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Bakku Backgrounds Review And Giveaway!

Have you ever watched a commercial and seen children playing and having the greatest time with their new toys and awesome backgrounds that really bring the play space to life.   Bakku Backgrounds have taken play to the next level and brought creativity to a whole new level.  Bakku Backgrounds are tough and lightweight double sided backgrounds that can be used with any small toys. I found the folding instructions quite complicated even with the video so I used a three step folding process that is much like how you would fold a present. My kids had a great time building their LEGO creations on their backgrounds.  When we are finished with our backgrounds we hang them on the wall as posters for storage.  Bakku Backgrounds can be found on Amazon and make a great gift for any holidays and birthdays!  For more information on  Bakku Backgrounds  visit their website.  Would you like to win a set of these awesome backgrounds for your kids or family members? Enter the giveaway form below: a Ra

Giving Your Home A Fresh New Look For Fall On The Cheap

Do you ever get the feeling that you have been staring at the same four walls decorated the exact same way with the same furniture that has been there for years? Sometimes it does the body and mind some good to refresh the look of your home and give it a facelift. This may sound like an expensive task but you can make your home feel fresh and new again for just a couple hundred dollars. You don't need to buy all new furniture to make things look new and refreshed. Dollar stores and thrift stores sell all kinds of linens that you can put on your existing furniture to create a new vibe. A new fresh, vibrant coloured table cloth can make a world of difference in the kitchen. Table cloths can be cut to shape to fit on end tables to give them a new look as well. New curtains can add a splash of colour to the walls that have been missing for a while, even a sheer curtain in front of blinds provides the look you're going for. Switch out old lamp shades for new ones to save yours

Thinking About Starting A Business? What Options Are Out There?

Not everybody wants to continue working for somebody else their whole lives. Some people want to know how it feels to be the boos, to run a business and become financially successful. There are a ton of different options available to you these days and it all depends on the line of work you wish to be involved in, remember that starting a business is a huge decision and you can't simply quit once you get started. So what should you consider as options for running a business? Restaurant Industry People love to eat and socialize, it is in our nature to be surrounded by good people and good food. Starting a restaurant can be a huge challenge especially if you have no experience in the food industry. Customers are tough, employees can be hard to manage, and you need to build a name for yourself before you can be successful. This is true in any business though, you won't get rich or start the day off being known as the best this takes time and a lot of hard work. You can also

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is sneaking up closer every day and if your a last-minute shopper then this literally means nothing to you as you will be standing in the lineups Christmas eve waiting to pay for your last-minute gifts. If you are looking to change it up and relieve yourself of some stress it may be time to become a planner and start shopping early. But forget about the boring gifts like socks and pyjamas it's time to wow them with gifts they will never forget. Gifts for teens (or men who act like them) Drones have been growing in popularity over the years and have different price ranges for every budget. It is always a good idea to do your research and read reviews before taking the plunge and buying one of these machines. They break easily and flight times vary drastically so depending on what you are buying it for it may be useless to the receiver. Take a look at different models, how they charge, are they easily fixable, warranties, and other aspects that may affect your purchas

Family Life Events That Can Be Costly And How You Can Prepare For Them

When raising your family you can come across all types of expenses you never thought of. It is always good to have some sort of savings account for emergency situations but do you know how much you really need or what you will need it for? Kids can create costly situations you didn't anticipate but so can homeownership and simply living a normal life. So what is the best way to start saving and preparing for life's little dilemmas? The best preparation is prevention. Your health is something to stay on top of at all times to ensure you avoid costly medical and dental bills. Maintain a healthy diet to ensure you don't require numerous trips to the doctor eating up your savings or paychecks. Keep a basic exercise routine to live a quality of life that is healthy for your body. Getting checkups and flu shots can be a great preventative measure to watch for any new diseases or illnesses you were not expecting. Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance when you have kids.

Renovations Can Be Fun And Frugal

When you buy a home you want it to be your very own in every way. Some of the time renovations can be a must and not a fun project that just makes you happier in your new home. But if you are looking to make some changes that are fun and can cost next to nothing take a look at these interesting ideas that can be found at the dollar store, thrift stores, or garage sales. Pallet furniture is a great way to get creative. Pallets can be found at most big box stores for free and can be converted into a number of different projects that will boost your homes look and feel. Pallets can be made into large couches to entertain all your friends and family. You can create all kinds of different patio furniture, garden boxes, tables, beds, vanities, desks and so much more. Linens can be purchased at second-hand stores or even dollar stores to save you some extra cash. Your roof can have accessories added to an extent. Have you ever driven past a beautiful farmhouse and seen those stunnin

Time To Get Your Home Ready For Fall To Save You Money

Fall has crept up and stolen summer right from under our noses. It is now time for fuzzy sweaters, warm socks, pumpkin spice, and trees changing to colours that blow your mind. Fall is a great time of year for sure but there are a number of different things you should start getting ready before fall transitions into a brutal winter. Check the insulation in your walls and look for cracks that can be filled.  Insulation in between your walls can make a world of difference. I rent a home that has terrible insulation and my cupboards actually freeze in the winter on the inside and my food freezes and thaws creating moisture that causes major issues with my food. The quest for homeownership leaves me staying put for now as we are getting a great price for the space we have. But if our home had the proper insulation in the walls and the crawl space our winters wouldn't be so harsh. You can even insulate your pipes to ensure they don't freeze costing you thousands in damages.

