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4 tips for getting the most out of your garden


If you lead a busy life then the chances are that your garden has become somewhat of an afterthought. Gardens take a lot of maintenance, and most people shy away from making sweeping changes to their layout or undertaking big projects. A garden can be enriching, though, giving you somewhere to relax and destress among nature.


#1 Grow some fresh produce


The grow at home trend has certainly increased over the years, in part as a response to the climate crisis (and a general desire to reduce carbon footprints) and also because of the pandemic. When COVID-19 struck there was panic buying and, in some places, even food shortages. This put growing your own produce into sharper focus, and it’s a highly rewarding experience. You can start small with simple vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, and then expand as you see fit. There are lots of reasons to love growing your own food. It encourages you to spend more time outdoors, in nature and among the open air, helps you to better understand the natural cycles of the land, cuts down on food miles and, of course, gives you some delicious produce at the end!


#2 Expand your viewing area


A beautiful garden is no use if you can’t see it! If you’ve put a lot of work into your garden or simply want a better view of nature, consider upgrading your windows to something bigger. Many proud gardeners opt for sliding glass walls. These are similar in scope to classic French doors, but they cover an entire wall and don’t have frames to interfere with the view. Glass walls like those from are an elegant solution to an obstructed view and they mean that you’ll be able to kick back at the end of a long day and enjoy your garden, even from inside the house!


#3 Add a water feature


Water features are the ultimate in Zen gardening. They come in all shapes and sizes and, while the idea of installing one might seem arduous, it’s much simpler than you think. You’ll need an active supply of water, but other than that you’re free to do as you please. Fountains make a stunning focal point, but even a simple pond has its advantages. Ponds attract wildlife including frogs and birds, and new plants will grow around the water’s edge. You might even go one step further and add low maintenance fish like koi.


#4 Build a shed to reduce clutter


Serious gardeners tend to have a lot of kit. Aside from lawnmowers and strimmers, there are also tools like shovels and forks to worry about, not to mention garden furniture that you might not have room for indoors. A cluttered garden isn’t exactly relaxing, and having tools strewn around the lawn looks chaotic. Small sheds are cheap, easy to install and give you somewhere to store all your tools. They’ll make your garden look immediately neater and, if you choose the right design, they’ll complement the natural feel you’ve cultivated.

What Every Parent Needs to Deal with Messy Children

Most children love to make a mess. However, they leave all the cleaning up to you. To them, cleaning isn't fun, and it might take you approximately 28 times a week to clean after your kids. 

Tidying up after kids who can do so for themselves can become problematic after a while. That's why you need to teach them how to clean up and keep your home tidy.


Handling Messy Children


If you want your kids to clean up after themselves, you need first to understand that it's age-appropriate. For example, if you have a toddler, they won't be able to clean after themselves. However, they can still be of help because most love being involved in activities. Taking advantage of this can help your toddler form some good habits while being enthusiastic about the activity.

On the other hand, you need to know how to communicate with your children. Speak to them and let them understand that having a messy home can lead to bigger problems like spreading germs and bugs. This also enables your child to ensure that everyone within the home also cleans up after themselves. Communicating with the child helps them know that cleaning isn't a chore or punishment.

Through this, the kids won't have any negativity towards cleaning; instead, they will be happy to contribute toward a clean home. Giving your children options is another way of ensuring that they can clean after themselves. For example, you can let the child choose which bit to clean, thus providing them with a sense of domain ownership.


Tools to Use When Cleaning


Besides getting your kids involved in cleaning any mess within your home, you also need to have the right equipment. This enables you to invest in something that you can use as a family, thus having a great collection of cleaning tools. The first product is a good cellulose sponge. Sponges can help you and your kids to enjoy cleaning because they can handle all grimy surfaces.

Besides, they are cheap and come in many colors. You can buy lots of these sponges in your kids' favorite colors. The quality of the sponge matters because you can come across some that can last almost forever. Furthermore, using a sponge cloth can help you bridge the gap between a towel and a cloth.

A squeegee is another tool that you will need when teaching your kids to handle their mess. It's not only a fun product but also equally effective. The squeegee is an ideal solution when cleaning windows or even your bathroom walls. Furthermore, to keep the squeegee durable, you will need to protect the blade against any damage.


