Sunday 29 September 2019

Bakku Backgrounds Review And Giveaway!

Have you ever watched a commercial and seen children playing and having the greatest time with their new toys and awesome backgrounds that really bring the play space to life.   Bakku Backgrounds have taken play to the next level and brought creativity to a whole new level. 

Bakku Backgrounds are tough and lightweight double sided backgrounds that can be used with any small toys. I found the folding instructions quite complicated even with the video so I used a three step folding process that is much like how you would fold a present. My kids had a great time building their LEGO creations on their backgrounds. 

When we are finished with our backgrounds we hang them on the wall as posters for storage. 

Bakku Backgrounds can be found on Amazon and make a great gift for any holidays and birthdays! 

For more information on Bakku Backgrounds visit their website. 

Would you like to win a set of these awesome backgrounds for your kids or family members? Enter the giveaway form below:

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Thursday 26 September 2019

Giving Your Home A Fresh New Look For Fall On The Cheap

Do you ever get the feeling that you have been staring at the same four walls decorated the exact same way with the same furniture that has been there for years? Sometimes it does the body and mind some good to refresh the look of your home and give it a facelift. This may sound like an expensive task but you can make your home feel fresh and new again for just a couple hundred dollars.

You don't need to buy all new furniture to make things look new and refreshed.
Dollar stores and thrift stores sell all kinds of linens that you can put on your existing furniture to create a new vibe. A new fresh, vibrant coloured table cloth can make a world of difference in the kitchen. Table cloths can be cut to shape to fit on end tables to give them a new look as well. New curtains can add a splash of colour to the walls that have been missing for a while, even a sheer curtain in front of blinds provides the look you're going for. Switch out old lamp shades for new ones to save yourself a bundle, there is no need for a new lamp just a new top and you can see a huge difference.

A coat of paint can change the appearance of the whole room.
A dark coloured room can get drab and boring after a while. Painting a room a white to an off white colour after having it dark for a while can make you see how big the room truly is. Brightly coloured rooms reflect better light and create a positive atmosphere. Paint doesn't always have to be expensive either you can go to the hardware store and ask for mistints or colours that were created for clients that were slightly off from what they had asked for. Discount paint does the same thing as a premium for a fraction of the price. Painting trims and baseboards can also make a great difference if you can only afford a small change at a time. You will feel great when the job is done and you can enjoy the hard work you completed.

Unique furniture choices are on-trend.
Have you noticed all the retro furniture coming back onto the scene? How about the new recycled pallets or upcycled dumpster dive finds? One of a kind furniture is something people are proud of so if you must get new stuff try to support those companies that create unique pieces not found anywhere else. If you must buy some brand new furniture shop around before visiting one of those big chains. No matter what style you are most fond of you can find anything for anyone at SUNSPAN, they create modern, chic furniture that will last a lifetime and stand out at your next cocktail party.

Give your home a much-deserved makeover this fall and enjoy the rest of the year. New trends are coming in 2020 so enjoy the stuff available today before its too late. For more great tips on making your house a home check out Bekins Moving Solutions.

Thinking About Starting A Business? What Options Are Out There?

Not everybody wants to continue working for somebody else their whole lives. Some people want to know how it feels to be the boos, to run a business and become financially successful. There are a ton of different options available to you these days and it all depends on the line of work you wish to be involved in, remember that starting a business is a huge decision and you can't simply quit once you get started. So what should you consider as options for running a business?

Restaurant Industry
People love to eat and socialize, it is in our nature to be surrounded by good people and good food. Starting a restaurant can be a huge challenge especially if you have no experience in the food industry. Customers are tough, employees can be hard to manage, and you need to build a name for yourself before you can be successful. This is true in any business though, you won't get rich or start the day off being known as the best this takes time and a lot of hard work. You can also decide to take a safer route and start a franchise. A franchise is an already establish and trusted brand that can be recognized by the population. Starting a franchise is usually a turn-key operation and a lot of the hustle is already done for you. The franchise owner will sell you everything you need to get started and take a small percentage. One of the best franchise to buy now is in between fine dining and fast food. Do some research to see what the market around you is looking for and go from there.

