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Garage Door Designs - Which Is Right For You?

When you own your home you can easily get sucked into the curb appeal competition that happens in every neighborhood. Whether it’s on purpose or just sort of happens as we try to keep up with “The Joneses” it is easy to get carried away and start spending obscene amounts of money on ridiculous things you don’t need. Water features, unique plants and planters, lights and motion detectors the list goes on and on. The one thing we all can agree on is if you have a garage you need to have a decent garage door. A good garage door will make all the difference on your property, for aesthetic and security reasons. So if you are thinking of changing it you might be able to find the one you want by checking out Access Garage Doors of Huntsville, for example, or you can take some advice from this article.

There are 6 different styles of garage doors made available to us and each has its own challenges whether it’s with positioning, pricing, or maintenance. Certain styles won’t work on your home without some major adjustments and if you live in an area with strata or maintenance you aren’t allowed to stray too far from the homes original design. Take a look at what will work for your home and budget and this will help narrow down your options. 

The basic sectional garage door is the most popular and affordable in most of North and South America. Not only is it the simplest design that everyone is accustomed to but finding affordable parts and maintenance for this style is as simple as a google search. 

Next on the list is roll up garage doors. Another popular choice but costs more than a sectional as it is built to withstand maximum usage and can hold up in all types of temperatures and weather. Depending on the style you get it can cost you a small fortune. You can even get these doors built without springs creating less noise and longer lasting units altogether. If you do have springs always check them for rust and corrosion so you don’t get locked in or out of your garage one day. Garage door spring replacement in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world can be done quickly and easily with trained technicians waiting for your call. Don’t try to save money by buying online without knowing all the specs first, this may just lead to more of a headache than anything else. 

Slide to the side garage doors are more on the fancy side of garage doors. They aren’t as popular as roll ups and sectional but can costs more due to its location and upkeep. 

Next up is a hat tip to old fashioned with the side hinge garage doors. Many cheaper versions are made from wood but you can get steel doors for maximum protection. These doors are growing in popularity mainly because they can be placed on a pre existing carport or newer built garage with less head room. 

Tilt up canopy doors are probably the fanciest of all garage doors and you may have seen them in some movies. The sleek and silent design is very stylish and doesn’t take away from the design of the home

Regardless of which garage door you have it’s always good to maintain and care for it so it doesn’t cost you a fortune later on. Like any part of your home you should have a routine maintenance schedule and when there is a problem trust trained professionals to get the job done right. 

7 Budgeting Tips For Big Families

Budgeting tips for big families are something everyone can benefit from. Having a large family can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Also, couples are attempting to have more kids than in the previous decade, with an average of three. However, the most pressing problem for many parents is how to pay for everything. The cost of raising children rose significantly as the economy changed. If having a big family is a priority for you and something you'd want to have in the future, there are methods to work around the financial limitations and make it work. 

Where does the money go?

The typical middle-class family spent their money on these commodities to raise their children: establishing and maintaining a home, eating and drinking, child care and education, transport, health, clothes, and other essentials.

It's in these areas you should try to save the most, and our tips will help you.

The most effective budgeting tips for large families

We consulted money managers for their best tips on saving money and budgeting effectively while having a big family. Below is what they say.

1. Budget preparation tips

The budgeting process is making a strategy for how you will spend your money. Creating a budget lets you know ahead of time if you'll have enough money for everything you need. Simply put, budgeting is the practice of balancing your income and spending.

When it comes to financing a larger family, you need to make a plan. You have to know how much money is coming in and going. You will be doing yourself a great favor by sitting down to build a budget. Maintaining a strict budget will help you if you have a large debt

 as well. 

There are many ways to save money. For example, you can shop online to save money on transport to get to the shops and snacks while in the mall. Shopping online also reduces the risk of making other unplanned purchases. Using coupons will also help you save money.

One hand is on the keyword, while the other is holding a credit card, symbolizing an online purchase. 

Online shopping can help you save money

2. Don't make impulse purchases

When you buy something in the heat of the moment, it's known as impulse buying. Assume you're in the supermarket. The gallon of milk on your shopping list is hardly an impulse purchase. An impulse buy is a chocolate bar that you toss in your cart after noticing it on the racks at the checkout counter.

According to Carrie Rattle, a financial counselor and therapist in New York, impulse purchase frequently includes an external trigger such as a sale sign or a happy shiny advertisement. Alternatively, you may see that product in a shop, on the internet, or at your friend's and feel compelled to get it. So, one of the budgeting tips for big families is to exercise self-control.