Make Cleaning Fun for Kids


If you want to involve your kids when cleaning, you need to make the process fun. One way of doing so is having the kids set a timer. It's always fun to fight with time, especially when you have something else to do. Furthermore, this will motivate the kids to clean each bit within the available time limit.

On the other hand, you should reward your kids when they finish cleaning before the timer goes off. Using checklists is another idea to use when getting your kids to clean after themselves. Take time to write down the different areas of the room that they ought to clean. This ensures that your child will have a sense of accomplishment when checking off everything on the list.

Besides the checklist, you should make cleaning a family affair. Ensure that everyone's involved when cleaning to make it less of a chore and more of a family affair. When cleaning together, you can help your kids understand the different areas they should focus on around the house. Nonetheless, it enables you to have more time bonding with your kids.

Playing games when cleaning can also help your kids enjoy cleaning. For example, a color game can help your child to put away anything that's on the floor. This ensures that the child can tidy up after themselves while learning their colors. Furthermore, the color game can help them sort through everything within their room or home.

Using pictures is another way of making cleaning fun. Children are very visual, and using pictures can help them with all their chores. If you'd like your kids to learn how to load the dishwasher, have pictures that help them know where everything goes. This way, the kids won't mix the dirty dishes with the clean ones.


Final Words


Cleaning doesn't have to be a tedious ordeal. You can have your kids learn how to clean after themselves, thus keeping the house clean. Always ensure that you make the entire process entertaining for the kids. Furthermore, ensure that the kids understand the pitfalls of having a dirty or messy home.

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6 Alluring Floral Theme Ideas for The Perfect Wedding


Are you passionate about seasonal blooms, floral energies, and the colors of nature? If yes, your wedding décor will undoubtedly reflect your love for floral embellishments and crafty centerpieces. Floral decorations are one of the most breathtaking elements that enchant wedding guests with their serene charm and glorious beauty.

Do you love peonies, daisies, or do you prefer the classic charm of crisp red roses? Deciding upon one floral theme is never easy, and bridal couples often find themselves overwhelmed with variety. It's natural for couples to want to try something different – something original that doesn't exist in the algorithms of Instagram hashtags.

If you're looking for alluring and enchanting floral themes for your Big Day, you've come to the right place. We've created an exciting roundup of eclectic, classic, and endlessly romantic floral themes to inspire your wedding décor.

Here, take a look:


1.      A World of Roses

If you and your partner adore roses, here's a terrific idea: brim up your wedding décor with colorful variants of roses. Very few flowers can compete against the intricacy and classic beauty of a rose. A red rose symbolizes passion and affection. But you don't have to limit yourself to one color unless you wish to stick to one color palette dominating the theme.

Working with roses demands close attention to detail and creativity to avoid overshadowing the beauty of these flowers. We advise you to find an experienced wedding florist by actively exploring portfolios to evaluate their experience. Be sure to prioritize florists who have worked with roses and specialize in rose-dominated wedding décor.

Suppose you're looking for a professional wedding florist in Newport Beach. In that case, you can approach wedding florist Newport Beach CA to avail yourself of their expertise. A professional can help you find the perfect blend of roses to personalize your wedding theme to reflect your preferences.

We suggest you go overboard and create a delightfully vibrant cornucopia of roses in every imaginable color. You can create eclectically colorful patterns of roses strewn together with a color-coordinated approach. You can even create a rainbow-like design with roses in yellow, red, pink, orange, and purple – even white.


2.      Rustic Notes of Greenery

Do you love green garlands and snake-like veins but don't have a taste for colorful flowers? You're not alone, as many bridal couples choose dried eucalyptus, twigs, and rustic branches over vibrant florals. Dominating your wedding décor with rustic notes of greenery is a popular, Instagram-trending theme that will prove a roaring hit.

You can get creative with this theme to surround the tables, structures, and ornaments with snake-like green veins. For instance, you can combine dried leaves and garlands with rustic elements, like wooden tables and tableware. You can place greenery in the middle of the tables, surrounded by decorative pieces and scented candles.

This rustic trend exudes a laid-back charm that combines countryside vibes with a rarely executed concept. You can add multiple finishing touches with decorative items and rustic wooden accents to create a theme you genuinely admire.


