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Tips to help your child cope with moving anxiety

  The last thing you want to hear while going through the tedious work of moving is your kid wailing- I don’t want to go!”. These times may make you clueless about how to respond to your kids.     Moving is a confusing and discomforting time for every family member but it has a major impact on the kids and your furry animals. The lack of continuation can make them uneasy. Here are a few tips on how you can ease the process of moving for little ones.      1.  Making things Familiar for your Kids   So let’s tell you the best part of dealing with kids- you can shape their perception by regularly speaking about the new place in a positive way. Kids can forget about the previous cookie that has broken in the milk cup before consumption as soon as you replace it with something better, maybe a chocolate cookie. Though moving is not as simple as a chocolate cookie but it tells a lot about the psychology of kids. You can start by telling them about how lovely their bedroom can be, how they can

5 Ways to Save Money When Buying a House

Many families dream of buying a house, but home buying is an expensive venture. There's a reason why a house is called an investment, after all. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can save during the home buying process so you don't need to use all of your family's savings to make that investment. Here are a few ways you can save money during the home buying process and even after you've closed on a new family home. Buy less house than you can afford It's tempting when you're looking for a new house to buy more house than you need. This is because the size of your home is commonly attributed to success. But buying a large house is not only more expensive, but it's also more expensive after you've bought it. It takes energy to cool and heat all that square footage. Be smart about your real estate agent Your real estate agent isn't just your representative when buying your home. They're also your source of information about local nei

How Can You Choose The Best Company For Roofing?

The probable lifespan of a roof is around thirty to forty years only provided it was well-constructed with high quality material. Roofs are extremely prone to weather damages because they are the barest part of a house so it requires repairs in some parts more often. Taking proper care of the roofing is essential. Doing the necessary repairs to prevent leakages in rainy weather is important. The leakages lead to the development of moisture that can harm the structures of the house. You must ensure that you use the best quality of roofing materials so that you can securely enjoy years of protection. One of the most important features of making a concrete house is the roofing. It controls the temperature of the interior of the house by preventing excess heat penetration from outside. It also adds to the architectural appeal and protects you from the surrounding elements. Depending on the type of roof structure which you choose for your house, you could make use of the roof til

Help Kids Build Fine Motor Skills with Printable Activities

Working with kids to improve fine motor skills can help them learn to use tools, improve hand-eye coordination, become more independent, and feel more confident. Adding fun activities into kids' daily routines is an easy way to help them build the fine motor skills they need to succeed. Check out the four summer-themed fine motor skills printables from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and download them all at the end to get started. Sea Animals Coloring Printable  Ice Cream Cone Grid Drawing Printable Beach Trip Line Tracing Printable Rainbow Placement Printable Working on fine motor skill activities can be a fun way for many children to develop their fine motor skills. For children who continue to struggle, it may be helpful to work with an occupational therapist who can suggest further tools and activities to help them.

How to include your kids in your workout routine

Mother and daughter doing exercise in bed Having a family is bliss, but there are so many other things in the life of a parent that gets ignored after they have children. It is a fact that moms tend to put their needs last. They will move mountains for their little ones, but once it's time to do something for themselves, they might be too tired. Many dads feel the same way also. But, that's not the best way to treat their body and mind, so let's help by showing them that they can have it all. Today, let's talk about how you can include your kids in your workout routine. Do your workouts at home with kids Gym memberships can be really pricey, and some parents feel guilty for wasting money on expensive workouts. Trading your gym routine for home training sessions is one of the money-saving tips to get you through the pandemic too. Of course, nothing can really replace the professional equipment you have at your gym, but your home can be a suitable replacement for the

Restaurants with Fourth of July Specials and Deals

Image Credit List provided by:  Sara Skirboll,  Shopping and Trends Expert at  The Real Deal Blog    Cheesecake Factory From June 29 through July 5 , order seven items for $20 for delivery, pickup or curbside to-go via The Cheesecake Factory website or DoorDash. The 7-for-$20 deal includes two Happy Hour Burgers, two orders of fries, two soft drinks and one slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake. Founding Farmers With locations in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, this small farmer-owned restaurant chain is offering backyard BBQ kits and ready-to-eat lunch boxes available for preorder from now  until Wednesday, July 1, at 5 p.m. , for contact-free curbside pickup  on July 3  or 4.  See the menu options here . Krispy Kreme For a limited time, try a Patriotic Doughnut from Krispy Kreme’s Indoughpendence Day collection, or opt for the Strawberry Sparkler Doughnut, Original Freedom Ring Doughnut or the Firework Doughnut—topped with crackling, popping candy! On the Border In honor

Make Magic in the Kitchen w/ Doughcuts 4th of July Layered Cookie Cake!