Pause between the desire and the act

With only a few taps or clicks, it's all too simple to buy anything on impulse when purchasing online. Think about why and when you shop excessively. What were your thoughts and feelings the past few times you made an impulse purchase? Make a mental note of it. Ideally, you may begin to recognize and regulate your internal, emotional, and environmental triggers.

3. Follow a spending plan

It's no secret that cutting costs is one of the finest budgeting tips for big families. A financial plan should contain all your incoming funds, outgoing funds, and funds set aside for savings. True, a budget should account for unexpected spending such as home maintenance and family vacations and regular monthly payments such as rent and bills. Still, you may economize money, especially on utilities.

4. Shop wisely, not cheaply

Although it might be deceiving, we typically believe that if something is cheaper, we have saved money. If an object is very cheap, it is more likely to be of low quality. So, if a product would last longer, it may be worth investing a little extra money.

5. Look for activities that are low priced or free

Explore a wide range of free activities that you can do alone or with friends and family. Outdoor group training, zoo tours, cycling, karaoke nights, camping, trekking, there is also free entry to some museums, concerts, open-air summer films, etc. 

Non-group activities may be reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music or playing an instrument, painting, creating a spa day in your own home, attempting to recreate a favorite restaurant dish or even doing a DIY project. The choice is extensive, and as long as you use some imagination, you and your wallet will be pleased. If you like to travel, here are a few suggestions for getting across the world for little money.

6. Put away 10% of every paycheck and forget about it 

Counting money while holding a wallet

Hide 10% of your income from yourself

I bet you can hide 10% of your income from yourself and other family members and entirely forget about it, regardless of your salary. You will be amazed at how much money you can save within a year or two.

7. Buy a smaller house

There are several advantages to considering a smaller home, particularly if you want to have a big family. For a start, fewer expenses for electricity and heating, lower housing maintenance costs, and possibly fewer repairs.

small white house with a fence 

Relocating and finding a smaller property are the best budgeting tips for big families.

Today's relocations are becoming faster and easier. Pack & Go Movers advise that you should consider downsizing your living space if you have a big family. You will save a lot of money and will be able to take group vacations, take French lessons or even buy that car that you've always wanted to have.

What is the connection between budgeting and relocation?

We will tell you precisely what you need to know. If you understand the financial difference between cooking at home vs. eating out or paying rent versus buying a small house, you'll be able to devote more time to what you genuinely want to afford.

Although moving to a new home is not the easiest thing to do, a simple transfer to your new home is possible with a little assistance. There is no better method to simplify your upcoming relocation than to hire local movers. For a modest fee, local movers can manage the difficulties of your relocation and so make your life smoother. Furthermore, their excellent packing materials are often included in the purchase. 

In the long term, this strategy, together with the other budgeting tips for big families, will help you save your money, time, and nerves.

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DIY Entryway Revamp With TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat and TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer By Daich Coatings

As a small business owner I am always looking for ways to improve my home and ensure my clients are safe and feel welcome when they come to the door. 

We have a concrete stairway leading to our entrance which can be slippery when wet creating a hazard for our customers coming and going. We have had a few minor slips and trips on our steps and we jumped at the opportunity to use Daich Coatings Anti-Slip Coating to add a layer of traction and protection to our stairs. 

Our entry way now has anti-slip steps for a safer journey for our clients to and from our home with their children. Not only is it much safer but it looks warm and inviting and well maintained. This product was very easy to use and looks like it was a professional job. 

Daich Coatings has now introduced TracSafe® Anti-Slip Color Coat. Available in five colors, the real stone organic coating covers almost any ugly, blotchy floor surface. You can DIY this renovation project in just a few days, start on Friday done by Sunday! 

            “This newest product is part of the TracSafe® system of anti-slip technology,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “Response has been very strong for launch of our anti-slip sealer. However, the sealer is clear. It’s intended to go over existing finished surfaces.


            “The new TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat is a real stone coating with color options. It’s very easy to apply and looks great with a light stone speckle that sparkles in the sunshine. Using both products together, we give people the opportunity to transform the look of spaces while adding anti-slip properties to surfaces.


            “The high coverage rate of the TracSafe products is a great value. Compared to common anti-slip paints, TracSafe’s proprietary anti-slip technology provides a strong, beautiful covering that transforms spaces.” 

            TracSafe products bond firmly to a variety of interior and exterior flooring materials. This includes concrete, masonry, stone and pavers, tile, vinyl, linoleum and pre-painted floors.


