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Five Ways to Keep Your Braces Clean


Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth at least twice a day and keep away from sugary foods and drinks. You’ve been taking care of your teeth since they grew, but when you get braces, you need to take extra care.

Many orthodontists in the UAE offer different types of braces, depending on patient needs. The most common types are the metal braces, which most people are familiar with. Apart from the traditional metal braces, we have ceramic braces, which are the same color as your teeth. Lingual braces are similar to conventional metal braces; however, the wires and brackets are on the inside of your teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, are made of clear aligners.

Why Do People Wear Braces

Most folks assume that you only wear braces to straighten your teeth. This is one of the reasons people do; however, for many people, this is not the only reason they do or even the primary motive. If you have crooked teeth, then you are a potential candidate for braces. Straight teeth are easier to clean and floss.

Dentists also recommend braces to correct a misaligned bite. This happens when your upper jaw goes beyond the lower jaw. An under bite happens when your lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw. Your dentist might also prescribe braces to correct bites that are too narrow.

Ways to Keep Your Braces Clean


If you have braces, just got them, or are about to get them, you need to know how to keep them clean. These tips will keep both your braces and mouth clean:

1. Brushing

Good dental practices such as brushing our teeth at least twice a day are obvious. However, after getting braces at your favorite dental clinic in Dubai, you need to change your regime. Rinse your mouth with water before brushing to remove stuck food particles and to make brushing easy.

Use fluoride toothpaste and start at the gum line then the top followed by the bottom of the brackets. Replace your toothbrush whenever it starts to wear out because of the braces. Brush at least 3 times a day or after every meal.

2. Flossing

Your dentist at the dental clinic in Dubai will tell you that it is important to floss even when you have braces. Flossing can be challenging when you wear braces; however, it is crucial for your dental health. You can make this task easier by using a floss threaderYou will need to practice to master how to fix the floss on the wire.

3. Avoid Harsh Products

Braces make some people too self-conscious, and they try to draw the attention away by using whitening products to makes their teeth whiter. Although you want your pearly whites to loobright, avoid teeth whitening products like whitening mouthwash or toothpaste. Whitening products only work on the surfaces they touch, and you might have uneven color on your teeth once the braces are removed.

4. Mouth Rinse

After brushing and flossing, you need to use a fluoride rinse to protect your gums from inflammation. Fluoride mouth rinses fight gum diseases and tooth decayKeeping your teeth clean is a challenge when wearing braces. There are many nooks for food particles to hide, and this increases your risk of getting cavities; this is why a fluoride mouth wash is important. You should use a mouth wash at least 4 times a day. Keep in mind that a mouth rinse should not be a substitute for brushing or flossing.

5. Eat Right

Braces improve how your teeth look, but it takes a while for this to happen. It also takes a while for you to adjust to the change. However, the biggest adjustment will be to change your diet. You might be forced to stay away from some of your favorite foods for the sake of the health of your teethSome foods might damage your braces.

The process of getting braces is painless; however, your mouth will remain sensitive for several days. This means that you can’t eat tough foods, which might cause pain.You will also need to find a new way of chewing. Choose soft foods which are easy to chew, such as soft vegetables, cheese, soups, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and yogurt.

Your braces can be damaged by some foods; this means that you have to avoid certain foods as long as you have braces. Sticky and hard foods can easily damage the bands and separate the brackets. Avoid popcorn, chewing gum pizza crust, ice, and nuts.


Braces are necessary to correct how your teeth look. They not only improve your smile, but they also increase your self-esteem. The most challenging thing about gettingbraces is keeping them clean. Brushing and flossing is not enough; you need to include a fluoride mouthwash in your regime. Remember to choose soft food during the first days after getting braces for your sensitive mouth and gums.



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