Construction Industry
The construction industry has many ups and downs that may deter you from entering this as a business venture. Construction requires steady work, reliable employees, insurance, and a strong will and can-do attitude. There are a lot of different sections of the construction industry you can be involved in giving you a tone of options but each has its own requirements and pitfalls. You can pour cement, demolish buildings, construct new buildings, build homes, remodel homes, and much more. If you are not looking at working in the city there are options available out in the bush. You can become a road maintenance worker that restores old forestry roads and works out in the wilderness. This can be a unique job that requires unique products like these: No matter which construction business you choose you should be able to make a decent living of such a great career.

Marijuana Grower
Medical marijuana has become legal in Canada and many states. This has provided a lot of new businesses the opportunity to grow and grow. Growing marijuana for sales can be a very lucrative business and you can start carving out your piece of the pie. If you have a large chunk of land at your disposal you can look at leasing it to a grower as a side hustle or build your very own facility to grow year-round and provide medical marijuana for the government to sell. There are lots of things you should learn first like how to grow and what is required of you to sell legally but then after that you are good to go and start a new business like these guys over at West Coast 420 Express.

Businesses like these are just a few ideas of what is possible when you start up the entrepreneur spirit.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is sneaking up closer every day and if your a last-minute shopper then this literally means nothing to you as you will be standing in the lineups Christmas eve waiting to pay for your last-minute gifts. If you are looking to change it up and relieve yourself of some stress it may be time to become a planner and start shopping early. But forget about the boring gifts like socks and pyjamas it's time to wow them with gifts they will never forget.

Gifts for teens (or men who act like them)
Drones have been growing in popularity over the years and have different price ranges for every budget. It is always a good idea to do your research and read reviews before taking the plunge and buying one of these machines. They break easily and flight times vary drastically so depending on what you are buying it for it may be useless to the receiver. Take a look at different models, how they charge, are they easily fixable, warranties, and other aspects that may affect your purchase decision. For those looking for superior models that can do more than just take video and photos there are multiple options available. Learn more about these high quality, premium-priced models.

Gifts for the outdoorsy types.
Hunting and fishing are one of the best stress relievers for anyone who loves the outdoors. Taking time out of their busy schedules and being in the woods can help recharge their batteries and maintain their sanity. Hunting and fishing require a lot of gear so your shopping options are unlimited pretty much. The best thing you can do is learn more about the activities the receiver likes to do rather than buy a bunch of things that may not work for them. Fishing is vast and requires different tools, lures, rods, and more for each different species of fish. Hunting can be a challenge as well some folks prefer bow hunting while others are into firearms. Know what they like before making a purchase otherwise, it can be a shot in the dark. There are many small accessories that can be purchased for bow hunters like new arrows, larger quivers, camo gear and broadhead tips like these:

Gifts for animal lovers.
It's no secret that people absolutely love their pets and buy them all kinds of junk like they are children. Some are extremists and have a wardrobe filled with outfits for their furry friends and others are more subtle with a deep passion for loving animals and giving them a loving home. Buying animal lovers gifts is simple when you know what kind of pets they own and what they love to do. Dog lovers tend to like going for walks, hikes, bike rides, and other physical activities to keep their furry friend healthy. Cat lovers can be a bit more of the homebody type and find activities that revolve around the house. This makes shopping for their fur babies a bit easier. Every cat and dog should have a quality brush to help them stay neat and maintain the amount of hair shed around the house. This pet brush has versions for both cats and dogs making it an easy decision for those on the fence of what to get:

Family Life Events That Can Be Costly And How You Can Prepare For Them

When raising your family you can come across all types of expenses you never thought of. It is always good to have some sort of savings account for emergency situations but do you know how much you really need or what you will need it for? Kids can create costly situations you didn't anticipate but so can homeownership and simply living a normal life. So what is the best way to start saving and preparing for life's little dilemmas?