Easy DIY Application

            Daich recommends starting a project with two coatings of the colored TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat. Then, finish the project with two coats of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. As easy to apply as paint, TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat comes in Graphite, Shell Grey, Cream, Clay Brick and Terracotta colors. 

            “By starting with the color coating, you add a beautiful, uniformly-colored finish to a surface,” says Daich. “Finishing it off with the clear sealer protects the coating from dirt, water and chemicals, and adds another level of slip-resistance to the floor.”


            Both TracSafe products have been tested and achieved ratings up to twice the industry-recommended safety standard. The product’s aggressive anti-slip performance with all-weather durability is ideal for both residential and commercial settings.


Where to Apply TracSafe Products

            In the home, TracSafe can be used on garage and basement floors, utility areas and workshops, pool decks, patios and terraces. In commercial settings, the TracSafe coating and sealer system can be applied to numerous surfaces, including entrances and steps, walkways and access ramps, pool decks, balconies, valet parking areas and commercial/industrial floors.        

 “While TracSafe anti-slip products are valuable in most settings and with all age groups, they are especially important for our aging population,” says Daich. “The TracSafe system of products can help people avoid life-altering falls. Whether used in group residential settings, hospitals or on community pool decks, anti-slip products benefit everyone.”


Why Anti-Slip Products?

            According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips and falls are the second highest cause of nonfatal occupational injury and illness incidents between 2014 – 2018.* The 2020 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses reports that there were 211,640 trips, slips and falls in the private industry sector in 2020. 


            “Whether in the workplace or at home, potentially slippery surfaces should be taken seriously,” says Daich. “They can be greatly reduced by employing a full-system slip-resistant solution.”


            High-performance TracSafe products come as low VOC pre-mixed formulas. Their odorless, water-based technology features fast dry-times and easy water clean-up. Both the coating and sealer have excellent adhesion capabilities. The products are designed to last with outstanding resistance to sun, snow, water, salt, chemicals, snow shoveling, foot and vehicle traffic.


Easy Installation

            To install TracSafe Anti-Slip Color Coat, simply roll down two coats of the product a few hours apart using a 3/8” paint roller. Then, after curing for 24 hours, apply two coats of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. Wait another 24 hours and the system is ready for foot traffic.

          TracSafe’s anti-slip technology lays down a uniform foot traction surface that exhibits effective slip resistance properties in both wet and dry conditions. This is effective with bare feet and various common pedestrian and work footwear. 

            “Once applied, the exceptional slip-resistant features of TracSafe helps people avoid dangerous slips and falls,” says Daich. “This has the potential to reduce prolonged pain for individuals, plus costly litigation and skyrocketing insurance costs.”


            TracSafe products, along with other Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete products, are available online at The Home Depot®Lowe’sCanadian TireHome Hardware or

High School Graduation Invitations for the Class of ’22

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means one thing in the world of teenagers: high school graduation. After four long years, you and your fellow classmates are finally ready to walk across the stage and collect your high school diploma. Before the big day arrives, though, you’ll need to start thinking about how you want to send out your invitations to friends and family members who will be there to celebrate with you on this momentous occasion.


Script Cap Graduation Invitations



This is the Best Way to Do High School Graduation Invitations: Whether you’re planning a high school graduation party or not, it’s never too early to plan ahead. This gives your family plenty of time to get everything ready and helps prevent last-minute stress. 


By starting out with invitations, you can save a lot on printing costs (consider sending e-vites, rather than printing copies), and even more on time—letting friends know about your plans early gives them plenty of notice so they don’t have to worry about whether they can make it or not. 


After all, if you send them four months in advance, they know that they have lots of time before graduation day comes around. That way, they can start making arrangements to attend. If you wait until closer to the date, however, some people might not be able to come at all because of other commitments. So start by ordering high school graduation announcements today.


Proper Grad Graduation Announcements


 The best part about high school graduation announcements is you don’t need to send out an invitation. The teacher graduation invitation acts as an invitation and lets everyone know that you will be throwing a party (most likely on your lawn) at a certain time and date. 


Traditionally, high school graduation parties last around 4 hours. Many people start gathering beforehand and enjoy some drinks. It’s not uncommon to have family members, friends, and future employers show up early to mingle with your guests while you set up. 


The main bulk of guests usually arrives around 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm depending on how many people are invited. Some parents send cards along with their kids’ invitations as they feel it makes it more formal/special.  Most importantly, make sure you write a dress code. 


