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How to gently break the news about relocation to your children

How to gently break the news about relocation to your children

Let us talk about how to gently break the news about relocation to your children - a problem most parents have. Namely, moving is anything but easy. Besides finding your new home and selling the current one, organizing your paperwork and finances, and doing all those moving-related things (decluttering, cleaning, packing, storing, etc.), you will also have to take care of your children. You will have to prepare them for this relocation not only physically but also emotionally. And, trust us, doing the former is much easier than doing the latter.

Children are terrified of moving - they are terrified of leaving their comfort zone and everybody they are familiar with; they are terrified of living in an unfamiliar environment, and, finally, they are terrified of being the new kid on the block. With all these thoughts in their mind, moving with your children might end up more complex and stressful than you thought.

But, do not worry - there is a solution for that too! Smooth family relocations start with communication. By breaking the news as gently as possible, you will pave the way for everything else. So, if you want to know how to do this best, keep on reading. 

Choose the Right Time and Place 

Choosing the right time and place is the most important thing. Just think about it - if you tell them about the upcoming move when they are happy and in a safe environment, they are more likely to take the news well. But, if you choose the wrong time and place, for instance, when they are on a play date or stressed about doing their homework, breaking the 'moving' news can turn into a disaster. 

Before anything else, see whether they are willing to talk. If they are, pay attention to their behavior. Be sure they are in a good mood before you decide to break the news about relocation. However, don't just wait for your children to be in a good mood - try to improve it yourself! Just have a fun day planned together with all their favorite activities and treats like easy-bake sugar cookies, and you will see them jumping with joy.

Caption: Choosing the right time and place to break the news about relocation to your children is of key importance.

Tell Them Why This Move is Necessary 

Your children will need to know the reason why this move is necessary. So, make sure that you prepare a couple of good answers ahead. Mainly, it is best to focus on all the good things this move will bring - a better house, a spacious yard to play, new friends, more fun, etc. Sometimes children need to hear something several times before it reaches them. So, talk to them as much as you think necessary and set aside the time to be with them. 

This might be a bit tricky with the relocation to plan, which is why parents typically decide to ask for the help of professional moving companies, such as Beltway Movers. Professionals of this kind will ensure all of your moving-related needs are taken care of and thus, give you the necessary time and energy you need to focus on your children's needs. 

Ask Them How They Feel About Moving 

It would help if you got the feedback before organizing your move and packing your bags. So, sit down with them and ask how they feel about everything you just said. Wait for their response and be prepared for anything and everything - tears, tantrums, laughs, and confusion. Whatever the outcome, let them calm down a bit before you proceed. 

It is essential to let your children know that you are there for them and always will be. Moreover, assure them that everything will be okay! If they have any questions, be sure to answer them as best you can. If they have any fears, try to mend them. And, if they don't want to talk, do not force them. Children, just like adults, need time to process new things.

Caption: Make your children feel important and included by asking for their feedback and opinion.
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Be Early, Specific, and Honest 

We mentioned that you should pick the right time to break the news about your children's relocation. And, now, let us talk about when the right time for that is. Ideally, it is as soon as possible. By telling your children about this move early, you will give them enough time to prepare for it emotionally and to get used to the actual idea of moving. 

Next, try to be as specific as you can about the details. Talk about when and where you are moving, what city and neighborhood you are moving into, what the house will look like, where their school will be, etc. When they know all the facts about the upcoming relocation, they might start to feel excited, and that might just make the process enjoyable for them. And, of course, when telling them all of this, be honest. Lying will only make things worse

Caption: Being early, specific, and honest can help your children adjust to the moving process.
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Tell Them How This Move Will Be a Great Experience 

Last but not least, the way you talk to them about the relocation matters as well. Try talking about what a fantastic experience it will be. Do your best to focus on all the good things - new house, new room, new friends, new play areas, etc. But, do not avoid talking about the 'bad' things either, especially if your little ones insist on it. And then try turning them around. For instance, if they don't like that this new home is smaller than your current one, tell them how that smaller home will actually bring your family closer and allow you to have more money to spend on all the fun activities they like. In the end, you are a parent, and you know your children best. So, you'll know precisely how to break the news about relocation to your children gently! 

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