It’s almost time to celebrate the 4th of July! Make something delicious to share with your family. Celebrate 4th of July , and make magic in the kitchen using the hottest new baking trend, DoughCuts, with an Independence day layered cookie cake, made with their unique “print-at-home” cookie cake templates. The company helps people create precious family memories through their food. The molds help cut out large cookie shapes with ease and offer accessories to match like silicone baking mats and a cookie dough cutting tool. Cookie cakes are traditionally created as large chocolate chip cookies with a message in icing.  Founder Lisa Moulden is taking this antiquated version and turning it on it’s head with a new and improved style-- a layered cookie topped with gorgeous decorations, with cream tarts, cookie cake or cream biscuits as the final product. This unique alternative offers a solution to the large tools taking up too much storage space in the cupboard (usually 11” plus sized), won

3 Types of Damages You Can Claim If You Were Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Image credit Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling and freeing experience. There is nothing but road and wind between the rider and wherever they wish to be. Unfortunately, a motorcycle is also free of many of the protections provided by an automobile. When an accident occurs, it is a rare event when the motorcycle rider walks away unharmed. Most motorcycle accidents include injuries, often severe injuries. When the accident is caused by another driver's negligence or recklessness, they should pay for all damages caused. There are three main types of damages that can be claimed by a person involved in a motorcycle accident. 1. Economic Damages The first type of damages is referred to as economic damages. These are specific damages that have exact monetary amounts tied to them. These include any costs of repairs for the motorcycle or other personal property that was damaged in the accident. It also includes all medical bills incurred due to the injury from the accident. Other economic

Things You Need to Know About Commercial Sliding Doors

Commercial sliding doors are becoming popular lately because of their numerous benefits. They are good looking, has a beautiful design and topped with fantastic functionality at the same time. The lack of hinges makes it perfect for offices with less space. The sliding doors will have glass from top to bottom, which is an excellent feature as it allows natural light to enter into your house. Placing these kinds of doors and windows in the right place will enhance the interior of your house by making it lit up entirely without any other light sources at day time. Best Place to Install Sliding Doors The sliding doors can be installed in the indoors for office cabins and meeting halls. You can get them installed in the cafeteria too. They are perfect for the offices and will give an entirely new look. Commercial sliding doors comes in different shapes and sizes, making the entire office look amazing. You can add these sliding doors to the balcony of the office too. They are the best

Craft Project from The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

Image Credit Did you know? Banks in the shape of a pig first appeared in Europe around the 1400s. Most of these banks were made out of ceramic or porcelain.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids,  Volume 8  teaches how to make a piggy bank using regular household items.    How to Make  a  Paper-Mâché  Piggy Bank   YOU WILL NEED: 1 balloon 1 paper towel Tape Cardboard Newspaper Bowl 1 cup all-purpose flour 2 cups water Paint and paintbrushes Stickers (optional) The balloon is your mold. Blow it up to your desired piggy bank size.  Cut the paper towel roll into five pieces to serve as the feet and snout. Tape the feet and snout to the balloon. Cut ears out of the cardboard. Tape them to your piggy bank’s head.  Tear newspaper into strips 1 to 2 inches wide and in a variety of lengths. In the bowl, combine the flour and water. Stir to make a smooth paste. Dip one strip of newspaper into the paste, coating it thoroughly. Hold the strip between two fingers of one hand and, with the other hand,

Having A Hard Time Getting A Good Nights Sleep These Days

Whether you are stressed out about bills, the pandemic, your job, or simply life in general sometimes it can be a real challenge to get a good nights rest. Sleep is so important to your health and well being that it should be pretty high on your to do list.  There are a number of things you can do to make getting to sleep and staying asleep much easier for yourself! Try some of these great tips to get some rest and feel better. Wash your bedding.  There’s nothing more comforting than a nice clean bed. Try using a couple drops of lavender essential oil in your dryer when it’s drying to give you that sleepy scent.  Get some exercise before bed. Tiring yourself out before going down can be a great way to get a better sleep. Whether you go for a long walk, bike ride or have sex you will sleep a lot better. Buy some new pillows. Pillows can get flat and hard over time and use. New pillows are cheap and make a world of difference in the comfort department. Try listening to music or sounds.

Fathers Day Deals & Freebies

Father's Day Restaurant Specials and Freebies  By  Sara Skirboll , Shopping and Trends Expert at  The Real Deal Blog   Bahama Breeze Preorder a Father’s Day Bundle (serves four), with entrées like Baby Back Ribs and Jerk Chicken Wings, available for curbside pickup. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse From now through Father’s Day, buy $50 in eGift Cards and get a $10 bonus card valid  from June 22 through July 12. Bonefish Grill For those who want to take Dad out on the town, treat him to a Lobster Tail 3-Course Dinner ($19.90) that includes a choice of House or Caesar Salad, a Cold-Water Lobster Tail with two signature sides and a cheesecake—available for dine-in only. To celebrate at home, order the Bourbon Glazed Salmon Family Bundle ($43.90) that feeds up to five and includes a choice of House or Caesar Salad, family-style sides, fresh bread with pesto and freshly-baked cookies. From now  through June 21 , you’ll also get a $10 bonus e-gift card valid through the end of the year w