Wednesday 30 November 2022

Christmas Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

As a daycare owner I know how hard it can be to keep little ones busy and learning all through the cold months of winter. I have been doing research and creating with my little ones for over 10 years now so we are always welcoming new ideas and fun activities into our schedule. I have found that keeping a very thought out and well planned routine helps get through each and every day without any issues. 

Take a look at these great free printables you can use to create some Christmas magic!!

We learn through play here so adding fine motor, sensory, reading, and discovery to our days is a must. Creating age appropriate activities is always a challenge if you have a large group of different ages. Keep it simple and encourage the big kids to help the little kids with their activities and they will have a lot more fun! 

This week we did the 5 senses with pasta and it was a huge hit. 


Watch how the pasta changes when it is cooked and how the ingredients turn into a dough, then a noodle, then an edible meal. We got to see the difference between cooked and uncooked pasta as well as dry and fresh. 


Hear the difference between a dry noodle and a fresh noodle. Listen to the sound the rolling pin makes as we roll out our dough. The water boils and makes a bubbling sound.


The pasta smells good when it is fresh but doesn’t have much of a smell when it is dry. We used herb infused olive oil that smells delicious when added to the pasta dough. The pasta dish smells great when it is fully cooked.


The pasta tastes delicious when it is cooked and has sauce and cheese added to it. The dried pasta doesn’t have a taste until it is cooked.


We got to feel the ingredients turn into dough, roll out the dough and make noodles. We felt the difference between a dry pasta and a fresh pasta. 

We used this simple recipe to make our fresh pasta:
Homemade Pasta Recipe

After we made pasta we took the time to use some dry pasta and create a cute Christmas wreath with glue and paint it. 

We were looking for some great ideas for weekly themes and found this adorable list by Little Ones Learn.

We also found a great Christmas schedule to use in case you are unsure of what to do over the next few weeks. Take a look at Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten for some amazing ideas!

For the month of December we have so much planned it will be interesting to see what we accomplish. I try to pack the schedule with more than enough just to give us options especially if there are days when a certain activity doesn’t quite work with our group for the day. 

This toddler advent calendar by Crystals Crafties is great for parents to get their toddlers involved without costing a fortune or taking up too much time. 

I get a lot of my great ideas from Pinterest and share them on my profile you can find below! 

Tuesday 29 November 2022

4 Savings Tips for Working Moms

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Being a working mom isn’t easy. Sometimes you can find yourself in a whirlwind of busyness that leaves you almost no breathing room. When you’re spending every moment taking care of the kids, working your day job and doing chores, there can be little time to think about your finances.

However, when you’re proactive about saving money, it can save you from extra stress and improve your family’s quality of life. To get you started, we’ve outlined our favorite money saving tips for working moms below.

Take Advantage of Sales

It goes without saying that when it comes to saving, sales are a mom’s best friend. But to take it a step further, you should look out for opportunities to buy things on sale in bulk. 

For example, there are items such as paper towels, toothpaste and shampoo that your household could go through at a fast pace. When you see items such as these on sale, it’s a good idea to stock up and save money in the long run.

Automate Your Savings

Saving is easy in theory, but even when you have a monthly savings plan, it doesn’t always work out. After all, it can be difficult to remember to transfer money at the beginning of each month. When you automate your savings, however, you don’t have to deal with this issue.

Most banks have a way for you to automatically transfer money at the beginning of each month, making saving effortless. 

Schedule a Weekly Meal Plan

A costly expense for many families is eating out. This makes sense, since at the end of a long work day, cooking could be the last thing that you want to do. Going to a pizza place or McDonald’s can seem like the perfect way to please your kids and take a load of work off of your plate. That said, these costs add up.

To save money on food, it’s a good idea to create a weekly meal schedule in advance. Have a meal laid out for each day of the week, and you can even cook and freeze your meals on Sunday, so you don’t have to worry about prepping every day of the week. 

Embrace Hand-Me-Downs

While not all of your kids’ clothes have to be hand-me-downs or thrifted, if you take advantage of used clothes, it will help you save a handful of money. Alert your friends that you’re open to taking their kids hand-me-downs and pay it forward by donating your kids’ old clothes when they’re no longer needed.

Just make sure to check in with your kids to make sure they are okay with wearing hand-me-downs. For teens, it can be a sensitive subject, but for younger children it shouldn’t be a big deal.


Being a working mom has its difficulties. You might be so swept up in business that you don’t even want to think about your finances. However, when you implement our money management tips, you’ll find that you have one less thing to worry about.

