Wednesday 29 January 2020

Preparing Kids For A Move

Moving is stressful, but moving with kids adds an undeniable layer of stress and difficult choices. It’s important for your children’s well-being that you take the proper steps to announce the move and ease their potential anxieties throughout the moving process. 

While children of all ages can be affected by moving, the older your child is, the more rooted their relationships are. This is why teens may take moving the hardest. The thought of leaving school, sports and extra-curricular activities and all the friends that come with them can be very daunting. 

During this time of heightened emotion try to be more in tune with how your child is feeling. If they are excited about the move it will make the process a lot easier. Below are tips on communicating with your kids about the move.

Plan the Conversation Ahead of Time

  • Speak to your partner ahead of time to hash out the details.

  • It’s imperative to not point any blame at your partner.

  • Prepare the “where, when and why” of the move

Create an Open Forum

  • Once you’ve announced the move to your kids, let them express themselves.

  • Tell them that you love them and them, reaffirm that family is the priority.

  • Provide them with reassurance but be realistic about the move.

Keep Tabs

  • Check-in with your child throughout the moving process to see how they feel.

  • You know your child best, give them what they need whether that’s space or a hug.

  • Get them an appointment with a mental health professional if needed.

See some additional tips below from ForSaleByOwner about how to make moving with children go smoothly.

Monday 27 January 2020

How To Save On Common Car Expenses

Driving, while often convenient, is incredibly expensive. With insurance, gas money, repairs, the car itself, and even more to pay for, car expenses can quickly spiral out of control. However, that doesn't mean you have to necessarily sell your car in order to make it financially viable. Here are a few tips that you can use to make driving your car more affordable and financially sustainable long-term.

Buy Used

While many people tend to be skeptical of purchasing used cars, they're a great way to save on your initial car purchase. However, it's essential to first do your research on both the type of car you want and the specific car you plan on purchasing. Look for makes and models that tend to run better for longer; you'll spend less money on repairs and you won't need to replace your car as soon. Also, look up the vehicle history when you find a car you like. If it's been repaired, has records of an accident, or if you can't find the vehicle history, you'll want to look elsewhere to avoid buying a lemon.

Learn About Repairs

Generally, it's best to take your car to a professional mechanic for repairs. After all, they spend more time training and learning about the inner workings of your car, down to the materials that it's made of. A mechanic will be able to tell the difference in new versus post-consumer material in your car. The stainless steel used in metal fabrics contains greater than 60% post-industrial and post-consumer content recycled material.

However, if money is extremely tight, there's little stopping you from taking on repairs yourself. Do your research first and learn as much as you can about fixing your car yourself to avoid causing damage. Simple fixes, like oil changes and changing a tire, can easily be done yourself, but major repairs might still require a mechanic.

Drive Safer

Finally, one of the easiest and best ways to save money on your car is to simply adopt safer driving habits. You'll avoid getting into car accidents this way that can raise your insurance premium. Additionally, safer driving is better for everyone on the road, especially other motorists that might not have as much protection. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2017 was 5,172. The more you can avoid accidents, the less you'll have to pay for, and the more you can save.

Driving is a necessary part of many people's commutes, but that doesn't make it any easier to pay for. Use these tips to help save on car costs to make your driving needs more affordable.

Sunday 26 January 2020

Ways To Select A Real Estate Agents Land To List Raw Land

If you own raw or rural land, you better get it listed to avoid different kinds of legal implications later. Now the field of real state is expanding pretty vast and aiming for the right help is a bit tough. But it is not impossible. Who are you going to ask for help while trying to list your land? Well, the designation that pops up in your head has to be of real estate agents land or listing agents. All the licensed ones are not equally good at helping you to sell the property you have. Listing the hunting land or farm with predominantly residential real estate agent can be a mistake. It is always mandatory for the landowners to choose any agent and company that can market and then sell rural property in way that meets the objectives of sellers.



Few Basic Queries To Cover

It has been mentioned that not all agents are equally knowledgeable and skilled to help you sell your land. There are some points to consider and pick the best real estate agents land out of them. Some suggestions can run a long way in here for sure. 


• First of all, you need to ask your family or friends. Make sure to ask people you know if they are selling their property or if they might have recommendation for you. It is a natural and primal step and effective way to find someone comfortable to work with.
• You might also have to Google search for some of the relevant terms like “land for sale” while looking for real estate agents land. If you are out of area or state landowner willing to sell rural property, it can be a perfect tool for identifying some potential agents. 