3.      Romancing Pretty Pastels

Do you love the serenity of pastel colors and wish to combine them to create a whimsical and romantic setting? It's a fabulous idea, and it allows you to explore a wealth of flower variants. For instance, you can work with pale yellow roses, green hydrangea, peachy daisies, lavender, and blue delphinium. Lavender roses, brunia berries, pale pink astilbe, pink chrysanthemums, dusty miller, and spray roses are also excellent choices.

There's a wealth of pastel-hued flowers to explore to create an artfully magical setting. You can always combine a blend of colors or limit yourself to deep notes of pink, lavender, and peach. When working with pretty pastels, one can experiment with a wealth of decorative elements. For instance, dusty pink roses and chrysanthemums look wondrous with chunky strands of pearls and crystal decorative.

You can also use purple and lavender-toned flowers to create a woody and earthly décor dominated by lavender stocks. Infuse the environment with the scintillating aroma of scented candles and essential oils.


4.      Angelically White

Many brides gravitate towards white flowers' serene and angelic charm to complement their dress and bridal affair. White garden roses are a popular choice for winter weddings, and they make the most spectacular centerpieces and bouquets. But you don't have to limit yourself to roses; instead, explore various white flowers.

For instance, ranunculus, spray roses, flannel flowers, alpine, calla lilies, and orchards are all spectacular choices. You can combine white flowers with brass accents or sterling silver vases lit up with a canopy of fairy lights. White flowers work well with sheer white curtains, draperies, and classic chandeliers.

It's the ultimate setting for a simple wedding décor grounded in old-school glamour and traditional accents.


5.      Woven Earthy Accents

Do you want to channel your love for flower-picking and flower markets in your wedding décor? Here's a fabulous idea: create elaborate floral arrangements with woven market baskets and colorful flowers. We advise you to go rustic and laid-back with large-stemmed flower arrangements complementing the lavender stacks. This décor theme demands a chaotic vibe, and we urge you to ditch perfection.

You can work with wildflowers instead of carefully cut roses and detailed presentations. Naturally, this theme works well with a bohemian or countryside wedding theme. You can incorporate all kinds of earthy accents, such as bamboo decorative, woven baskets, rustic wooden plates, and textured tree trunks.


6.      The Colors of Fall

Are you gearing up for a rust-toned fall wedding with a glorious outdoor setting? We urge you to work with pheasant feathers, deep-toned hydrangeas, chocolate sunflowers, and crisp red roses. You can play with orange or rust-themed decorative and play around with patterns to dominate the décor with fall-inspired colors. Pheasant feathers work beautifully with autumn flowers, and there's a delightful variety of dark tones to explore.


Finding the perfect floral theme for your wedding isn't easy. We urge you to finalize your floral decorations days before your Big Day. You see, the days leading up to the wedding are brimming with anxiety and stress. You don't want to make any last-minute decisions driven by your florist, friends, or bridal party.

Take your time to explore ideas and inspirations, and find the perfect blend of flowers, colors, and ornaments. We hope you find the perfect floral theme that complements your personality, dress, and partner perfectly.

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All about CCNA Certification


 Everybody knows that there is a fierce level of competition in all the industries when it comes to finding the right job. The IT industry is also becoming quite competitive. You need to have the right skills to do the job well. The hiring market is always looking for someone better and more competent. They are looking for people who have hands-on experience and the required certification.

The competition in the IT industry keeps IT, professionals, on the edge. They are always looking for ways to brush up their skills. They always have to make themselves resourceful by meeting the increasing demands of the IT industry of getting CCNA training.

The CCNA certification courses are available online and in-classroom training. You can attain this certificate to enhance your IT skills.


CCNA Certification-Essential for Networking Professionals 


The CCNA certification gives you a high level of understanding of the IT networking models and protocols. You can increase your credibility in the IT industry if you have the CCNA certification.

Networking is one of the most important domains in the IT industry. For people who have the certification, it gets easier to deal with networking issues and problems. They get to learn about fundamental networking knowledge.