To ensure that your family is taken care of in any situation, you may even want to invest in a life insurance policy. To learn more about life insurance and tips to keep your family financially secure, take a look at our infographic provided below.


Everything starts from a dot: Master the orgasmic multiverse

LELO DOT™ delivers intuitive strength and intensity to teach us the art of connecting the pleasure dots in our bodies to create an intricate sensation that is an orgasm. Time and time again.
Despite its simplicity, a single dot represents a fundamental starting point of everything that surrounds us. Additional dots can be added and the initial dot expanded to enhance things and experiences. Still, starting from that single dot, the possibilities for where you take it from there are endless.
Pleasure also starts at a single point, a pleasure centre, when energy proceeds to radiate throughout the body. Travelling from the source in the form of energy, it beats on the outer edges of the body and reverses its path, returning to where it started, thus creating an infinite sequence. Building on this as an inspiration, LELO created a true first in the world of delights, the DOT™.

My Naughty Thoughts!

Mind blown once again! The LELO DOT is “dot on” with focus on the “dot” this little angel knows how to bless you this holiday season and take you to levels of orgasmic pleasure you only dreamed of. Whether you are playing a solo game of “connect the dots” or a dream team of “poke a dot” you will win hands down.

The direct reach this toy has is perfect to get you off quickly and efficiently if your in a rush or can get down and hit it again and again in a long luxurious session. The shape of the DOT is perfect for holding on and switching positions like playing a dirty version of Twister with your hands full. The silicone is so soft it’s just like touching your partner or your own skin, making it a comfortable addition to the bedroom. 

Have your most decisive and direct orgasm yet with the LELO DOT! 

Infinite pleasure

LELO DOT™ is a clitoral pinpoint vibrator that, used externally, allows for multiple orgasms. And it does so without causing numbness. Traditional vibrations numb the area around the clitoris and, more often than not, inhibit you from experiencing multiple orgasms due to saturation. But, thanks to its soft and bendable tip and revolutionary elliptical motion, LELO DOT™ offers climaxing with unmatched precision. This makes it a perfect companion for exhilarating solo or coupled play, allowing for a versatile approach to self-pleasure and enabling you to stimulate different erogenous zones with one device.
LELO DOT™  uses Infinite™  Loop Technologyto introduce a revolutionary movement - oscillation in a figure-eight motion in a constant rhythm. It's ideal for those eager to explore new orgasmic pathways. Developed by LELO for LELO DOT™, Infinite™ Loop Technology puts a new spin on your everyday vibrations used by personal massagers. It uses elliptical oscillation to provide a new kind of stimulation. Its strength and intensity are intuitive – relying on your own applied pressure according to your body's needs. A figure-eight motion that moves in a constant rhythm with astonishing power provides a new type of orgasm that feels much stronger and more focused on your pleasure points.

How Infinite Loop™ Technology works

Instead of moving in circles like the classical vibrators, LELO DOT™ follows an elliptical trajectory that allows constant surprises by simply shifting the angle of the toy. It orbits around the erogenous zone, covering every nerve ending with an elliptical pattern, resulting in a sweeping release of sensations. Think of the infinity symbol, and now imagine those same curves gently dotted onto your clitoris in one infinite motion until the climax. This comes from concentrating all the power in a bendable soft silicone tip, allowing for a precise and highly focused approach to self-pleasure.

How to use it

Apply LELO Personal Moisturizer on the very tip of your LELO DOT™ and any surface pleasure spot you plan on focusing. Think clitoris, nipples, neck - any place that gets your juices flowing.

Once comfortable, turn it on. Switch between the eight powerful pleasure settings. When you're ready, slowly focus on your clitoris and let the oscillating movements of LELO DOT™ guide you.

Experiment with placing your device in different positions and see which angle suits you the best.
LELO DOT™ delivers intuitive strength and intensity depending on the applied pressure and angle of use.

LELO DOT™ in a nutshell:
  • ABSOLUTE PRECISION. The pinpoint shape lets you meticulously stimulate any erogenous zone using the soft and bendable tip to steer the oscillations.
  • EIGHT POWERFUL PLEASURE  SETTINGS. LELO DOT™ offers eight different vibration patterns, varying in intensity from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse.
  • ELLIPTICAL MOVEMENT for a new unique sensation, reinventing orgasms as we know them.
  • EXTRA - SOFT SILICONE that's extra soft to the touch. LELO's classic body-safe silicone design allows for deeply fulfilling and hygienic pleasure.