Basic Understanding Is A Must: Some Tips To Consider

As the initial steps, it is vital to understand the complete potentiality of the raw land under your name. Try speaking with some of the local zoning officials, local work departments and the utility companies to determine if road, building, utilities and septic or sewer systems can be installed before heading towards real estate agents land


• It is important for you to perform a boundary survey first, which helps in outlining the extremities of land and might include easements.
• You can further try to find out projected highway construction from local government offices. Here, the information on land will use adjacent to raw land and then clear the property of debris.


Be Sure To Check The Experience Of Company Or Person

Before you finalize on real estate agents land or company for purpose of purchasing or selling your land, don’t forget to check the company’s experience within that particular field. It will ensure that the company you are working to deal with is pretty reliable. Don’t forget to ask about the cost as well.


Make sure to follow these points and in no time, you might come across the best agents to list the raw or rural land of your choice. The more you get to research, the better points you are subject to come across in here. You must research for the best deals with the real estate agents as well.


The Top 5 Apps Parents Are Downloading to Help Their Kids’ With Tough Homework

As our children get older, the homework they bring home and ask for help with becomes more and more incomprehensible. The math they learn looks completely new, we don't quite know what a soliloquy is anymore, and we definitely don't remember anything about chemical compounds.

Being unable to answer their questions, and seeing the confusion in their eyes, makes us feel incredibly helpless. While relearning the material with them is definitely a great exercise for our brains, sometimes we're just not going to get it. This is where we say "Thank you!" to the invention of smart devices and the apps we can access through them! Here are the top 5 apps parents trust to help them help their children:

1. The Khan Academy app is great for students who might have missed, or didn't completely understand, a lesson as well as parents who want to help but don't quite understand the material themselves. Through Khan Academy, students and parents have access to multiple lessons, lectures, and reading material covering a broad amount of subjects. All of the material is available for download for people wishing to continue the studying process offline and away from distractions.

2. Smartfeed allows parents to customize media playlists for their kids based on their child's interests, education, and character traits. Through this app, parents create a visual learning experience that their children can access at home in order to continue engaging their brains as well as encouraging them to seek out more educational material themselves!

3. Powerschool allows parents and students to manage school grades and reports while also keeping parents and teachers under a close line of connectivity. Parents are able to view handouts, attendance records, bulletins, and other school-related information to keep up to date on their child's activities while students have a transparent view of where they might need more assistance from other resources.

4. Brainly is an online learning mentoring platform connecting students, parents, and teachers with peers and subject matter experts, to lend a helping hand on seemingly impossible assignments. Through this app, many students who felt lost in common core subjects were able to advance in their studies and even become a peer mentor themselves! That's good parenting!

5. Parenting Hero, created by adult-to-child communication experts Joanna Faber and Julie King, is an app showing parents how to create better communication practices with their children. Many times, while trying to help children with their homework, parents in their own confusion may experience moments of frustration, which they accidentally take out on their child. This app helps to keep tension low and resolve unneeded conflicts before they arise, allowing parents to help their child as best as they can.

Research shows that students are more effective in school when their parents take an active role in helping them learn at home. That’s a heavy burden to lay on moms and dads, but thankfully all these apps are effectively relieving some of the stress and frustration that goes along with helping kids complete tough homework assignments.

Friday 24 January 2020

10 Ways To Reinvent Any Room In Your House

Your living room looks old-fashioned and outdated to you – it is no longer really up to date. You’ve decided you will modernize it! How to revamp any room in your house? There are several ways to reinvent a room, such as you can remove a partition, change the decor, install a new floor or even adapt the lighting. You can also opt for empire window furnishings folding arm awnings for the protection of your rooms from direct sunlight or rain. Here we will discuss each part of your house and how you can renovate and reinvent them!

Redo Your Living Room

You must pamper the living room. It's still THE living room where you relax in the evening, where you receive your guests, etc. In short, it is better to make it the center of attention in your home and especially to make sure it’s up to your taste!

1. Remove a partition to enlarge the room

Your living room is not very large. If you have always dreamed of having a spacious living room, this renovation is an opportunity to enlarge it. Identify load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. If you can remove the kitchen partition, why not succumb to the temptation of an open American kitchen? Finally, if a non-load-bearing wall overlooks an adjoining room such as a laundry room, drop this partition to enlarge the room and create a dining area that would be very practical to entertain your guests with comfort.