Cisco Certified Network Associate is the certification for IT professionals that becomes a strong foundation for IT professionals to learn about the networking technologies offered by Cisco. This certification is becoming popular all over the world for IT professionals. Over 1 million people in the IT industry have this certification.

There are free resources available on the internet for this certification. If you want to appear for the CCNA exam, you can prepare for it by using free internet materials like tutorials, videos, articles, and demonstrations.

When you have a CCNA certification, you can work anywhere in the world. This certification is globally recognized. You get an enhanced understanding of how IT networking works in all parts of the world.

However, just having the CCNA certification is not enough. You should have educational degrees and diplomas related to the IT industry if you are serious about becoming a successful IT professional.


Advantages of getting the CCNA Certification for IT professionals. 


Regardless of your operating level in the IT industry, the CCNA certification is becoming the parameter of your success in the IT industry. Employers give more importance to the people who have this certification.

After receiving the certification, employees can perform better in their jobs with the increased knowledge and enhanced exposure provided by this course.


Increase in knowledge 


When you pursue the CCNA certification, you can enhance your learning skills. The certification develops a solid methodology so that you can understand the core concepts of the networking of Cisco.

Even if you have years of experience in the IT industry, this course is going to enhance your skills and

This certification keeps you updated with the IT-related technological advancements that are important for you to learn for succeeding in the IT industry.


Boost in career. 


CCNA certification allows you to enhance your career. You get to have more opportunities. It makes you eligible for more designations to apply for. A lot of IT positions now require this certification. Therefore, it gives you more chances for promotion in your career.

As an IT professional, you can climb up the corporate ladder quickly with this certification. Moreover, you can dig deeper into the concepts of networking which allows you to get to the higher positions quickly. With this certification, you can also enjoy good salary packages. Learn more now about the certification if you want to attain it to get promoted in your career quickly.

Compared to someone who does not have the certification, a person who has it can enjoy more opportunities.


Global Acceptance 


CCNA certification comes with global acceptance. No matter where you live in the world, if you are an IT professional with the certification, you can expect to negotiate with the IT companies for better salaries and better positions.

For most IT jobs all over the world, this certification has become the eligibility criteria. Employers prefer to hire employees who have this certification. For more information, check out Spoto




Renowned IT companies look for people with CCNA certification. People with this certification can open new prospects from their IT careers. Hence, if you want to build a satisfying career in the IT industry, you should acquire the certification.



What To Do And What To Know When You Are Bit By A Dog

Even the best trained dog can be unpredictable and can bite somebody. You could be used to the dog and still get bitten. Or, you may find yourself in a situation where you are confronted by a strange dog and get bit. No matter who the dog is, it can be quite traumatic to be bitten by a dog. 


If this does happen to you there are things that should be done to make sure that the situation is resolved well. Both for your own well being, but also for the dog and to prevent any further bites from happening to somebody else. In this article, we will go over how to respond when you’ve been bitten by a dog. 


1 - Determine the extent of the injury


If you were simply nipped by a dog, then you likely have a superficial wound. You can likely take care of it yourself when you get to a restroom or your home by washing it well with warm soapy water and then putting on a bandage. In this case, there is no need to call emergency services. 


However, if the bite was more aggressive and it was more like an attack then your wound may be a bit more serious. Any bleeding from the neck or near an artery needs to be taken seriously so call 911 right away. And if the injury is too severe, it is required you should consult a personal injury lawyer here for legal help. If it seems like it is a puncture wound but will stop bleeding after a few minutes, then you can generally treat this yourself at home. 


2 - Get the name and information of the owner


Hopefully the owner of the dog was around when the incident happened. You are going to need their information as the situation will likely escalate. They will be responsible for any medical bills to treat your injury so it is important to know who they are, where they live and how to contact them. 


This information will be requested if you go with Skyview Law a personal injury law firm or any other attorney. Not only will they need it, but you should contact animal control right away and give them the information about the owner. 


3 - Find out if the dog is vaccinated


Rabies are a serious issue and can cause you some health problems if untreated. If the dog has had a rabies vaccine then you are covered. If not then you should make sure to get checked by your doctor.


The dog in question should also be tested if they haven’t been vaccinated for rabies. If there is no owner present, then try to have animal control take control and find out from them if the dog was rabid. 


4 - Will the dog be put down?


