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What’s Hot In Outdoor Patio Designs This Year

Incorporating indoor-outdoor living has always been a challenging task for any homeowner. Since the patio is the place where every family loves to spend their evenings in warm weather, it is only logical to make it fashionable and fabulous. Each year brings new, modern and trendy designs, so if you wish to alter your existing patio or build a new one there are a few guidelines to follow. Here a few boiling designs and ideas on how to reshape and enliven your patio. Fire Pits If you don’t already have one installed, then you should definitely do it right away. Fire pits don't only serve for roasting marshmallows, they have become a focal point for an outdoor patio. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in customer demand to have a trendy fire pit . While giving you the opportunity to get everybody together and chill out in a breezy night while listening to the cracking of fire, fire pits also serve as a decorative tool. They come in different materials and size

Spookies Healthy Halloween Treats

Canadian moms are volunteering their porches for porch pick ups of this healthy and fun alternative to the mass produced typical Halloween treats.   Spookies  are the brain child of Toronto based  New Moon Kitchen. 1kg bag of Spookies contains approximately 50 of New Moon's best-selling Chocolate Chip Cookies in  spelt  or  gluten free options. The treats are:  vegan, dairy and egg free, peanut and nut free, and Kosher Parve . Spookies have a shelf life of 75 days, and freeze well too.   Aside from porch pickups they also sell online (just shipped a load to Alberta) but the local families who offer their porches for pick up support New Moon Kitchen in their mission to provide a healthier Halloween that parents can feel good about.   Spookies are a healthy and ethical choice and with over 50,000 sold already they have become a cult sensation of a treat. These cookies are absolutely delicious and such an excellent way to provide a healthy snack in between the sugar rush of the Hallow

5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home Office

As many know the Chinese tend to live longer than any other people. It might be due to the food and their eating habits, but actually, they have an absolutely serene way of personal and business life. Calm working surrounding – you wonder, is that possible? Well, feng shui method can be easily implemented into your home office and give you relaxing, spiritual and yet productive results. Here are the essential tips on how to make your home office more comfortable following the feng shui method which will guarantee results in the long run. 1. Shape up the surroundings So, your home office is already your own private sanctuary, but you just can’t seem to get the work done effectively. Following the feng shui way, you should first declutter all the unnecessary items  that have been pilling up. Consider completely throwing out the excess papers and files that you are not using. Also, get stylish plastic boxes to place the finished files and organize them neatly on the shelves.

Self Care: The Family Edition

Before you become a parent, you only have to worry about yourself. Your evenings are all about focusing on self-care without distraction. Once kids come into your life, things couldn’t be more different. During the early years, you won’t even remember what a bubble bath looks like. Even once your littlies are old enough to walk, talk, and make mischief, you’ll struggle to find time for yourself. That’s a sacrifice you’ll be more than willing to make. It is worth noting, though, that neglecting yourself could leave you unable to provide the care your kids need. Unsplash Image So, you could say that finding time for self-care is pretty crucial. You’ll certainly notice how much more able you feel to tackle parenting when you’ve recharged. The trouble is that most parents don’t get the chance to do that often. We snatch a few hours each week. Surely even you can see that’s nowhere near enough? The main reason for difficulty here is the types of self-care we embark on. We consider things l