The best preparation is prevention.
Your health is something to stay on top of at all times to ensure you avoid costly medical and dental bills. Maintain a healthy diet to ensure you don't require numerous trips to the doctor eating up your savings or paychecks. Keep a basic exercise routine to live a quality of life that is healthy for your body. Getting checkups and flu shots can be a great preventative measure to watch for any new diseases or illnesses you were not expecting. Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance when you have kids. Kids love to eat sugary products and can get cavities easily that can cause problems with their teeth later in life. For more information on good oral hygiene visit this website.

Start saving according to family size.
When writing a budget for a family you have to consider every person for what they eat, the activities they attend, and how much you spend buying them clothes etc. So when you are preparing your family budget adjust the amount to include a $20 emergency fund deposit for each head in the household. This will help to save for those unexpected events like braces, emergency room visits, tutoring, and anything else your child may require. Adding money for each person will give you a better feel of how prepared you are for what comes up, the more kids you have the more you will need to save and so forth.

Moving house for the right reasons?
Moving can be stressful to all parties, not only are you uprooting from a familiar place but you are destroying relationships, causing a bunch of work for everyone involved and starting all over again, To ensure you are moving for the right reasons ask yourself these questions first: Am I moving to save money? Can we sustain ourselves comfortably in our new home town? Will it make our lives better? If you answered these questions without conflict then go right ahead and move but if you struggled at all with the answers you may want to rethink it first. Moving is costly and tiring and it may not be what you had in mind once you get there so do your research before making the big decision. To find the best movers to save you money and keep your possessions safe click now for more information.

Relax and enjoy the life you have.
It's true there are a lot of issues that come up with having a family and living a good life but stay prepared and everything will be fine. Enjoy what you have and stop looking at everything the "Joneses" have that you don't. There are some great red wine gifts to buy yourself and enjoy how wonderful life can be, remember any day above ground is a good day.

Renovations Can Be Fun And Frugal

When you buy a home you want it to be your very own in every way. Some of the time renovations can be a must and not a fun project that just makes you happier in your new home. But if you are looking to make some changes that are fun and can cost next to nothing take a look at these interesting ideas that can be found at the dollar store, thrift stores, or garage sales.

Pallet furniture is a great way to get creative.
Pallets can be found at most big box stores for free and can be converted into a number of different projects that will boost your homes look and feel. Pallets can be made into large couches to entertain all your friends and family. You can create all kinds of different patio furniture, garden boxes, tables, beds, vanities, desks and so much more. Linens can be purchased at second-hand stores or even dollar stores to save you some extra cash.

Your roof can have accessories added to an extent.
Have you ever driven past a beautiful farmhouse and seen those stunning metal weather vanes on top? Those adorable weather vanes are practical, adorable and can be made out of cheap materials if you are not looking to buy a brand new one. You can use recycled materials, dollar store goodies, or even scrap metal that will require a welder and some saws. No matter how you decide to create your weather vane just have fun with it. There are all kinds of different wood siding pieces you can use to frame your roof and create a vintage home look that will make your neighbours jealous. A new chimney is a great way to add a touch of creativity, you can add multicoloured bricks to add a splash of colour. The Chimney Scientist is always available for tips on maintenance of your new chimney.

Cement pieces can create any look you desire.
Cement can create nearly anything you can think of, you can make fountains, leaves, benches, stepping stones, and so much more. Cement can be painted all kinds of colours, even spray-painted in chrome, gold and even glow in the dark. Pouring cement is quite simple and you can find hundreds of ideas on Pinterest to fuel your creativity. Molds can be purchased from a number of different websites or you can even create your own using silicone, wood frames, and other mediums.

Window treatments can add style and save you money.
Curtains can create a stylish look that can change the entire feel of a room. If you go with long, dark coloured curtains the ambience changes to a more private and serene environment. Darker curtains block out more light creating less heat or cold coming through the windows saving you money on your heating and cooling costs. Light coloured curtains can open up a room creating a more relaxed and inviting environment for your guests. Depending on your own personal style you can choose how you want your home to speak to people when they enter a room. Buying previously loved curtains from a secondhand store can save you some coin for your next renovation or revamping project.