How Childhood Trauma Can Affect Adulthood


pondering woman touching her hair

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." - is the first sentence of Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece, Anna Karenina. And Tolstoy was right. The variety of nonintentional (and sometimes intentional) childhood wounding is, in a word, astounding. The tricky part? The more subtle the wound, the more it eludes us. Understanding where our intricate personality comes from becomes our little white whale, forever unattainable. 

The wounds we carry are often undetectable, even under the inner microscope. It's a lingering sensation, more than a cognition. "Something's wrong." - but that's as deep as we go. And we let it pass. We bury it somewhere, in the farthest compartments of the mind. The thing is, as adults, we seldom have any recollection of the inflicted trauma. Trauma is an admirable sculptor, and sooner or later, its masterful hands will shape us. This is how childhood trauma can affect adulthood.

Unresolved trauma

So, what is childhood trauma, exactly? Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) or trauma can be described as an episode or a series of events, either witnessed or experienced by a child, that elicit distress and are by nature life-threatening, violent, and dangerous. A common misconception about childhood trauma involves presuming that the child would have to be the aggressor's primary target in order for trauma to fully develop. Well, wrong. The bystander role is as agonizing as being "the victim." And we're not talking about domestic violence, per se. (although amicable divorce is still rare and heated arguments can lead to physical aggression) Something as "little" as witnessing a loved one battling an illness or getting injured can be highly traumatic for children. What we fail to understand as adults is just how susceptible to shock and fear we once actually were.

child in blue sweater standing behind a tree

Childhood trauma sources

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), there are 12 common types of childhood trauma.

  • bullying (an act of inflicting physical, emotional, psychological, and social harm)

  • community violence (children who witness violence committed within their community)

  • complex trauma (refers to a series of traumatic events)

  • disasters (natural disasters involving earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme drought, wildfires, etc.)

  • early childhood trauma (traumatic experiences in children under 6 years of age)

  • medical trauma (involves illness, medical procedures, hospitalization)

  • physical abuse (parents or caregivers causing physical pain - neglect, kicking, slapping, hitting)

  • refugee trauma (fleeing causes emotional uncertainty)

  • sexual abuse (or "betrayal trauma" is committed by an adult or an individual older than the child)

  • terrorism and violence (witnessing shootings, bombings)

  • traumatic grief (death of a loved person)

Mental health issues are linked to childhood trauma

Adult individuals who were exposed to any type of childhood trauma are more likely to develop mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and other common issues. Individuals who were abused, neglected (or witnessed their loved ones being victimized), and who failed to seek proper treatment in their adult years tend to struggle in their professional and personal life. Poor stress management skills lead to hindered careers, toxic interpersonal relationships, and, inevitably, auto-collapse. 

Such individuals are more likely to use alcohol, food, drugs, and other substitutes as coping mechanisms. Addiction treatment experts from Harmony Ridge Recovery Center advise: childhood trauma is often the initial substance abuse trigger. Seeking professional help is of paramount importance. The sooner the individual faces the underlying cause(s), the sooner they can get their life back.

Childhood trauma affects personal relationships

Childhood trauma can affect adulthood by obstructing healthy relationship patterns. How? The survivors of childhood trauma tend to foster a distorted self-perception; low self-esteem and low levels of self-love can cause individuals to view themselves as undeserving of loving, caring, supportive, healthy relationships. The little voice inside screams: "You don't deserve them. You're unworthy of their love." And that brings us to adult attachment disorders.

Adult attachment disorder

AAD is a behavioral disorder that affects an individual's ability to form and maintain relationships. Children whose familial dynamic is healthy, supportive, and full of love grow up to be secure adult individuals who are able to form and constructively develop personal relationships; contrastingly, a familial dynamic riddled with threats, pain, and tragedies forms an insecure adult individual, who will consequently suffer from an empiric inability to form healthy bonds. Types of insecure attachment styles include:

Anxious-Preoccupied Attachment

The adult will appear clingy and needy and will constantly pursue validation in romantic relationships. The perpetual insecurity stems from a "hot and cold" parenting style, meaning parents could not exhibit emotional consistency, thus leading to a lack of emotional security. (episodes of rejection, followed by intense care and affection, leaving the child to question their position) Adults who require constant validation in relationships are likelier to develop an addiction. By using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for addiction recovery, they can overcome negative thought patterns and alleviate insecure attachment style symptoms.

stone artwork showing affection in a relationship

Fearful-Avoidant Attachment

(Also known as "Disorganized") A fearful-avoidant person is both anxious and dismissive. Those with this insecure attachment style deeply crave close relationships but cannot trust the person they want to let in. The fear of intimacy is a direct result of neglect or childhood abuse. This style is considered to be the least common and also the most complex of the three. Much like the dismissive-avoidant type, these individuals will often distance themselves from their partners, but unlike dismissive individuals, they will experience grave anxiety and neediness regarding their partner's love.