You don’t want any of your guests showing up in sweats or shorts. For those who like to go all out, there are plenty of fun things you can do to decorate. If you want something simple, then balloons work great. Just fill them with helium and tie them off on fences or trees in colorful patterns. 


Balloons can also be placed inside vases or even used as centerpieces by placing flowers inside them. Candles are another good decoration idea since they add light without taking away from other decorations such as balloons or flowers. Finally, food is always important when having a party so make sure there’s enough for everyone.


Arch Frame Graduation Announcements


 Summer after senior year can be a stressful time for most teens. Between saying goodbye to their friends, preparing for college, and working multiple jobs, it’s difficult to find enough hours in each day. To help relieve some of that pressure, graduation announcements should make planning an easier task.



Arch Frames makes ordering high school graduation announcements easy. Just select your favorite style from our online gallery, upload your photos and personalize your design with text and graphics from our library. We’ll print them at our framing facility and ship them right to you within seven business days. Also, enjoy free shipping on all orders above $29 or rush delivery just in time for graduation.


It’s also fun to include where they went to school before so there are no surprises when they show up at their new campus looking exactly like everyone else. You could say Congrats! Graduating from and heading to.


You can even add a little color-coding so graduates wearing caps and gowns stand out. Or instead of showing both graduates in caps and gowns, have them wear their favorite outfits. One could be dressed as a nurse while another wears his football uniform. Whatever works best for you and your grads is great too.


Ordering has never been so simple—or affordable. Check out Arch Frames today and save big when you shop for high school graduation announcements. Order by June 15th to ensure your invitations arrive in time for commencement ceremonies in mid-June.


If you're just looking to send out one announcement to a small group, using an arch frame is a great way to do it. An arch has a built-in element of design and drama that will look beautiful in your photo, no matter how large or small your group may be. 


This template features alternating colors and two images (depending on how many people you want to include). It’s great if you’re looking for something small yet modern—or simple yet creative.


Raheel Ahmad is a Professional Freelance Content Writer (Copywriter, Ghostwriter) and lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. You can find him on Linkedin at


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Veggie And Vegan Burger Recipes

May 28th is National Burger Day and instead of firing up the grill and cooking up the usual, we'd like to present to you a few burger recipes with a vegan and plant-based twist.

Below are three recipes from three different books: The Fiber Effect, The Complete Quinoa Cookbook, and Easy Vegan Home Cooking.

Recipe #1: Black Bean Burgers
(From The Fiber Effect by Nichole Dandrea-Russert)

Servings: 8–10 patties


1 cup cooked short-grain brown rice
1 cup raw walnuts
1 tablespoon olive oil, divided, plus more for cooking if needed (alternatively you can use veggie broth or water)
1 medium yellow onion, diced
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 tablespoon ground cumin
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
1 teaspoon garlic
1 teaspoon turmeric
½ teaspoon each sea salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
1 (15-ounce) BPA-free can black beans, drained
⅓ cup almond or oat flour


Cook brown rice as instructed on the package and set aside. Time saver: have rice ready to go ahead of time.

Heat a small skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add raw walnuts and toast for 5–7 minutes, stirring frequently, until fragrant and golden brown. (Keep an eye on them to prevent burning. You just want them toasted.) Set aside and allow to cool.

In the meantime, heat another small to medium skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add ½ tablespoon of oil (or veggie broth) and onion. Season with a bit of salt and pepper and sauté for 3–4 minutes, or until onion is fragrant, soft, and translucent. Remove from heat and set aside.

Once walnuts are cooled, add to blender or food processor with chili powder, cumin, smoked paprika, turmeric, salt and pepper and blend to a fine meal. Set aside. Add the black beans to a large mixing bowl and mash well with a fork or potato masher, leaving only a few whole beans. Next, to mashed beans, add cooked rice, spiced walnut mixture, sautéed onion, flour and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon for 1–2 minutes, or until a moldable dough is formed. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.

Form 8–10 burger patties (depending on size you prefer) and set on a baking sheet or plate for grilling. If grilling, heat the grill and brush with oil to avoid sticking. Otherwise, heat the same skillet you used earlier to medium heat. Once skillet is warm, lightly coat the bottom of your skillet with oil then add your burgers, about half an inch apart. If there is not enough space for all of them to grill evenly then grill half of the mixture at a time, then cook the other half. Cook for 3–4 minutes or until browned on one side, then flip (gently). Cook for 3–4 minutes on the other side.

Prepare any other toppings you’d like such as sliced tomato, avocado, sprouts, herbs veganaise. Serve burgers as is, on toasted buns or as a lettuce wrap with added toppings.