You may hesitate to report a dog bite if you are afraid the dog will be put down. It may not be as each situation is different. If the dog attacked unprovoked and needed to be dragged off of you then there is a problem and it may need to be euthanized. If the circumstances were sort of mild or something happened to provoke the dog to bite then it is unlikely to be put down. 


Make sure to report the incident as it is important that the owner take precautions to make sure the dog doesn’t bite again. 



10 Ways to Design a Luxury Home without Blowing Your Budget


Looking to update your old house can either be due to you planning to sell it or simply wanting to switch to a better lifestyle. However, the idea of designing a luxury home can scare your budget-conscious self out of wit. Fortunately, some ways can make your house look luxurious without costing you an arm and a leg. So, if you’re ready to give your house a major makeover, we’ve got you covered!

Following are 11 ways that can help you design your luxury home without blowing your budget. Let’s dive in!

1)      Add A Decorative Touch With Trendy Rugs

Rugs are often used generation after generation, making them cost-effective and budget-friendly. Laying out trendy rugs is a great idea to layer your home. Not only do they give your home the much-needed ‘wow’ factor, but they also make your rooms look bigger. The only trick is to put a relatively larger rug under the furniture to give the floor a spacious look, and you can see the change for yourself.


2)      Give Life To Your Backyard

Landscaping your backyard during your home remodeling is crucial. Why? Because not only does it adds value to your house, it can also prove to be low maintenance if done correctly. You can save yourself from spending those extra pennies by hiring professionals who’re capable of designing your backyard to fit both your lifestyle and budget. You can even find these services online, according to your location. For example, if you’re residing in Atlanta, try searching for the term backyard landscape design Atlanta GA on Google to find the best landscaping services at reasonable rates.


3)      Ditch The Old Pillow Covers

You can remodel a lot of things in your home for a luxury look. Throw pillows are one of them, and while bed pillows should be swapped every 6 months, there is no such rule for throw pillows. They’re just there to add a little extra comfort and aesthetic appeal to your couches which is why we suggest you not throw them away. Instead, wash them and cover them with fresh, new pillow covers to enhance the look of your living room while staying on your budget.


4)      Dust Off The Old Artwork

Art is timeless and always in style. Wherever placed, it represents your taste and gives your house a more decadent touch. Plus, it’s not just the art but the frames of the art matter too, since they complete the overall look. So, if the frames are already in good shape, great, but if they’re not, try updating them. Spray paint can do wonders, just by the way.


5)      Make Blueprints For Each Room

A home makeover calls for furniture rearrangement too. Being tight on budget, you won’t want to spend a lot of money during the process. Luckily, if done correctly, this otherwise daunting task can prove to be easy and quite interesting too. Drawing out your ideal furniture arrangement and taking the necessary time to style each room can save a lot of time and money. So, the best way to about it is to use your imagination and chalk out the arrangement before you jump into the renovation process.


6)      Get Creative With Used Items

Going on a shopping spree at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores can prove to be the best choice for designing your luxurious home. These stores have a variety of furniture items that can add to the look of your house at affordable prices. You’d only have to put a little extra effort to make them look good as new, but those efforts would feel worth it once you see the result.


7)      Wake Your Inner Painter

Painting your walls with warm tones can help you in achieving that indulgent look for your house. Not only do warmer tones add a comfortable vibe to the room, but they also make areas look bigger and spacious. However, hiring a professional for this job could go heavy on your pockets but grabbing a roller from your storage won’t. So, grab a roller and show your skills because a penny saved is a penny earned, right?


8)      Clear Up The Mess

A luxurious home is not necessarily the one that has a lot of stuff bombarded everywhere. While a cluttered home steals the appeal of the look, it also hinders the renovation process. If you’ve got a lot of stuff in your home, you’d most likely need to rent a temporary space to store your belongings until the renovation is fully completed. Renting a temporary space would cost you the money you’re trying to save. Therefore, act wisely, and declutter your home to make it look organized and luxurious while also being easy to renovate.


9)      Place Flowers Around Your Place

Adding luxury to your house doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. There are quite a lot of pocket-friendly ways that can elevate the overall look of your house. Take flowers, for instance; they don’t cost too much, but their existence is not only capable of transforming your house into a luxurious one but can also elevate your mood. However, proper arrangement of flowers can make a difference; try arranging the flowers by stem type and then place them into beautiful vintage vases to make the most out of their look.