Dismissive-Avoidant Attachment

This type of attachment is usually the result of childhood needs not being met by the child's caregiver or parent. Rejected and ignored, the child will grow into an overly independent individual who might reject others and ward off potential threats to their vulnerable apparatus. (i.e., love) This unhealthy coping mechanism serves its purpose; it protects the individual from being hurt again. Therapy is advised for all individuals with an insecure attachment style—small steps to living a happier life.

Closing thoughts

It is true childhood trauma can affect adulthood, but only if we leave it unaddressed. Our happiness rides on our ability to accept ourselves for what and who we are, trauma or no trauma. It's time to do the work. Don't let it win.

Friday 25 November 2022

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Ideas

When we got married in June 2022 we decided on 3 themes to be intertwined since I have so many different favourites and couldn’t narrow it down to just one. I choose to create a Camouflage, Skull, and Alice In Wonderland themed wedding. It turned out absolutely gorgeous and was everything I had dreamed of. 

There were so many ideas I could have incorporated to create the best Alice In Wonderland themed wedding but I had such an amazing venue I didn’t need to take it to the extremes. I had planned my dream Wonderland wedding anyways so I could have different options to choose from, and came up with so many neat ideas. 

For The Dress

You can find some beautiful Alice style dresses on the internet so you can take your journey down the rabbit hole in style! 

This one from Etsy is absolutely stunning and would have been the perfect dress for me if I didn’t go with my camouflage gown. The style is so form fitting and the look is completely Alice In Wonderland, simply one of my favourite options and the price is right for sure. I chose to create a camouflage theme for my wedding party so my dress and everyone else’s outfits were matching camo. 

The Shoes

You can take the look of your shoes to all kinds of different levels depending on what your style is and how much you are willing to spend. I went with custom made Cheshire Cat shoes to add a touch of Wonderland to my wardrobe. My shoes turned out amazing and were custom made by a wonderful company on Etsy.

The Cake

We chose to do cupcakes at our wedding and they turned out so beautiful. We included a cutting cake but had the theme of skulls for the topper. It was exactly what I had pictured when  I was thinking about skulls and rustic tied together. 

But if I was going to take it to the Alice In Wonderland themed cake decorations I definitely would have gone with this adorable cupcake stand

The Decorations

You can create so many unique looks and take your venue to the next level with all kinds of Alice In Wonderland themed signs, lights, and props from the movies and books! There are some super cute favours that you can get that are skeleton key bottle openers which is what we opted for. They are so adorable and are right in tune with Wonderland. You can find similar keys here and they are very affordable wedding favours that can be turned into keychains as well.

You can get some very cool signs off Amazon as well and they don’t have to be for a wedding you can use them for parties or home decor. I really liked these ones below and you can find them here.

Create your very own Alice In Wonderland themed party or wedding for next to nothing by making your own decorations and incorporating a bunch of flowers. When I made my own Wonderland themed garden a few years ago I did it all for Pennie’s on the dollar being frugal and repurposing old materials.

Try creating this Tea Time Hanging Planter for more Alice In Wonderland in your home and yard. 

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Wednesday 23 November 2022

Fun Activities In Kelowna & West Kelowna To Celebrate Birthdays

Our youngest turned 10 and we celebrated his special day by enjoying some of the best our wonderful city has to offer! It can be really hard to choose gifts for a 10 year old boy these days, especially when they have so much already. 

Troy decided he wanted to spend the day with his family and enjoy some of the greatest activities for kids his age. 

First we went to H2O Adventure & Fitness Centre and swam for a few hours. They have an amazing wave pool, small kids splash park, waterslides, diving boards, lane swimming, the lazy river and hot tubs for you to splash around in! We had a great time swimming together.

After we swam we went to Scandia Golf & Games for some awesome arcade games! They have quite a bit to offer the community, lots of arcade games with a ticket program to get prizes, indoor and outdoor mini golf, batting cages, go karts, and a small concession for when you get thirsty. 

