding-traditions/


Outdated Wedding Traditions

  • The tradition of the father “giving away the bride” harks back to the time where young girls were considered the property of their fathers, before being handed off to their husbands. Today, 1 in 3 don’t feel the need to be “given away” and are choosing to walk down the aisle with an alternative person, or even alone as Meghan Markle did. 
  • The “first look” of the bride portrays the bride as a romantic object of desire, whose primary asset is her physical beauty in a wedding dress. As a modern alternative, couples are choosing to spend time together pre-wedding, and often use this extra time to take pre-wedding photographs.  
  • When the bride tosses their bouquet, it’s supposedly meant to predict which women are “fated” to be married next. However, the reality is that it puts a spotlight on single woman, and also portrays singlehood as being undesirable.
  • Traditionally, brides wore a white wedding dress with the colour symbolising their virginal purity. Today, 1 in 3 brides don’t think white wedding dresses need to be a tradition and would consider wearing a different colour, or something other than a dress.
  • It’s traditional for the men of the wedding party to make a speech, such as the best man, groom and father. But today, more brides are speaking on their wedding day, as are important female figures in their lives; maids of honour, bridesmaids or family members.


Weddings are becoming a more unique experience for each couple – it’s exciting to think of the new traditions that may develop in the future.  


What new traditions would you incorporate into your wedding?

Some Obvious And Not-So-Obvious Diet Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

 You brush three times a day. You floss each night.

But then, admit it, you down a soda or you snack on a candy bar, undoing all that hard work and exposing your teeth to long-lasting harm.

Because when it comes to oral health, the No. 1 thing you can do to keep your teeth and gums strong is to watch what you eat.


“It’s more important than brushing; it’s more important than fluoride,” says Dr. Steven Freeman, a dentist and author of the book Why Your Teeth Might Be Killing You(www.elitesmilesdentistry.com). “It’s even more important than visiting the dentist.”


The reason: Almost all the problems that occur in the mouth are the result of bacteria, Freeman says. Bacteria causes cavities as well as gum disease, and the main food source for bacteria also happens to be prevalent  in just about everything we consume, from bread, to sauces to energy drinks.


That would be sugar.


“It’s difficult to avoid sugar, but you need to stay away from it as much as possible,” Freeman says.


Here’s what he does recommend your diet include so that your smile stays healthy and bright. Some of these may not be surprising. At least one might be:

  • Vegetables. The hard, leafy greens and broccoli may be difficult to chew, but they are jam packed with vitamins and minerals that can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. “As a bonus, they also help clean your teeth while you are chewing them,” Freeman says.  
  • Salmon and dairy products. Salmon is useful for oral health because it contains vitamin D, which improves calcium absorption. “I know some people are against dairy in their diet, but the calcium in dairy products is essential to maintain strong teeth and bones that support the teeth,” Freeman says.
  • Citrus. Vitamin C helps support the gums and ligaments around your teeth. “This is why the British navy in the 19th century had lime and lemon trees on their ships, because the sailors’ teeth kept falling out without a constant source of vitamin C.
  • Sugar-free gum. No need to do a double take on this one. Freeman says that sugar-free gum, while not exactly a nutritious alternative to kale and oranges, does have its advantages. The gum stimulates saliva and saliva has anti-cavity properties. Gum also helps remove plaque from your teeth.


“Of course you still want to go to the dentist for regular checkups,” Freeman sayd. “This can help spot cavities when they are smaller and catch gum disease at its earliest stages.”


About Dr. Steven Freeman


Dr. Steven Freeman (www.DrStevenFreeman.com) has authored multiple bestselling books, including Why Your Teeth Might Be Killing You.  He is the owner of Elite Smiles, a dental office in St. Augustine Florida that provides all phases of dentistry, including kids, braces, implants and general dentistry. Dr. Freeman is a coach and teacher to dentists worldwide. He is the founder and president of Warrior Smiles which is a not-for-profit charity that provides dental implants to veterans for free. He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox TV and has been quoted regarding his dental expertise in several national magazines.