2. Change the decor of your living room

You have neither the time nor the desire to embark on major renovations where dust and rubble will affect your daily life. No problem, a simple modernization of the decor can change the style of the room:

  • Change the furniture: sofa, coffee table, etc.
  • Add contemporary decorative objects: lamp, tealight holder, curtains on the windows
  • Replace doors or door handles
  • Choose an overall color by adding a few elements: carpet, plaid, cushions, etc.
  • Add indoor plants

3. Renovate floors and walls

If the walls are worn and you have a damaged floor, the priority should be to modernize the finishes.

Check the condition of the walls before choosing new wallpaper or new paint. Make sure there are no traces of moisture. Choose a coating and a contemporary color: green, amber honey, duck blue, etc.

For the floor, it is possible to change it without breaking everything if you want to avoid spending whole days removing the old tiles. Choose a trendy and modern floor covering such as a mix of parquet and cement tiles, XXL tiles or even polished concrete.

4. Adapt the light to each space in the living room

The interior lighting plays an essential role. It determines the mood of the room. The renovation of your living room is an opportunity to draw an electric sheath.
Add light points if necessary or electrical outlets to plugin extra lamps to create a softer or livelier atmosphere depending on the area of ​​the living room: office area, TV area, sofa, dining table.

You can also install a dimmer to adjust the intensity of the lighting according to your needs. Use warm lighting for the sitting area. It brings a cozier atmosphere than a brighter cool light which will be better suited above the dining room table.
Designers will offer personalized support with respect to the standards in force and the latest regulations. From the beginnings of the site to its completion, the satisfaction of owners and tenants is important for designers.

Reinvent Your Bathroom

Here are some amazing ways to reinvent the bathroom with some interior design and decoration. Bathrooms are the necessity in the home. In order to be pleasant daily, you need to think it through according to your needs. Solo bathrooms can afford a few whims such as installing a beautiful freestanding bathtub, installing a small decorative basin or graphic wallpaper.

In a family home, the bathroom needs to be above all practical to be easy to use. Carefully choose the coverings, the shower, the sink or the toilets to make life easier for its users day after day. You can reinvent the technical aspects by calling a professional for the transformation works to redo the bathroom. Calling on a competent professional is the guarantee of applying the changes with rules of the art. You can also install a partition and a new showerhead or paint – the small jobs in the bathroom give it a different style.

Decorate Your Room Considering Age

Is there anything more motivating and exciting when decorating a house than taking care of the children's room? Surely a few things. This space, half playful, half educational, offers a lot of possibilities when designing and decorating. In addition, it is very gratifying to see how every corner dedicated to the children of the home is evolving and reinventing them, right? Not to forget, discover how to soundproof your room so that noise pollution does not disturb your sleep or hinder your cognitive development. 

We are going to review some of the trends in children's decorations. We’ll look into an important factor i.e. the age range in which children are.

The first room

Do you want to adopt the trend in your baby's room? The minimalist Nordic style is still going strong this year and will be strong the next. Cots in shades beige, white or called earth colors, smooth walls with ornament sparse furniture and functional (rocking chair for breastfeeding or comfortable Scandinavian style to save their first bibs and booties) will be required for these first months of your baby 's life.

The warm and organic fabrics also gaining strength in these bedrooms. Choose pleasant-to-touch cushions and fabrics such as organic cotton, or wool in winter, to seal the space dedicated to your child's dream. Don't you know what colors to use in your first room? Vanilla, the always elegant grey, and white or even mint have superseded traditional sky blue or pink.

He has already grown up!

It is a fact, the thematic rooms 'are here to stay'. These types of rooms that invite play and rest delight both children and adults. They often recreate animated films: from Peppa Pig through the mythical Batman, Superman or Frozen, to decorations inspired by nature, travel or a particular sport are usually the most applauded.

Despite the years they have been among us, it seems that the bunk beds are still a trend. Aesthetics in a single piece of furniture that is usually linked to an even more functional one, a desk with built-in bookshelf so that children begin to acquire the habit of studying and reading. Great!

If your little one is not yet in the age to think about homework but also access to play, imagine and dream practically about the games 24 hours a day. Small Indian-American-inspired stools are a great way to sit next to him, either to read a story or to create together the most incredible stories and even to represent them.


Reinventing your rooms serves fashion but also aesthetic and comfort. You will spend many hours a day in that room, especially your kid during the first years of his life. Get inspired in several ways: read, visualize, reflect and compare. There is no hurry to decorate, however it is necessary to be patient, care and dedication in this process. Advise yourself! If you are not sure about certain aspects, get professional help.

