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25 Days of Self-Care To Treat Yourself During The Holidays

Self-care is often overlooked. Especially this year, as stress and uncertainty has taken over a majority of our lives. Nonetheless, the concept of self-care is extremely important, as it helps encourage maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others.  With the holidays coming up, stress seems to consume us even more due to the pressures that accompany the holiday season — travel plans, hosting relatives and finding the perfect gifts for all your friends and family. So this year, gift yourself by filling your December calendar with some holiday self-care ! Below is a list of self-care ideas to get you started so you can nourish yourself for the holidays. Write Yourself a Love Letter An important aspect of self-care is being kind to yourself and practicing self-love, so start by writing yourself a thoughtful love letter. Write down things you love and admire about yourself, no matter how big or small they might be. If you are in need of a place to begin, check out this prin

Preparing Kids For A Move

Moving is stressful, but moving with kids adds an undeniable layer of stress and difficult choices. It’s important for your children’s well-being that you take the proper steps to announce the move and ease their potential anxieties throughout the moving process.  While children of all ages can be affected by moving, the older your child is, the more rooted their relationships are. This is why teens may take moving the hardest. The thought of leaving school, sports and extra-curricular activities and all the friends that come with them can be very daunting.  During this time of heightened emotion try to be more in tune with how your child is feeling. If they are excited about the move it will make the process a lot easier. Below are tips on communicating with your kids about the move. Plan the Conversation Ahead of Time Speak to your partner ahead of time to hash out the details. It’s imperative to not point any blame at your partner. Prepare the “where, when and why” of the move Creat

How To Save On Common Car Expenses

Driving, while often convenient, is incredibly expensive. With insurance, gas money, repairs, the car itself, and even more to pay for, car expenses can quickly spiral out of control. However, that doesn't mean you have to necessarily sell your car in order to make it financially viable. Here are a few tips that you can use to make driving your car more affordable and financially sustainable long-term. Buy Used While many people tend to be skeptical of purchasing used cars, they're a great way to save on your initial car purchase. However, it's essential to first do your research on both the type of car you want and the specific car you plan on purchasing. Look for makes and models that tend to run better for longer; you'll spend less money on repairs and you won't need to replace your car as soon. Also, look up the vehicle history when you find a car you like. If it's been repaired, has records of an accident, or if you can't find the vehicle history

Ways To Select A Real Estate Agents Land To List Raw Land

I f you own raw or rural land, you better get it listed to avoid different kinds  of legal implications later. Now the field of real state is  expanding pretty  vast and aiming for the right help is a   bit tough . But it  is not impossible . Who are you going to ask for help while trying to list your land? Well, the designation that pops up in your head has to be of  real estate agents land  or listing agents. All the licensed ones are not equally good at h el ping you to sell the property you have. Listing the hunting land or farm with predominantly residential real estate agent can be a mistake. It is always mandatory for the landowners to choose any agent and company that can market and then sell rural prop er ty in  a  way that meets the objectives of sellers.     A  Few  Basic Queries To Cover I t has been mentioned that not all agents are equally knowledgeable and skilled to help you sell your land .   T here are some points to consider and pick the best  real estate a gents la

The Top 5 Apps Parents Are Downloading to Help Their Kids’ With Tough Homework

As our children get older, the homework they bring home and ask for help with becomes more and more incomprehensible. The math they learn looks completely new, we don't quite know what a soliloquy is anymore, and we definitely don't remember anything about chemical compounds. Being unable to answer their questions, and seeing the confusion in their eyes, makes us feel incredibly helpless. While relearning the material with them is definitely a great exercise for our brains, sometimes we're just not going to get it. This is where we say "Thank you!" to the invention of smart devices and the apps we can access through them! Here are the top 5 apps parents trust to help them help their children: 1.  The Khan Academy  app is great for students who might have missed, or didn't completely understand, a lesson as well as parents who want to help but don't quite understand the material themselves. Through Khan Academy, students and parents have access to multiple

10 Ways To Reinvent Any Room In Your House

Your living room looks old-fashioned and outdated to you – it is no longer really up to date. You’ve decided you will modernize it! How to revamp any room in your house? There are several ways to reinvent a room, such as you can remove a partition, change the decor, install a new floor or even adapt the lighting. You can also opt for empire window furnishings folding arm awnings for the protection of your rooms from direct sunlight or rain. Here we will discuss each part of your house and how you can renovate and reinvent them! Redo Your Living Room You must pamper the living room. It's still THE living room where you relax in the evening, where you receive your guests, etc. In short, it is better to make it the center of attention in your home and especially to make sure it’s up to your taste! 1. Remove a partition to enlarge the room Your living room is not very large. If you have always dreamed of having a spacious living room, this renovation is an opportunity t

How To Help Your Child Who is Struggling With Mathematics with Mathematics

Remember when math used to contain numbers. Math is a subject that is not made for everyone to succeed. It is a subject at which nearly every person suffers at some point in life and children also face issues studying it in school. If you find that your child is not that good at math, you do not have to worry too much since this is a common issue among children. Education in Math has changed quickly from memorizing formulas to understanding concepts which you can implement in real life. Although this is a positive step for learning, it can be confusing for both a parent tutoring his child and also for the person studying it. However, like everything, you can also be good at math with the right amount of practice and regular maths tutoring . Some of the ways you can help your child are mentioned below. 1. Practice with your child: I am sure that you are familiar with the quote that "Practise makes perfect". Following this quote will help you to get good at maths. Practi

6 Realistic Workout Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms

Having to fit in an exercise in your busy schedule is always difficult, especially if you are a stay-at-home mom who has her hands always full. Taking care of your kids, cleaning, cooking and just keeping everything in control takes up a lot of time and energy. This certainly doesn't leave you with much will to workout at the end of the day. Figuring out how to fit in an exercise as a mom can be challenging, but just remember that any workout you do is better than none. Read on to find out six realistic workout tips we have for you. Everything counts If it's really difficult to fit in a normal hour or more workout routine, remember that everything counts. Adding an extra run on the stairs doesn't take up much time when you are doing chores or chasing after or playing with your kids. Adding exercises like lunges and squats while you are picking up stuff also counts as a workout. While you are going to pick out groceries, why not take a run to the market and back? Think

New Mom Freebies

As a new mother or mom-to-be, you know how fast the cost of essentials like formula, diapers and wipes adds up. Scoring discounts on those supplies is a must. The good news is that many companies offer baby freebies for new moms and those who are expecting. But don’t spend time searching for these deals; you’ve got enough to keep you busy.  Sara   Skirboll , fashion & trends expert, and blogger at  The Real Deal Blog   did the digging for you.  Now, to take advantage of these, you will need to spend a bit of time signing up for offers and rewards programs. But the effort is well worth the products you’ll earn for your baby and yourself. 1. Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box Sign up for a  baby registry  on Amazon, and if you’re a Prime member, you’ll get a  Welcome Box  for free and a host of other benefits. What’s in the box is completely a surprise and the contents and monetary value will vary, but it averages around $35. There’s also a host of free samples and deals! For example,