Renovations that cost more.
Any renovation that requires large power tools, sledgehammers, or contractors are going to cost you a lot more but will bring your homes value up substantially. If you're looking into getting new pipes or electrical installed it will be worth the markup but it pays to speak to the professionals first. Click here to find out more information.

Time To Get Your Home Ready For Fall To Save You Money

Fall has crept up and stolen summer right from under our noses. It is now time for fuzzy sweaters, warm socks, pumpkin spice, and trees changing to colours that blow your mind. Fall is a great time of year for sure but there are a number of different things you should start getting ready before fall transitions into a brutal winter.

Check the insulation in your walls and look for cracks that can be filled. 
Insulation in between your walls can make a world of difference. I rent a home that has terrible insulation and my cupboards actually freeze in the winter on the inside and my food freezes and thaws creating moisture that causes major issues with my food. The quest for homeownership leaves me staying put for now as we are getting a great price for the space we have. But if our home had the proper insulation in the walls and the crawl space our winters wouldn't be so harsh. You can even insulate your pipes to ensure they don't freeze costing you thousands in damages. Pipes freezing is a serious issue many homeowners face and it can destroy many things and cost a small fortune. Check out for some more information.

Apply weather stripping around windows and doors.
Having the door open for any amount of time in the cooler weather can be uncomfortable so imagine if the seal on your doors or windows is gone and you are stuck with a continuous breeze of cold air. This can be costly in the long run as you are turning up your heat to balance out the breeze shifting through the house. There are a lot of DIY kits you can buy from your local hardware stores to seal your windows and doors yourself. Having improperly sealed windows and doors can lead to build-up of moisture which can create mold and terrible odours. Visit to find out how to handle these nasty odours.

Install a smart thermostat and timer for electronics. 
Smart thermostats like the NEST can adjust the temperature of your home accordingly to keep optimal comfort levels. You can control them wirelessly from your phone to ensure you keep the temperature cool when nobody is home or warmer when you are about to arrive. Imagine coming home from tobogganing with the kids and your home is at the perfect temperature to take the freeze-out of your faces. Another great money saver for any time of the year, not just fall is a timer for your electronic devices and appliances you don't need on when you are not home. Your digital cable boxes suck up all kinds of energy when they are being used but if you turn them off when your not home and turn them on just before you get home they have time to reset and be ready for cozy TV time. The same can be said for TVs, computers, lights, decor and more. Timing the shutoff and turn on can save you money and time while your away.

If your saving for that amazing exotic vacation from these great fall tips will help you keep the coin in your pocket and not in the hands of the utility companies.

Learn To Draw Manga Heroines And Heroes

Learn to illustrate your favourite manga heroes, heroines, characters, props, scenes, stories, and more!

Learn to draw your favorite manga and anime characters, and create your own, with Illustration Studio: Drawing Manga Heroines and Heroes (Walter Foster Publishing / October 8, 2019 / US $19.99)!
In this exciting extension of the interactive Illustration Studio series, learn how to illustrate a range of manga heroes, heroines, and characters—from male and female warriors and fighters to schoolgirls and boys, knights, angels, cyborgs, interstellar idols, and more. The Illustration Studio series features interactive exercises, creative prompts, and step-by-step exercises to educate and excite beginning and aspiring artists working in a variety of media and techniques, from manga and anime to illustration done in ink.
Illustration Studio: Manga Heroines and Heroes teaches aspiring and beginning manga artists the basics for creating a range of popular characters, props and scenes. No matter your skill level, the drawing and colorization tips, loads of techniques, and step-by-step projects are instructive and helpful, while creative prompts and exercises invite personalization and participation inside the pages of the book.
You'll be guided through every step as you not only learn how to draw, but also learn the vernacular and storylines associated with this popular art genre.
Sonia Leong is a professional comic artist and illustrator who specializes in anime and manga. Her more than 80 published works comprise graphic novels, magazines, film and television projects, and instructional art books, including Illustration Studio: Beginning Manga and Illustration Studio: Drawing Manga Heroines and Heroes, both from Walter Foster Publishing. Sonia also teaches manga workshops and exhibits her artwork throughout the world. Learn more at