How To Help Your Child Who is Struggling With Mathematics with Mathematics

Remember when math used to contain numbers. Math is a subject that is not made for everyone to succeed. It is a subject at which nearly every person suffers at some point in life and children also face issues studying it in school. If you find that your child is not that good at math, you do not have to worry too much since this is a common issue among children. Education in Math has changed quickly from memorizing formulas to understanding concepts which you can implement in real life. Although this is a positive step for learning, it can be confusing for both a parent tutoring his child and also for the person studying it. However, like everything, you can also be good at math with the right amount of practice and regular maths tutoring. Some of the ways you can help your child are mentioned below.

1. Practice with your child:

I am sure that you are familiar with the quote that "Practise makes perfect". Following this quote will help you to get good at maths. Practicing maths regularly is probably the only tried and tested way you can improve on your maths solving ability. Being good at maths also has to do with how comfortable you are at doing maths. If you feel relaxed while solving a sum, you are probably doing it right. Encourage your child to sit with you every night and practice some of the work that he has done at school so that he can also revise his work while also having plenty of practice while solving maths.

2. Figure out the problem area:

Most often, many children continuously struggle at one specific topic in maths. Perhaps your child is having issues while solving Geometry questions. You should sit down with your child and ask him to identify the topics which he is not comfortable with so that you can have a first look at it. Since every topic is connected with another topic in maths, struggling to understand one topic will lead to difficulty in understanding a new topic as well. Identifying the issues that bother him will help you to deal with the task and take appropriate actions to address it, such as talking to the teacher or assigning practice questions until your child can grasp the concept.

3. Make maths fun:

Let's face it; children like to play games and have fun. You can turn the subject into something enjoyable for a child to learn. When a child enjoys studying a subject, he will learn it better. You can design shapes and numbers so that your child can engage and enjoy the activity. You can also help your child to develop puzzles and other sorts which would ensure that your child will not only enjoy the activity but also learn about maths. The important point is that you do not have to make maths difficult for your child and can make it an interesting subject for them which they look forward to studying.

4. Use maths for everyday use:

Your child does not have to practice maths only when he is studying it. You can help your child to apply the concepts that he had studied in practical life by implementing it in different situations. Your child should not have to look forward to completing his homework to apply his learning and can use it for everyday use. For example, if you are out in the supermarket and are shopping for grocery, you can ask your child to calculate the costs and other items which you need to purchase to ensure that your child is constantly practising his mathematical concepts.

5. Encourage your child:

Perhaps the most important step to help your child in improving his mathematical skills. Although you may get frustrated when your child is unable to grasp a simple concept, but you should avoid the frustration from showing on your face. Often many people are afraid of facing stuff which they are not comfortable with, and studying maths can be one of them. The only way you can help them to acquire such skills is by constantly encouraging them as they slowly progress upwards. Hence, you should encourage your child whenever he understands a new concept and be patient when he is struggling to understand another. Trust me; nothing will be more discouraging for a child than a parent who doubts his skills.

6. Hire a Tutor:

This is an offer that many parents willing to take. Rather than simply overexerting yourself, it is simply convenient to hire a tutor who is a professional in the subject so that he can teach your child better. One of the problems that many parents face while teaching their children is that they have not studied the subject for a long time, and some of the concepts are not refreshed in their minds. Hence, they too struggle to understand the problems when they began to teach their child, which causes problems. Hiring a tutor will simply remove this issue since the teacher is either a professional in the subject or is currently studying at a higher grade which ensures that his concepts are revised and can teach your child.


Maths is a subject which is difficult to comprehend for the majority of us. Despite its importance, many people are still uncomfortable when it comes to solving maths. Hence it is easy to understand why some children are continuously struggling when it comes to solving mathematical questions. However, like everything maths can be solved using some tricks which would help the child to not only understand the subject but enjoy it as well. You do not have to present maths as a horrifying monster to your child so that he gets scared by it but instead helps him by taking it small. You should also allow your child to learn maths outside the studying environment by encouraging him to use his skills in the practical world.

6 Realistic Workout Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms

Having to fit in an exercise in your busy schedule is always difficult, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom who has her hands always full. Taking care of your kids, cleaning, cooking and just keeping everything in control takes up a lot of time and energy. This certainly doesn't leave you with much will to workout at the end of the day. Figuring out how to fit in an exercise as a mom can be challenging, but just remember that any workout you do is better than none. Read on to find out six realistic workout tips we have for you.