After that Troy decided he wanted to have a tasty fish & chips dinner from C-Lovers. C-Lovers takeout special is absolutely the best bang for your buck. You can always choose to dine in and have all you can eat but I can only eat a small portion at once and their fish is amazing even the next day when you heat it up again. They offer heaping piles of fries, delicious piles of fresh fish, coleslaw, and a 2 Litre of pop for 46.99! 

Once we were finished dinner Troy wanted to NetFlix and chill with some movie theatre popcorn from Landmark Cinemas. You can get them to deliver you popcorn and snacks using DoorDash. Head over to DoorDash to sign up using this link ( to get $45 off your first 3 DoorDash deals. I have never had any issues using DoorDash ever and they have the best customer service out of all the delivery services I have used. Anytime there has been an issue they have credited me instantly, and they let you know exactly where your driver is and an estimate of when your order will arrive. You can get so much delivered now you almost don’t need to leave your home anymore. 

Celebrating Birthdays in the Okanagan can be a blast! With so much to enjoy each and every season it truly is an amazing place to live! There are so many other places to explore in our beautiful cities take a look at these guides for more:

Huge List Of Winter Activities by Okanagan Family Fun

Check out this post on how you can make money as an affiliate marketer!

How Can You Make Thousands Affiliate Marketing?

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3 Things No One Told You About Becoming a Mom

Have you recently had a baby? Congratulations! Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging yet satisfying jobs. You’ll likely be reading every book and blog about it, as well as asking your friends and family how to prepare for this new major milestone. 

Now that you’re a mom, you’ll be faced with challenges and incredible moments that you never expected while you were pregnant, but this is all part of the journey of parenthood that will make lasting memories for the years to come. 

Here are some things that no one told you about becoming a mom:

  • Afterbirth is real

No one talks about what happens to the body once you have given birth, but in the days following the event, you will be closely monitored to make sure everything is healing as it should. Your body will go through things you never expected, such as pain, swelling, and discomfort, so be sure to take it easy in the first few days and get as much help as possible with the domestic chores and taking care of the baby.

What’s more, it’s normal to sense difficulty in bonding with your newborn straight after birth. After all, this is a brand new being in your life who you’ll have to grow used to having around. 

Approximately 80% of new moms suffer from the baby blues since their body goes through a lot of hormone changes. It should, however, only last up to 2 weeks. If you’re worried about a lack of bonding with your baby or unexplained depression, talk to your midwife or maternal health carer and they will put your mind at rest.

  • Family dynamics will change

When a new baby is welcomed into the family, life as you know it changes dramatically. Your relationship with your partner will be different now that you have the role of a parent. You’re going to be on alert 24 hours per day instead of being able to live your life freely as you may be accustomed to. While it may be a shock, to begin with, you’ll learn to adjust to the new routine of having such a large responsibility, but it will all be worth it.

  • Playing with your baby is essential

It’s often the case that new parents don’t understand the importance of playing with their baby. However, it is all part and parcel of their early development. Play improves their mental, social and emotional well-being, as well as learning more about themselves in the first few months of their life. When kitting out your nursery, consider these baby play mats from Crane Baby so you can lie your baby down and play together with toys, read them a story, or simply tickle them.

Becoming a mom isn’t easy, but in no time you’ll learn the ropes of becoming a parent and get into the swing of it. We hope this brief guide has given you some helpful tips about parenthood that you may never have known about. This is an exciting new venture. 

How Can You Make Thousands Affiliate Marketing?

 I always wondered how so many people were able to quit their jobs and stay at home making thousands of dollars just doing affiliate marketing? Is there any truth to these crazy claims? Can you really quit your 9-5 job to post affiliate links and take in a commission? 

Yes you can!

Well I can tell you that it is possible to make money Affiliate marketing and you don’t have to hit your job and do it full time. I am a part time affiliate and I make a couple thousand each month. This is with only a few hours on and off throughout the day because I run my own business and have 3 kids. I have to work 10 hours a day aside from affiliate marketing because I run a daycare from my home but if I could dedicate more time to affiliate marketing I could make a lot of cash!

Start small!

So how can someone make money as an affiliate? Well first you need to realize what you’re doing as an affiliate. You are advertising brands, products and companies by sharing their links on your blog, website, social account and so much more! You do not need to be a blogger or have a website to do it either. You simply need social media accounts. Share the links and earn a commission that’s it. 

My favourite affiliate program is Shareasale!

Join, Earn Cash!

Sharesale has a huge merchant database filled with different niches for you to promote! Everything you can imagine from website development, fashion, accessories, gift ideas and so much more. 

Pick your niche!