Delicious and nutritious additions: Try these burgers without a bun, or substituting in a lettuce wrap. Layer by adding greens, tomato, kimchi and onion.

Recipe #2: Quinoa Veggie Burgers
From The Complete Quinoa Cookbook by Catherine Gill

Serves 4–6


2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
½ cup onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables
½ cup water
1 cup cooked quinoa, any type
1 cup breadcrumbs


In a large frying pan or skillet on medium heat, sauté onion and garlic for about 3 minutes. Add mixed vegetables and stir frequently, until very tender. Remove from heat and allow to cool enough to handle safely. In a food processor, blend vegetable mixture and water and transfer to a large mixing bowl.

Combine vegetable mixture, quinoa, and breadcrumbs. The veggie burger mixture should be sticky enough to form patties; if not, add a little more water until desired consistency is achieved. Form into 4–6 evenly-sized and shaped patties. These can also be frozen between wax paper and stored in airtight bags in the freezer for up to one month. Grill, broil, or sauté in pan as you normally would prepare veggie burgers. Sauté on medium heat in lightly oiled pan for 3–5 minutes each side, or until crispy and cooked thoroughly.

Tip: Making a more moist batch of quinoa for this recipe works really well in helping to bind the mixture and help it all stick together. You may need to add some extra water to your patty mixture depending on the climate where you live.

Recipe #3: Rockin’ Black Bean Burgers
From Easy Vegan Home Cooking by Laura Theodore
Makes 7 burgers


2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more as needed, to coat pan and measuring cup
1 can (14 to 16 ounces) black beans, drained and rinsed
⅓ cup flavorful tomato sauce or marinara sauce
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 rounded teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning blend
½ teaspoon garlic powder
1½ cups walnut halves
½ cup gluten-free, quick cooking rolled oats


Preheat the oven to 375°F. Line a large, rimmed baking sheet with unbleached parchment paper. Lightly coat the parchment paper with 2 teaspoons of olive oil.

Put the beans, tomato or marinara sauce, ketchup, smoked paprika, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder into a medium-sized bowl and coarsely mash using a potato masher or large fork.

Put the walnuts into a blender or food processor and process into coarse crumbs. Add the ground walnuts and oats to the bean mixture and stir with a large spoon until thoroughly combined.

To form a burger, scoop up ⅓ cup of the mixture using a lightly oiled measuring cup. Firmly pack the burger mixture into the measuring cup and drop it onto the prepared pan. Gently press the burger using a flat spatula or clean hands to form it into the shape of a burger. Continue in this manner until you have a total of 7 burgers.

Bake the burgers for 14 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and flip the burgers over. Bake for an additional 10 to 20 minutes (checking often) or until the burgers are golden brown on the bottom and around the edges. (Do not overcook, or the burgers will be too dry.)

Transfer the pan to a wire rack and let the burgers cool 5 minutes. Serve over a leafy green salad, or serve on gluten-free burger buns or English muffins, topped with some coleslaw and drizzled with Smoky and Spicy Burger Sauce (bonus recipe below!).

Bonus Recipe: Smoky and Spicy Burger Sauce
Makes about 1/3 cup

4 heaping tablespoons vegan mayonnaise
2 heaping tablespoons prepared ketchup, plus more to taste
1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/4 teaspoon sriracha-style hot sauce (use 1/2 teaspoon more for extra spicy)

Directions: Put all of the ingredients in a small bowl and whisk to combine. Add more ketchup, if desired and stir to combine.

The Fiber Effect
Written by Nichole Dandrea-Russert
978-1-57826-888-7, $15.00 paperback
978-1-57826-889-4, $9.99 ebook

The Complete Quinoa Cookbook
Written by Catherine Gill
978-1-57826-883-2, $20.00 paperback
978-1-57826-884-9, $12.99 eBook

Easy Vegan Home Cooking
Written by Laura Theodore
978-1-57826-925-9, $25.00 hardcover
978-1-57826-929-7, $12.99 eBook

Published from Hatherleigh Press.
Distributed through Penguin Random House.
Available wherever books are sold.

Sex & Disability, Don’t Disable Your Happiness Let LELO Help!

Nearly three in four of the people with a disability living in North America feel they're often stigmatized by society – but that's not stopping them from achieving their happiness.

The survey  of 2,000 adults, half of whom have disabilities, found that 73% of those with disabilities feel pushed aside because they don't have as many options available to them as those without a condition.