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Stop buying these disposables: Buy Reusable and save money

Disposables VS. Reusable, Frankly speaking, this comparison shouldn’t at all begin because it is a well-known fact that disposables are one of the major sources of environmental pollution. The plastic bottles, cutlery, and plates, etc. are causing serious risks for ocean, marine life and wildlife. There is a common misconception among people that disposables cost less than reusable. I am describing it as a misconception because at the time of purchasing a disposable item might cost less than its reusable counterpart, but in the long run reusable are more cost-effective and thus save money. So we should ditch disposables in favor of reusable and should literally save our hard-earned bucks. In this article, I would suggest items where users can save money by using reusable. However, first a useful tip for extra saving:

Grab a big day discount:

Grab a discount

Make a list of all reusable items you need to buy and grab saving opportunities of a big e-commerce day sale like cyber Monday. The cyber monday insights tell us that in the USA, the sale amount hit a whopping $7.9 billion. This was due to the huge discounts offered and online coupon codes galore. If you buy all needed reusable on such event you will save even more.

Bottled water:

Water bottle

The water-packed in disposable bottles is quite an expensive option. According to Printwand, For the recommended amount of 8 glass of water in a day, bottled water costs 1800 dollars a year whereas, tap water in a reusable glass for same quantity costs a meager amount of 0.49 dollars. By opting reusable you not only save big but stop killing the environment as well.
You can also use a water purifier the bottle that filters 99.9% of viruses and protozoa and provides you pure clean and healthy water in just $ 59.95(price checked at Amazon on 19-07-2019).

Paper vs cloth towel:

Clothe towel vs paper towel

When it comes to towel cloth is not only a green option but is highly cost-effective as well. One cloth towel on an average costs $1.33 which appears slightly costlier compared to one roll of paper towel that costs $1.33.But that’s start-up cost only. Over time the incremental saving benefits of cloth towel are far ahead than disposable paper towels.

Reusable nappies are worth it:

Reusable nappies are not only more environmentally friendly, but they are more kind to your wallet also. On average babies are potty trained by two and a half (2.5) years and during this period need nearly 4000 nappy changes. The money advice service the UK, an independent organization that helps to improve your finances for free has calculated the cost-saving on reusable cloth nappies. 
Resusable nappies

According to them, the average overall cost for own brand nappies is 1875 lbs. compared to just 4oo lbs. for reusable nappies. Hence you save a whopping 1475 lbs.

Ditch single-use plastic straws for reusable:

The single-use plastic straw is a serious risk to environment and decays in decades. Use either biodegradable and natural bamboo straws that can be reused many times or stainless steel straws which are durable and long-lasting.
Plastic straws

According to Jonathan Zaidman, the head of regional expansion for the Ecology Center, Americans use 500 million plastic straws in one day. Imagine how much plastic is sent to landfills through this massive consumption.
Price-wise also eco-friendly reusable metal straws are more cost-effective than single-use plastic straws’ have checked on Amazon and observed that standard size disposable straws pack cost $6whereas a pack of Eco-friendly reusable stainless steel straw set of 6 cost $5.So what is the fun in spending more and contributing to environmental pollution?

Rechargeable batteries are cost-effective than disposable batteries:

Rechargabalebattrey vs disposablebattrey

Every time your remote or keyboard goes out of juice and you insert another alkaline disposable one, you add to the pollution of our beautiful planet. Switching to a rechargeable power option not only saves your time but money as well. You can buy a pack of 4 Panasonic Eneloop AA rechargeable batteries at almost the same price of 24 alkaline reusable batteries. Since each battery gives you 100 charges you actually have 4000 batteries in the pack. Thus you save a large chunk of money on rechargeable batteries over the lifetime of disposable ones. Isn’t it a deal worth its while?