Learn To Draw Manga Heroines And Heroes

Learn to illustrate your favourite manga heroes, heroines, characters, props, scenes, stories, and more! Learn to draw your favorite manga and anime characters, and create your own, with  Illustration Studio: Drawing Manga Heroines and Heroes  (Walter Foster Publishing / October 8, 2019 / US $19.99) ! In this exciting extension of the interactive  Illustration Studio  series, learn how to illustrate a range of manga heroes, heroines, and characters—from male and female warriors and fighters to schoolgirls and boys, knights, angels, cyborgs, interstellar idols, and more. The Illustration Studio series features interactive exercises, creative prompts, and step-by-step exercises to educate and excite beginning and aspiring artists working in a variety of media and techniques, from manga and anime to illustration done in ink. Illustration Studio: Manga Heroines and Heroes  teaches aspiring and beginning manga artists the basics for creating a range of popular characters, props

Send All Your Cards, Invitations, and Flyers From Home

Sending greeting cards has changed drastically over the years. We don't even have time to stop in the store to buy a card nevermind remember dates and buy gifts. The hustle of today's world is fast and furious and Paperless Post is upping the bar in digital invitations, cards, flyers and much more! Paperless post lets you design and customize your details, guest list and other important details that will keep you well organized and on the ball. Imagine sending all your Christmas cards without even setting foot into a post office. Or inviting all your guests to your wedding from the comfort of your own home. This is what PaperlessPost has created for us, a way to connect and stay involved but by saving us time and allowing us to create our own style of greeting that is meaningful to us and not the giant card companies. More about Paperless Post Reimagine invitations. Millions of people use our elegant technologies and expressive designs to celebrate their most importa

Stop buying these disposables: Buy Reusable and save money

Disposables VS. Reusable,  Frankly speaking, this comparison shouldn’t at all begin because it is a well-known fact that disposables are one of the major sources of environmental pollution. The plastic bottles, cutlery, and plates, etc. are causing serious risks for ocean, marine life and wildlife. There is a common misconception among people that disposables cost less than reusable. I am describing it as a misconception because at the time of purchasing a disposable item might cost less than its reusable counterpart, but in the long run reusable are more cost-effective and thus save money . So we should ditch disposables in favor of reusable and should literally save our hard-earned bucks. In this article, I would suggest items where users can save money by using reusable. However, first a useful tip for extra saving: Grab a big day discount: Make a list of all reusable items you need to buy and grab saving opportunities of a big e-commerce day sale like cyb

What's hiding in your makeup bag?

When you think of the germiest spots in your bathroom, there are some pretty obvious answers that come to mind. However, you’re probably not considering your makeup bag among them. But think about it, bacteria thrive in a warm, moist, dark environment, and that’s exactly what the inside of your makeup bag is after a steamy shower! Not only that, you are constantly transferring bacteria from your fingertips to your face to your makeup and back again.  Now that you’re thinking about how gross the inside of your makeup bag may actually be, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that nearly 1/4  women  never  clean their makeup bags ! To make sure you aren’t among them, the experts at  Rory  have compiled a guide for cleaning everything in your makeup bag:

Fun and Frugal Fall Crafts for Your Home

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union . Summer's great and all, but as soon as that first fall breeze rolls in, you start to get excited. Immediately, you dust off your favorite sweaters and pour yourself a pumpkin spice latte. Unfortunately, though, the  space surrounding you isn't quite fall-ready — we're here to change that.  With a bit of creativity on your part, you can transform your home into the fall wonderland you envision. You don't have to break the bank, either. Instead, try any one of these DIY  crafts, each one as equally adorable as it is cheap to make. Check them out:  1. Toilet Paper Pumpkin Grab an extra double-roll of toilet paper, and you've got the centerpiece of an adorable piece of fall decor. Of course, you're not going to display it a s-is — you'll wrap your roll in both batting and fabric  to create a puffy little pumpkin . And, if you don't have batting on hand, you can keep things cheap

National Moving Companies - The Search For Quality

Searching Through National Moving Companies for Your  Long Distance  Move Moves are stressful and that is no longer news. However, long distance moves are a lot more stressful and therefore requires  that  more care  be taken  to ensure that everything  goes as smoothly as possible.  To this end, we shall be looking specifically at companies that fall into a particular category .   W e  call them   N ational  M oving  C ompanies. When we talk about national moving companies, we are referring to companies that operate throughout the country. They have the capacity to move you and your goods from any part of the country to any other part. We can therefore simply refer to them as  nationwide movers . These are different from local movers who may only be able to operate within a given state or a specific region. When you are doing a really  long distance  move, these are the kinds of companies you look for both for efficiency as well as affordability. In this article, we will be lo

Tips on Storing Your Kids Toys

Children love playtime, but when they've had enough, they will simply move away and let the adult deal with the toys. This is why you'll be stepping on toy cars, dolls and blocks in every corner of the house. You'll have to bear the pain and gently explain to the crying toddlers that it was an accident and you'll get them a new one soon. Toy storage is important not just for team sake of organisation and saving money but also for the safety of everyone in the house. Here are a few tips that will help you store your child's toys when they are not using them:   SORT THEM OUT This is the best way of figuring out how you will store toys. Separate the blocks from cards, you cars, dolls and others. Small ones like cards and blocks can easily be put in boxes or containers then placed on a shelf in the child's room. Cars and larger toys need to be arranged somewhere where they can't roll over and trip someone.  Inflatable toys and slides  need to be placed away from