Everything counts

If it's really difficult to fit in a normal hour or more workout routine, remember that everything counts. Adding an extra run on the stairs doesn't take up much time when you are doing chores or chasing after or playing with your kids. Adding exercises like lunges and squats while you are picking up stuff also counts as a workout. While you are going to pick out groceries, why not take a run to the market and back? Thinking of creative ways to incorporate exercise is key here.

Exercise with your kids

Exercise is fun and it's healthy, for you and your children. You can take your kids on a walk or bike ride if they are old enough. It's one of the simplest things you can do to have some exercise. Another way to include everyone is to play games that involve physical activity. Make chores interesting by including them and making it into an exercise. You can also make it more exciting by making a contest, like who can finish first or do the most chores. If you are working out with dumbells, you can roll up socks that your youngest can lift. If they are older you can fill bottles with water and have them exercise with you.

Have many options

If you are busy, and staying on track with your workout is difficult, train yourself to take advantage of every spare couple of minutes you have. There are many short workouts that you can fit in when your kids are taking a nap for example. If you work out hard enough, even the short exercises can be very effective. You can find many 10-minute workout videos only to try out, whether they be strength or cardio workouts. If you have a plan and stick with it as much as you can, you will be seeing results in a short amount of time.

Wear workout clothes

Instead of changing into your regular clothes when you wake up, put on your workout clothes instead. This will put you in the right mind-set for working out from the moment you wake up. You will be motivated to find the time in the day to workout. Even doing the chores in workout gear will make you work harder at them. This also means that you are ready for a workout every time you have free space in your schedule and it's reminding you to take advantage of that time. Squishing in those five or ten-minute workouts is not so difficult now.

At-home gym and gear

Since you are spending the majority of your time in your house, having an at-home gym if possible will make working out a lot easier. You don't have to go out and spend that precious time traveling to the gym, you can do your workout at home. There are numerous home gym equipment online stores like Cyberfit where you can find all the workout equipment you will need for your home gym. Even having just a set of dumbbells will boost your exercise and health. Having a home gym is very convenient, as you can easily work in a good exercise in your schedule.

Morning exercise

Doing a workout in the day while everyone is up and about can be challenging with many distractions. Most babies and children sleep in the early morning, and this may be the perfect time to squeeze in an exercise. You can go for a morning run or jog around your neighborhood. If there is a park nearby with workout equipment, this is the perfect time to use it, as it will probably be empty. Doing some exercise in your yard is also an option.

Making time for exercise is challenging, but remember that every workout counts. Don't stress yourself too much, and remember that while you may be too tired, it's good for your health. After some time, working out may be the thing that gives you more energy in the day. It lifts your spirit, mood, and it can be so much fun.

Wednesday 22 January 2020

New Mom Freebies

As a new mother or mom-to-be, you know how fast the cost of essentials like formula, diapers and wipes adds up. Scoring discounts on those supplies is a must. The good news is that many companies offer baby freebies for new moms and those who are expecting.

But don’t spend time searching for these deals; you’ve got enough to keep you busy. Sara Skirboll, fashion & trends expert, and blogger at The Real Deal Blog did the digging for you. 

Now, to take advantage of these, you will need to spend a bit of time signing up for offers and rewards programs. But the effort is well worth the products you’ll earn for your baby and yourself.

1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Sign up for a baby registry on Amazon, and if you’re a Prime member, you’ll get a Welcome Box for free and a host of other benefits. What’s in the box is completely a surprise and the contents and monetary value will vary, but it averages around $35. There’s also a host of free samples and deals! For example, Prime members earn a 15% discount for completing your registry and the ability to return items for free for 365 days.

Once you’ve added products to your registry (either by you or a friend), Amazon will send you the Welcome Box—no need to even leave your house. The items within vary, but some moms have received full-size Amazon wipes, Babyganics lotion, books, snacks and multivitamins.


2. Enfamil Family Beginnings

Enfamil is a top formula brand ideal for many babies, and getting it for free will save you a substantial amount of money. Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings for up to $400 in gifts and a chance to win free formula for an entire year!

3. Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

When you create a baby registry at Target, you can visit Guest Services to get a free welcome kit with over $80 worth of coupons and handpicked samples. Think items like diapers, bottles and pacifiers from brands like Graco, Johnson’s, Huggies and more. Plus, you’ll get a 15% discount on everything left on your registry after you deliver. And with RetailMeNot, you can save $5 off $50 on select items at Target. Talk about a deal!