10)  Fix Those Damages

While bigger changes are more apparent, working on smaller changes is also important. If your home feels tiring, it’s time that you invest a little in updating the fixtures. Consider replacing the drawer handles, doorknobs, cabinet handles, and even kitchen countertops. These small alterations won’t cost you a lot but would add value to your house.



Putting in small efforts would help you transform your dull old house into a luxurious one without being heavy on your pockets. You just have to possess the right sense of style and the willingness to switch to a better lifestyle. So, before jumpstarting your renovation process, don’t forget to skim through these tips!

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The Best Musical Toy For Toddlers

[Interesting Learning Toy] This instrument learning toy has 3 drum pads and 2 cymbals, microphone with independent switch, 90cm microphone cable, and adjustable bracket, their own unique sound is good for baby's sensory development.

[5 Game Modes] 5 Light music with flashing lights, 4 kinds of interesting sound effects, 10 beautiful songs, 3 dynamic rhythm and simulation drums, volume plus or minus keys to finding a suitable baby volume.

[Material Safety and Novel Design] This instrument learning toy is made of eco-friendly ABS plastic material, BPA-FREE, NO LEAD. Good protection for the baby's eyes.

[Perfect Gift for Kids] A perfect musical set for little musicians, which will help to increase your kid's interest in music. Perfect gifts for children's Birthday, Christmas, Halloween.
Looking forward to your reply.

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How to create your dream flower garden

In order to grow a vibrant flower garden, there are a few things to consider for the most optimal results and continuity. Creating your dream flower garden extends far from picking out flowers that you’d like to grow. You need to invest some time and effort into planting your flower garden as well as maintaining it. You should start by making a rough plan, considering your space and then move on to choosing the right plants. After these few initial steps, you should also think about how you can upgrade your garden with some additional features, as there is more to a wonderful flower garden than merely flowers and plants. Also, what you shouldn’t forget about is a plausible management plan, which you will implement in order for your flower to grow and remain lively and colourful. Take a look at some useful tips for designing the perfect garden – they can help you in realizing your dream and enabling you to enjoy your hobby.

    1. Make a rough plan

Regardless of the fact whether you you’re working with bare land or an already-established garden, you need a starting out plan. You can search online, in magazines, or even find inspiration in your neighbour’s garden design and put some design ideas in place. Be creative and imaginative and remember that sky is the limit. Try to picture how would it all look like in your yard. Consider all the different types of flowers and plants that you’d like to plant and think about their texture, look, scent and how they fit in with each other. When you create a vision of your dream garden in your mind, it’s time to put it on paper. If you don’t have many ideas, you can always hire a professional landscaper to help you out in achieving that ideal flower garden. 

    2. Consider your space

The space in your yard plays a key role when it comes to a beautiful and pleasing garden. Space largely affects the atmosphere of a garden. For example, if you have a large and open space, it portrays an airy and simple garden, while, on the other hand, a small space features feelings of mystery and seclusion. Also, space dictates whether you’re able to move through your garden without restrictions or in certain, measured out ways. Nevertheless, you can create your dream flower garden both with small or large space. A well-tailored garden, that works for the space you have as well as your vision and needs goes a long way. What you also need to consider when it comes to space, is a perfect place for your hose reel, so you can water your garden in a free and orderly manner. 

    3. Choose the right plants

Once you have your plan in mind and on paper, your space assessed it’s time for plants and flowers choice. There are so many types to consider. How to decide which ones are ideal for your garden? You should take a few things into consideration. Firstly, you should choose plants based on your garden aspect. Some essential things to keep in mind are the climate conditions – they should be optimal for the plants you’re planning to grow, your personal preferences and the plants you’ll be able to manage and maintain. Do thorough plant research before you purchase the plants.

    4. Upgrade your garden with some additional features

With the previous step complete, you can focus your attention on some additional features for your garden. There are plenty of landscaping features you can add that will improve the functionality and practicality of your garden. These features include an outdoor barbecue area, a comfy seating area in shade, perhaps some water features such as a fountain or even a pool. Some lighting and decoration also add to the beauty of your garden.