No more plastic bags-Switch to ZIP Top:

The plastic bags for sandwiches and lunch for your kids might appear as a convenient option but they add enormously to waste and landfills. One alternative option the ZIP top is proving as a game-changer. These reusable baggies are lightweight and durable. They are best for items to be frozen as they lock in food nutrients, flavor and juices.
Zip top

The perfect eco-friendly food and snack as well as store bags are silicone made. The online coupon codes may provide you even more savings. The incremental saving will start after each reuse. The Zip Top is innovative, environmentally friendly and also economical in the long term.

Menstrual Cups –An Eco-friendly replacement of pads and tampons.

Ok ladies. Talking about the menstrual cycle is no more a taboo. And you definitely deserve an environmentally friendly solution because pads are damn polluting. The Dutchess menstrual set of 2, one of the best sellers at Amazon costs $15.99 is less expensive and provide incremental saving when reused.

Wrap Up:

The above list of reusable replacements for disposable is not exhaustive as there are scores of other products available. The issue is of mindset which needs to be changed as being responsible citizens of planet earth we should feel the responsibility to keep it pollution-free. If that task is performed with saving also, there is nothing better.

Tuesday 24 September 2019

What's hiding in your makeup bag?

When you think of the germiest spots in your bathroom, there are some pretty obvious answers that come to mind. However, you’re probably not considering your makeup bag among them. But think about it, bacteria thrive in a warm, moist, dark environment, and that’s exactly what the inside of your makeup bag is after a steamy shower! Not only that, you are constantly transferring bacteria from your fingertips to your face to your makeup and back again. 

Now that you’re thinking about how gross the inside of your makeup bag may actually be, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that nearly 1/4 women never clean their makeup bags! To make sure you aren’t among them, the experts at Rory have compiled a guide for cleaning everything in your makeup bag:

Monday 23 September 2019

Fun and Frugal Fall Crafts for Your Home

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.

Summer's great and all, but as soon as that first fall breeze rolls in, you start to get excited. Immediately, you dust off your favorite sweaters and pour yourself a pumpkin spice latte. Unfortunately, though, the space surrounding you isn't quite fall-ready — we're here to change that. 

With a bit of creativity on your part, you can transform your home into the fall wonderland you envision. You don't have to break the bank, either. Instead, try any one of these DIY crafts, each one as equally adorable as it is cheap to make. Check them out: 

1. Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Grab an extra double-roll of toilet paper, and you've got the centerpiece of an adorable piece of fall decor. Of course, you're not going to display it as-is — you'll wrap your roll in both batting and fabric to create a puffy little pumpkin. And, if you don't have batting on hand, you can keep things cheap by plumping up your gourd with paper towels or plastic grocery bags. 

2. Burlap and Tin Candle Holders

That fall chili you made probably left you with a few empty tin cans. Instead of recycling them in the traditional sense, reuse them as cute candle holders this fall. You'll only need raffia and a textured fabric such as burlap. Wrap the cans in each material and voila — instant rustic charm. You can fill your holders with candles, of course, or you could arrange fall foliage inside of them, too. 

3. Pine Cone Garland

Here's a great craft with which the whole family can help. Round up your little ones and have them gather pine cones in the yard or at the park. With your natural materials collected, you'll only need to grab twine, wooden beads and a hot glue gun to fashion a gorgeous string of garland. And everyone will be proud to have contributed once they see this whimsy strand hanging in your home. 

4. Mason Jar Teas

Perhaps you have a fall birthday to celebrate. You can whip up a mason jar tea container that looks adorable on any counter. Start by gathering teas in autumnal colors, such as burnt orange, deep red or even tan. Layer them in your jar, just as you would with sand art. Then, tie it all up with a bow — and, to that, attach a loose leaf tea diffuser. The best part about this project is that you can do it year-round with teas that boast the colors of the season. Red-and-green Christmas teas, anyone? 

5. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Sure, the trees have started changing colors, thus setting a fall scene outside. Still, you want to redecorate your front stoop so that it, too, exudes autumnal vibes. This simple-yet-adorable hoop wreath should do the trick. You'll only need a large embroidery hoop, as well as faux pumpkins, flowers and any other foliage you want to layer onto your wreath. Then, grab a hot glue gun and put it all together. Once it's dry, hang it up and give your front door some serious fall flair. 