I have promoted different fashion accessories within blog posts, tweets, and  Pinterest boards or Instagram posts. Many of these social shares have gotten me a decent amount of traffic. Having a simple social channel for sharing affiliate links is one of the best things you can do. 

I do suggest signing up for as your main affiliate program and use Amazon Associates as your buffer. You can create a decent income using the two affiliate programs together. 

Get trendy!

The best thing you can do is stay on top of trends, read helpful articles that teach you about affiliate marketing and keep plugging away and you will see the profits rolling in soon enough. Affiliate marketing is an easy passive income if your willing to put the work in to get started, it doesn’t happen on its own so be prepared to work for a while until you see the results you were hoping for. 

Follow the rules!

Remember to follow the rules for affiliates and advertisers for each social platform to ensure you don’t get banned or blocked or put in a time out for not following the rules. Some people create special accounts separate from their personal accounts just in case and others make sure to only post periodically and follow the rules. 

Have fun!

Whichever you choose have fun with it and make unique content that people enjoy and you will soon be raking in the dough! 

Take a look at this post for some affiliate marketing ideas


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Tuesday 22 November 2022

6 Creative Ways Your Business Can Give Back To The Community

In this modern business world, the need for giving back and supporting your community has become a hot topic becauseconsumers are becoming more interested in how businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

As a business, finding ways to give back to your community isn’t only ethical but also can feed the very essence of your company. It demonstrates how much you care about your community and customers and benefits your business bystrengthening customer relationships and improving employee morale. 

Whether youre just starting out in this whole giving-back-to-the-community project or simply want to extend your good deeds, this article shares creative ways to implement a good CSR initiative. 

1. Work With A Local Organization

You can help in strengthening your local economy by partnering with another local business or organization and helping each other out. You can look for local organizations that mesh well with your business. For instance, if you have a restaurant, consider partnering with a local grower or farm to source your ingredients. 

By building meaningful partnerships, you can boost your local credibility and help cultivate a brand reputation that yourewilling to help others and provide value to your community. 

2. Organize Or Sponsor An Event

One of the most common ways that businesses use to give back to their community is by sponsoring or organizing an event. Doing so gives you an opportunity to make a change or help other organizations make a difference. In addition, sponsoring events like charities or fundraising or even a simple community sports activity can help spread the word about organizations fighting for a good cause.

For instance, some companies like Dan's Plumbing are fundraising for several non-profit organizations like R U OK? With this initiative, Dan’s Plumbing can help these organizations raise enough funds to support their mission while inspiring and informing others about their cause. 

3. Offer Internships

If possible, you can offer internships to give new talents a chance to shine or hone their skills. One way to do this is to partner with an academic institution to create more meaningful opportunities for soon-to-be professionals. 

You can even go an extra mile by investing in resources to tailor training programs. By creating internship opportunities, you send the signal that you truly want to invest in future professionals for the benefit of all. 

4. Donate Your Products Or Services

Donating money to your community is a guaranteed way to lend a hand albeit simpleIn comparison, offering your services or products (when applicable) to members of your company or organizations that need them can create a more significant impact. 

For instance, restaurants can donate meals to feed homeless shelters or frontline workers. A veterinary clinic can create sleeping areas or provide food for stray animals. Retailers can donate goods or clothing for a local charity event or in case of natural disasters or another pandemic

Even a simple act of generosity like providing customized shirts to your local little basketball team is a great way to show your community how much you care. As a bonus, it doubles as a marketing strategy if you include your logo or branding elements. 

5. Go Green

Committing to sustainable and green business practices ensures that you’re making a positive impact on the environment. Iis also a way for you to keep your community healthy, beautiful, and clean. Examples of green practices are reducing pollution and minimizing waste. 

Let your consumers know that you’re working hard to reduce waste, save valuable resources like water, or implement green initiatives throughout your business process. You can even turn your project to go green into a meaningful event by gathering your employees or volunteers to start a community garden or whole-day cleaning project. 

6. Provide Discounts To Community Heroes

Every community has hard-working members who have always served the public. These community heroes include:

• Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals
• Veterans
• Firefighters
• Police officers

They deserve gratitude and a token of appreciation every once in a while. Taking the initiative to reward or thank them through discounted offers can help harbor goodwill within your community. 


As a business owner, your roles and responsibilities may seem never-ending. Although your main goal is to gain profit, hopefully, the ideas fleshed out in this article can inspire you to make time and exert effort to give back to your community. By implementing the above strategies, you can do more for your neighborhood and spread goodwill in your local community.