    5. Don’t forget about the management plan

Regular maintaining is the key to a permanently vibrant and luscious flower garden. And you can maintain it only with a good management plan, which you can implement as soon as you finish planting and designing your garden. This includes regular watering, fertilizing and getting rid of weeds. 

For many people, taking care of their garden is a hobby that they enjoy doing and that charges their batteries as well as fulfils them. Such a carefully and lovingly cultivated garden is bound to blossom and prosper in every season.


Safe, sane, and above all consensual: Valerie Tasso and LELO explain the basics of kink and BDSM erotic practices to newbies

Though BDSM is often misunderstood, activities that fall under its umbrella have been part of the human experience across the ages. More recent research into the entire phenomenon has proven to positively affect the mental and physical health of those enjoying it. It can even deepen romantic relationships as it heavily relies on open and honest communication between the two consenting adults.
With that in mind, the luxury pleasure brand LELO and industry champion in sexual wellness teamed up with the world-renowned author, sexologist, and LELO Ambassador in Spain, Valerie Tasso, to bring a book that takes a down-to-earth, informative, and beginner-friendly take on the BDSM lifestyle. The two want everyone to take part, even if it is only in theory.

LELO is not just a sex toy brand; it's a self-care movement aimed at those who know that satisfaction transcends gender, sexual orientation, race, and age. We're offering the experience of ecstasy without shame, the pleasure of discovering all the wonders of one's body, thus facilitating our customers with confidence, that leads to a fulfilled intimate life. LELOi AB is the Swedish company behind LELO, where offices extend from Stockholm to San Jose, from Sydney to Shanghai.
  Whether you're new to the BDSM community or even an experienced practitioner looking for the next great read, the book 'Kinky sex & BDSM for newbies' has a singular goal: to explain what kinky sex and BDSM are. Although similar in the eyes of many, there is a difference. Even if just in nuances. The book aims to serve as a reference for engaging in erotic practices that can change many people's lives safely and for the better at all times.

It is not an apology for these erotic practices either. Society has seen a notable shift in attitude towards BDSM. This is partly because of the mental health industry's adjusted stance and the increasing popularity in pop culture, and the joint effort of sexologists and sexual wellness brands like LELO, working together toward greater acceptance and understanding.

Photo credits - photographer: Liv Blazejewicz series ‘Made of Glass’; model: Signe Skovbye.

LELO Brand Ambassador, Valerie Tasso, said: "This little book entitled "Kinky sex and BDSM for beginners" was born from our desire to divulge more about the erotic experiences of women that have become very fashionable in recent years, both through erotic literature, essays, television series and the increasingly vast information on social media. However, having a lot of information does not at all mean that having more training on a specific topic is not necessary.”

“We believe that this booklet, far from being exhaustive and boring, is absolutely necessary to understand, at least, the essence of the famous mainstream “kinky sex” as well as the erotica of BDSM,” concludes Tasso.

The book is available for download with the purchase of LELO LYLA2BRUNOBOA pleasure ties or TANTRA feather teaser on

All you need to know about the 20 toy rule


Featured photo

Alt-tag: A girl with a teddy bear lying in the grass 

No matter how hard you try to keep your home tidy, this task might be virtually impossible as a parent. At some point controlling the amount of clutter in our households can feel like a full-time job. Toys, trinkets, and all sorts of knick-knacks spread far beyond the playroom. The endless chore of organizing mountains of stuff drains you out of precious time and energy that you could otherwise invest in caring for your family and yourself. The 20 toy rule is an effective strategy for managing your household better. Besides, it will help you develop your kids’ creativity and critical thinking from a young age. Here is what you need to know about this method and how to implement it to your advantage.  

How many toys do your kids really need?

Less clutter means more simplicity and more harmony in our daily lives. More is not always better. But, somehow, we allow our kids to accumulate piles of toys over time without even realizing it. The place gets covered in bits and pieces, and the mere thought of cleaning it is overwhelming. Keeping your living space neat and tidy is a healthy habit for the whole family. Undoubtedly, every kid needs their toys for stimulation and development. But how much is enough?