6. Pumpkin Vase

Whether we're eating them, drinking them, or decorating with them, we all love pumpkins. As it turns out, you can transform this beloved gourd into a centerpiece for your fall table. You should use a fake one to make crafting simpler — using a real pumpkin would require you to open it and clean out its seeds. Instead, cut the top off a faux gourd and place a block of Styrofoam inside. Then, pop some flowers into the Styrofoambase, which will hold them upright and transform your pumpkin into a cute fall vase. 

7. Fall Acorns

To make your set of fall acorns, you'll need one unusual supply — Easter eggs. Yes, the oval-shaped, candy-colored eggs serve as the base for this project. Of course, you'll start by spray painting them a more neutral color. Then, you'll wrap the tops in twine to make them into acorns, or you can glue pinecone pieces on top. Either way, you'll barely recognize your Easter eggs once you're finished.

8. Wine Cork Pumpkin 

There's no shame in having a large collection of corks piling up next to your wine shelf. In fact, you're in luck if you have a pile of tops leftover from your favorite libation. You can turn your corks into a sweet little pumpkin that would look perfect on display next to your wine collection. So, round up 25 corks and glue them together into a pumpkin form. Then, use green felt and twine to add a bit of detail to the stem. Don't shy away from inviting your friends over to make pumpkins of their own — anddrink a glass of wine as you do. 

Ready for Fall

These eight crafts represent only a handful of the ways you can cheaply and cutely prepare your home's interior for fall. So, grab your hot glue gun and gather up some fall foliage. It's time to get crafty and ready for the season ahead!


Tuesday 17 September 2019

National Moving Companies - The Search For Quality

Searching Through National Moving Companies for Your Long Distance Move
Moves are stressful and that is no longer news. However, long distance moves are a lot more stressful and therefore requires that more care be taken to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. To this end, we shall be looking specifically at companies that fall into a particular category. Wcall them National Moving Companies.

When we talk about national moving companies, we are referring to companies that operate throughout the country. They have the capacity to move you and your goods from any part of the country to any other part. We can therefore simply refer to them as nationwide movers.
These are different from local movers who may only be able to operate within a given state or a specific region. When you are doing a really long distance move, these are the kinds of companies you look for both for efficiency as well as affordability.

In this article, we will be looking at some important factors to consider when making a choice of any such company to work with. We shall also give you a head start by sharing some of our recommendations for your consideration.
Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a National Moving Company

A company that operates nationally, which is across several state lines, has to meet certain important criteriaWe will list and briefly discuss some of the most important ones here.
There are specific licenses that any such company ought to possess. Such a company MUST have a USDOT number. This simply means a United States Department of Transportation number. This is issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) which operates under this department of transportation.
Thankfully, you can easily confirm if the number that any company shows you is authentic or not. This can be done on the FMCSA managed website.
A company’s reputation should precede it. You should attempt to find out what people are saying about the company. The reviews you find online, offline or on rating sites like BBB (Better Business Bureau) should be positive enough to give you the confidence to work with them.
More than just having a license and having a good reputation, the company should also possess the capacity to handle the type of job you want them to take on. Be sure that whichever company you choose will have what it takes to properly execute your job.
This of course is an important consideration. While you may not necessarily be going for the cheapest option, you at least need to be sure you are getting a very competitive price and very good value. This is one of the main reasons why you may need to get a couple of quotes for the purpose of comparison. Three to four quotes should be enough to help you make an informed decision.
Insurance Cover
A company that will operate across state lines must meet the federal regulations for moving insurance. As stated here,, it is essential that you have access to proper insurance cover. This could be the released liability cover which should come as part of your payment or the full value protection which attracts additional payment.

The difference between the two is that while the moving company is obligated to replace anything damaged or lost in the course of the move to the tune of 100% its replacement value for the full value protection, the release liability only requires that the company pay cash for the items based on current market value, repair damaged items or replace lost stuff with items that look like new.