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How and Why to Take a Sitz Bath

What is a sitz bath? This is a form of treatment performed by having a sit-in shallow and warm water. This therapy is able to calm all forms of irritations, pain and many problems of the mid-section.       

In case you're unable to fully bathe, this is a great treatment for you to apply because it ensures that the anal area and genital areas are clean.      

Benefits of a Sitz Bath   
Having this type of bath maintains the hygienic conditions needed for your private areas. A sitz bath is vital as it brings muscle relaxation and increases the flow of blood the area of focus in your mid-section.  

There are still other numerous reasons why a sitz bath is advantageous such as:      
  • Relief of menstrual cramps   
  • Relieve pain along the prostate area, especially just after prostatitis   
  • In case of surgery, it helps to relax the anal area   
  • Relieve pain related to an anal fissure   
  • For those with hemorrhoids, a sitz bath helps ease itching and pain    

The Sitz Bath Process   
A sitz bath is achieved through two methods namely:   
  1. Using a bathtub  
  2. Sitting in a sitz bath bowl      

Using a Bathtub     
If you want to perform this therapy through the use of a bathtub, follow these tips:

  • Clean the bathtub before filling it with water.      
  • Top up your washed bathtub with 4 inches of warm water. As per the prescriptions of your physician, add either Epsom salt or medicine.
  • Enter the bottom of your bathtub. 
  • To support yourself, get hold of the rails or use one of your family members to stabilize you.      

When you have a fissure or wound you might experience pain, which should cease in a short while. The most affected area must be deep in the water. You might opt to fold your knees to allow the area affected to reach as much water as possible.      

Sitting in a Sitz Bath Bowl   
This is a kind of container made of plastic normally placed on toilets. To have a sitz bath in this bowl:

  • Have a seat on the uplifted lid of the toilet. With a thoroughly washed bath bowl, put it at the rim of the toilet.       
  • Pour warm water in the sitz bath bowl using a bucket. That water must submerge your perineum. Be cautious of water temperature. With the advice of your health practitioner, add medicine or Epsom salt.      
  • You can also decide to go by the guidelines for filling the bowl. There are kits that are come accompanied with tubing and a plastic bag. This allows the patient to put water only up to the affected region. Other bowls have an overflow hole at the back. This helps keep the floor dry.
  • Carefully sit on your sitz bath bowl. Support yourself on rails or use a family member. 

Regardless of the type of a sitz bath you're using, always use it 2-3 times on a daily basis. It is ok to spend 10-20 minutes in the sitz bath.   

Visit your doctor   
If you experience any of these signs, you need to visit your doctor:   
  • Consistent pain   
  • Worsening symptoms   
  • New symptoms
  • Swelling or leaking of a fluid through a cut 
  • Fever

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


This season, PUR attitude™ announced the release of its PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit. The kit features the Nano Solutions Skin Infuser a handheld device that harnesses ultrasonic nanotechnology to transform targeted serums into a potent “nano-vapor” that can penetrate more deeply into the skin. This process creates fresh liposomes on the skin at the time of application, which enables improved delivery of key ingredients. The process works synergistically with the skin’s natural lipid barrier; the experience is therefore personalized for every user’s unique skin type.

“The PUR attitude brand is always on the cutting edge of advanced technology using safe ingredients,” said Jerry Rayman, President of PUR attitude. “Because we are an independent high-science beauty brand, we are nimble enough to disrupt the marketplace with innovation, while safely delivering results in a nontoxic way. The new PURenergizer™ product with the handheld Nano Solutions Skin Infuser is beyond the cutting edge of skin care technology. We’ve ventured into new performance territory.”

The PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit uses a waterless natural polymer system found in almost every cell of the human body. By linking these natural polymers with phospholipids, ceramides, and sphingolipids, the ultrasonic technology creates liposomes of 7.0 – 10.0 microns, which allows for the improved absorption of key ingredients through the skin’s defense wall. This process plumps the skin and softens the look of wrinkles with technology that is safe and natural.

 “While the major component of most moisturizers is water, these molecules attract each other, associating themselves through hydrogen bonding, creating a disorderly, chaotic cluster that can impede absorption and actually dry the skin,” said beauty industry chemist David Pollock, PUR attitude’s formulator, of the science behind the innovation. “Liposomes were once thought to solve this problem, providing transdermal delivery of actives for pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands. However, traditional formulations containing emulsifiers, or binding agents, were found to damage the liposomes, making them unstable over time.”

The PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit transforms vital nutrition for the skin using a nano-solution vapor that allows key ingredients to penetrate more deeply. The kit includes one bottle each of the new serums: MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano SolutionMoisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution, and MAX Brightening Nano Solution.  These serums are intended to be used together to visibly improve skin firmness, elasticity, radiance and overall skin tone. The rechargeable Nano Solutions Skin Infuser is designed for daily use, and the entire process takes just minutes to complete.

MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano Solution is an age-defying complex that delivers a powerful combination of antioxidants for broad-spectrum defense against oxidative damage. It also provides nutrients to enhance natural skin recovery and minimize the signs of aging. MAX Defense is available in 1 fl. oz.at a retail price of $45. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used once daily.) Key performance features include:

  • Watermelon extract protects skin deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) against free radicals.
  • While most products protect against just one form of free radical damage, this serum fights both reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and reactive oxygen species (ROS) free radical damage.
  • Probiotics increase skin energy.

Moisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution is formulated to invigorate the skin’s natural barriers to help it retain moisture, increase hydration, and deliver necessary electrolytes. Moisture Magnet is available in 1 fl. oz. at a retail price of $45. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used once daily.) Key performance features include:

  • Natural polymer acts as a moisture magnet, binding hydration to the skin.
  • Sea Kelp replenishes the skin’s electrolyte balance.
  • Lipids replenish the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Treats dry skin by nearly doubling hydration and delivering essential electrolytes.
  • Leaves skin feeling cool, refreshed and more radiant.

MAX Brightening Nano Solution was created to improve the skin’s overall firmness and lighten dark aging spots. The solution contains an active form of vitamin C that improves collagen synthesis. Max Brightener is available in 1 fl. oz. at a retail price of $45. (This is approximately a six-week supply, when used once daily.) Key performance features include:
  • Significantly lightens age spots.
  • Combats hyperpigmentation.
  • Evens out skin tone and texture.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
When comparing the performance of these serums used on their own to application of the same serum with the Nano Solutions Skin Infuser, liposomal nano-vapor demonstrated that it was 150 percent more effective in skin moisturization, 150 percent more effective in smoothing skin texture, and 30 percent more effective in overall skin care results.

Each product in the PUR attitude line is dermatologist tested and approved, backed by independent clinical studies, and follows the brand’s standards for “Safe Beauty,” avoiding harsh chemicals, parabens, PEG’s, glycols, sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes.

The PURenergizer™ Complete Anti-Aging Kit is available at a retail price of $80. The kit includes one PURenergizer™ Nano Solution Skin Infuser and one bottle each of MAX Defense Lift & Firm Nano SolutionMoisture Magnet Anti-Aging Nano Solution, and MAX Brightening Nano Solution. Serums can be replenished individually. For more information, please go to www.PURattitude.com.
About PUR attitude
Based in Boca Raton, Fla., PUR attitude products contain only safe beauty ingredients and are not diluted with water. More than 1,300 chemicals have been banned from the company’s lab, which adheres to strict EU standards. All formulations for the brand were developed by David Pollock, a beauty innovation chemist with more than 20 years of experience formulating products for some of the most recognized names in the industry.