4. Gerber Baby Gift Box

Sign up for a MyGerber account, and you’ll receive a variety of discounts and free products from the company. Gerber also frequently sends surprise coupons and goodies like bibs, full-sized baby food, formula and onsies.

They also provide services to their members that are pretty awesome. You can use a Menu Planner to customize nutritious meals, access to chat with Dotti, your personal baby expert (available 24/7), and content tailored to your baby’s growth and individual preferences.


5. Free Diapers and Household Essentials From The Honest Company

Started and owned by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is committed to providing safe beauty, baby and home care for your family. Sign up at The Honest Company for $20 off your first trial with free shipping on your first purchase (orders over $50 ship for free all the time). You can opt into a monthly subscription of seven packs of their premium diapers and four packs of wipes for $96.45, or 17% off when you subscribe.

They have a collection of diaper bag essentials where you can choose from clean lotions, surface cleaners and hand soaps. These are also available for single subscriptions or bundles. Plus, you can delay your next shipment by up to 90 days any time.

6. BuyBuy Baby Goodie Bag

Create a BuyBuy Baby registry, and you’ll get an instant 20% off and a goodie bag filled with coupons and product samples ranging from a Chicco pacifier to a “Baby on Board” window sign.

Also, be sure to take advantage of their expert Registry Consultants available in-store to help guide you through the registry process. BuyBuy Baby stores offer free personal shoppers at any time so you can get one-on-one assistance when you schedule your visit.


7. Free Diapers Through the National Diaper Bank Network

For those who qualify for its support, the National Diaper Bank Network is a great resource for free diapers, which are donated by others. They’re committed to making sure every baby has access to clean diapers. You can even learn how to host a diaper drive locally to help fellow moms in your area.


8. Free Nature’s One Full-Size Product

You can sign up for a free full-size product after registering at Nature’s One‘s website. Note that a $5.95 shipping fee will apply. Plus, when you try their new subscription service you get 5% off!


9. Free Similac Formula

Here’s yet another way to save on baby formula. Similac StrongMoms rewards program sends individuals free formula samples and up to $400 in gifts, savings and benefits. They also offer nutrition guidance during your pregnancy. Note: The welcome gift for joining Similac tends to vary, but you will receive a bonus for signing up regardless.


10. Free Books Through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Inspire a love for reading at a young age. All you need to do is to sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library through the Library of Congress (see if the program is available in your area). From there, you’ll receive one free age-appropriate book each month from the time your child is born through age 5. If the Imagination Library isn’t currently in your area, you can assist in launching a program.


11. Seventh Generation Rewards

Seventh Generation offers plant-based formulas and has a nice rewards program. Sign up for it and you might get to preview new products, and receive coupons and offers.

12. Free Baby Gear, Toys and More With Pampers Rewards

The Pampers Rewards program is one of the best for those who will need to save on diapers for years to come. With this program, your diaper purchases turn into rewards, which you can redeem for coupons, offers, diapers, baby food, toys and more. They even have an app where you can scan products and get coins to redeem for free products.

13. Free IKEA Goodies

For those who love IKEA, there is nothing better than getting discounts, especially on food and home goods—just saying! Sign up for the free IKEA Family member program. When you do, IKEA will send you food offers and coupons. They have a range of products, from mattresses and bedding to kitchens and food, so chances are there will be something you love!

14. A Free Breast Pump

The Affordable Care Act made it a requirement for women to gain access to a free breast pump. You might be able to qualify for the program. To find out, visit and check out the rules.

15. GoodNites Discounts

Join GoodNites to earn free samples (from brands like Huggies and Pull-ups), discounts and coupons. By joining, you’ll also learn about new products, get access to reviews, information on potty training and more.

16. Check Your Doctor’s Office and Hospital for Free Diapers

Your pediatrician and local hospital should have diaper samples on hand and be able to connect you with special clubs that give out baby freebies, such as diapers and formula.

17. Free Diapers Through Huggies Rewards

Whenever you buy Huggies diapers or other baby products, upload your receipt into the Huggies Rewards website or mobile app. When you accumulate enough points, you can request coupons for free diapers or other Huggies products and gift cards. Plus, you can win diapers for a year!

18. Free Walmart Baby Box

Walmart now offers a free box to any mom who registers on their site. In order to qualify for the box, you must have a Walmart Registry URL, so be sure to register. Get a peek at the types of products in the box. Think bottles, wipes, diapers and more!

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