Toys to kids are mainly a means of escaping from boredom and anxiety. However, as the pile of odds and ends grows, it can be the very reason that causes uneasy feelings. Thus, it is time to make good use of the 20 toy rule. Having fewer toys can be beneficial for your children. And it will help you create a better atmosphere in your home. 

Fewer toys and less clutter in your home is beneficial for your children 

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What is the 20 toy rule? 

Too much of anything will ultimately make you feel overwhelmed. From food to toys, however good they may be, large quantities serve no purpose, apart from creating a mess. The 20 toy rule is a simple and fair solution to keep the playroom and the rest of the house free of clutter. You should let your kids pick 20 of their favorite toys to keep. As for the rest, stash them away.

Depending on your situation, you can tailor the rule of 20 toys to what fits you best. Figuring the ideal storage solutions may be tricky at first. But you can contact the crew from Simplify Valet Storage & Moving to help you find the optimal solution for your needs. You do not have to give the permanent boot to stuff right away. You don't have to move to benefit from storage either. Opt for on-demand valet storage, and keep your space free of clutter. 

Will your kids accept the idea?

Your main concern about putting forward the plan to chop the number of playthings is undoubtedly how your kids will react to it. But remember that no matter their initial reaction, they will come to terms with it. Perhaps they will even feel excited about arranging their collections. It isn't easy to enjoy items that we cannot find in the piles. And out of sight means out of mind, especially for kids. So, they likely have forgotten about many of the pieces that create those piles of mess. You will soon bid farewell to items that do not serve a real purpose. With those out of the way, you will give way to organizing and enjoying lots of DIY activities that will bust the boredom and help you create a better connection with your kids without the jumble separating you. 

Children will appreciate the 20 toy rule, too, as it means that they will have easy access to toys they love 

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Plan of action to implement the 20 toy rule 

Give your kids a few days to go through their whatnots, and pick 20 pieces each. These are the toys that they will keep and play with. Of course, art supplies such as crayons and blocks should not count towards it. Nor should educational materials like books or sets containing many pieces, such as Legos or puzzles, fall into this category. You can designate plastic containers for these and make a deal with your kids to keep them in any time when they are not playing. 

This will encourage your kids to develop good habits and decision-making abilities. Besides, discovering the joys that a neat organization of their space brings is yet another reason to declutter your home and involve your kids in the process. 

The rule of 20 toys gives you the flexibility to decide the exact rules that work best within your household. Your kids may be particularly attached to their stuffed toys or dolls. You may want to pick a spot for their display instead of storing them away in this case. Such items often hold an emotional value, and passing them on to the next generation is common. Also, factor in the excitement of rediscovering an old toy after a while. At times, your kids get more excited by reuniting with an old familiar toy than getting a new one. Hence, before you make a final decision of tossing, selling, or donating the seemingly outgrown or no longer valuable playthings, put them in storage. 

Packing toys for storage 

Some toys are more than just playtime props. They can be invaluable mementos with the power of reminding us of our precious childhood days. So, use the 20 playthings rule to create a better ambiance in your home, but treat your kids’ toys like the little treasures they are. 

Thus, after the decluttering team action you have organized, decide which items stay in the house and will be set aside in bins and containers. As much as your space allows, you can use the area under the bed or wardrobes to keep this off the way. However, toys that will be out of action for a while need to find their safekeeping place too. And you will need to give some attention to packing toys for storage. So, store and organize them properly like you would if you were moving. Refrain from getting rid of items that your kids play with, as you may have second thoughts about it later on. Instead, keep them safely in storage, and allow yourself time to make the right decisions. 

Keep your kids’ excess toys safe, and benefit from the conveniences of a valet storage

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Use the 20 toy rule to your kids’ advantage 

A living space free of clutter has a positive impact on your kids. With fewer things consuming their attention, they get the chance to develop their social skills and overall personal abilities. The rule of keeping 20 toys in the house also allows you to instill practicality into your children's character. Make a point to communicate with your kids and explain to them your actions. Awaken the team spirit in your family, regularly sell or donate things you do not need in your household. 

In summary, a tidy home will enable you and your family to enjoy things you have better. The 20 toy rule is a tool that will help you create a better living environment and save precious time, energy, and effort. 

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