For more on this aspect of insurance, you can read this article here.
A Few Recommendations – 5 Top Companies to Consider

Like we promised earlier, we will now give you a few recommendations that you can start with. The five companies we will be listing are among the most highly rated in the country.
American Van Lines
American Van Lines offers a complete moving solution for corporate customers. They move stuff locally, nationally as well as internationally for the military, commercial and corporate entities. They also offer storage services. You can only access their services if your stuff weighs at least 3000 pounds. You will also be required to make a deposit of about %50 of the total cost. This cost begins at about $2,500 per bedroom for a cross country trip.
Colonial Van Lines
This company specializes in servicing corporate clients for long distance moves as well as storage facilities. They also offer assembling, disassembling as well as packing services. To book a move with them requires almost 50% deposit with an interstate move starting at about $2,500 per bedroom.
International Van Lines
This is a full service company that offers some of the most comprehensive services. Any kind of move you need is covered. This includes international, national or local ones. It also covers both commercial and residential customers. You can enjoy packing services, car shipping, ocean and air freight as well as a bouquet of other services. You can get a detailed quote for whatever services you may need from them.
Interstate Moving & Relocation Group INC.
Your local, national and even international moves can be handled by this company. This covers both commercial and residential relocations. To reserve their services, you will need a deposit of 33% of the total cost. You can get their services from $1800 per bedroom for a move cross country.
National Moving Group
This company offers both commercial and residential moving services across state lines as well as cross country. They also offer, auto transportation, storage and even packing and unpacking.
You can check out a lot of other companies as well on this website:
Before choosing any company, be sure you understand what you need done. You may first want to consider your budget to know what you can afford to spend. You can then make a choice based on this.
Long distance move, though really stressful, can be well-managed to reduce this stress. One area in which you do not want to make a mistake is in the choice of the company to work with. This can either drastically reduce your stress or astronomically increase it. Choose wisely!

Monday 16 September 2019

Tips on Storing Your Kids Toys

Children love playtime, but when they've had enough, they will simply move away and let the adult deal with the toys. This is why you'll be stepping on toy cars, dolls and blocks in every corner of the house. You'll have to bear the pain and gently explain to the crying toddlers that it was an accident and you'll get them a new one soon. Toy storage is important not just for team sake of organisation and saving money but also for the safety of everyone in the house. Here are a few tips that will help you store your child's toys when they are not using them:



This is the best way of figuring out how you will store toys. Separate the blocks from cards, you cars, dolls and others. Small ones like cards and blocks can easily be put in boxes or containers then placed on a shelf in the child's room. Cars and larger toys need to be arranged somewhere where they can't roll over and trip someone. Inflatable toys and slides need to be placed away from sharp objects. You can donate or sell any toys that the child doesn't use to declutter their room. 



They may never learn the value of responsibility unless you show them by action. Most children may choose to simply ignore what you are showing them unless you explain why. Tell them gently that the toys may injure them, someone else or even their pets. Tell them that they may also get damaged and you may not buy others. Make sure they pick them up with you. Show them where they should be put and watch to make sure they do it. 



Most parents keep toys in the children's rooms. It not only gives them quick access but also serves a decorative purpose. 

Sometimes the toys may be too large or too many to be placed in their bedrooms. You'll need to find storage solutions elsewhere. You may have to move your white king-size bed frame to create more space. A clever way of adding space would be to convert the garage to a playroom. You could also build then a treehouse (if they are old enough to climb) and put some toys there. 

If you have a large backyard, you could build a little playhouse for them (or buy one). 



You could buy and install additional storage units to increase the space for keeping the children's toys. Adding shelves to their closet or getting a tallboy with many shelves is a good idea. You could also get additional boxes to store stuffed toys. 


In conclusion, storing and organising your child's toys is essential for the sake of safety, organisation, saving costs and ultimately, your peace of mind. Remember to get storage solutions that match the rest of the house's decor to avoid colour-clashing themes.