A quarter of respondents without a disability know someone who has one (26%), and 45% of the general population admit they had never considered some of the difficulties they face.

Most survey-takers believe their community is supportive of accommodating people with disabilities (77%). Those accommodations include accessible entrances with ramps or elevators (38%), automated functions like doors or soap dispensers (33%) or accessible text/device magnification such as larger text or captioning (31%). However, one in eight people think that some brands are not doing enough to create accessible products for those with disabilities.

Commissioned by LELO in partnership with OnePoll, the survey also revealed that 89% of those with a disability want to see their communities add more inclusive accessibility options without calling attention to them as being for people with disabilities.

One in eight of the people with a disability living in North America noted they want to see more inclusivity when looking for everyday options like dating apps or eating at a restaurant. They also expressed concern about others judging them for buying intimate personal care items such as condoms (26%), lubricants (25%) or intimate toys (24%).

Respondents with disabilities shared their desire to debunk the misconception that they're asexual (78%), with a similar percentage agreeing that people often misidentify their sexuality because of their disability (79%).

A third of all respondents shared they're under the impression that people with disabilities are not interested in intimacy (34%).

“Disability can have a profound impact on sex life,” said Luka Matutinović, LELO'S chief marketing officer“Self-confidence, overcoming physical/emotional barriers and being excluded from the talk of and education about sexuality are just some of the issues facing disabled people wanting a healthy sex life. Most people cannot even fathom that disabled people are sexual and as sexual as everyone else. That furthers their issues because disabled people are notably missing from any sexual well-being discourse. We need to shine a light on this topic that is largely omitted from the media and destigmatize the conversation around it.” 

In turn, 78% of respondents with a disability said their sexual/romantic life has been negatively affected by worrying about whether their partners will judge them.

Four in five have even put off relationships because it's difficult for them to talk about being intimate with others. No matter the misconceptions they face, 83% of people with disabilities said that regardless of their disability, they are happy with their lives, and 79% still love who they are.

Two in three show themselves love with intimate toys (67%). Those who do have a disability that use intimate toys are happier (89%) than those who don't (75%), and are also more comfortable with loving who they are (85% vs. 74%).

Respondents who use these toys are also more likely to feel comfortable talking about intimacy (88% vs. 66%) and being intimate (83% vs. 62%).

Sex toys, for the most part, are marketed as something we use to learn more about our bodies, our pleasure and a way to orgasm, as part of solo or couple play,” added Matutinović. “Most do not know that sex toys are powerful assistive tools for disabled people. They are used for pleasure, but more importantly, they are used to relieve chronic pain. Very few know about this and we are here to correct this misapprehension.”

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Why Are Orchids So Special? - Colours And Meanings

Orchid season is in full swing and it’s time to start watching these gorgeous flowers bloom and bring joy to people around the globe. Not only is an orchid stunning to look at and makes an amazing gift but each colour has its own meaning. 

So what does each orchid stand for and why should you gift it to certain people at certain milestones in life? 

White Orchid flower meaning is of elegance, grace and purity. The best time to give a white orchid is when someone has a baby, gets married or is getting christened or baptized. 

Yellow orchids stand for new beginnings and friendship. Give a friend a yellow orchid just because, if they moved to a new house, just survived surgery or even got divorced. Yellow brings bright new feelings and adds cheerful thoughts even to the toughest situations in life. 

Purple orchids stand for royalty and admiration. Purple orchids are usually given as a sign of respect. The best time to give an orchid would be as a gift for any occasion, when someone is promoted or at a house warming party. 

Pink orchids are a sign of joy and femininity. These flowers can be given to anyone who is very girly, just had a baby girl, is a strong powerful woman making her way up in life or just because. 

Orange orchids are a sign of pride, enthusiasm and the mark of the bold. Give them when you are proud of someone for a huge accomplishment, or if the person you are gifting to is just a bold personality. 

Orchids make an amazing gift no matter what colour you give. But if you create a cute card with the meaning of the colour you chose and why this person has received such a colour it will hold a special meaning and be very memorable. 

There are many reasons why orchids hold such significance and become a gift of epic proportions! The orchid is very adaptable to many parts of the world and can survive in many different climates and soils. Orchids are a staple in many poems and books for their beauty and reputation. They are also used in aromatherapy because of their amazing fragrance. So the next time you give an orchid as a gift put a little more thought into it and make it a moment to remember. 

Easy DIY Nail Ideas To Help You Save On Self Care Costs

Cutting costs is at the top of everyone’s list right now as prices of most everything continue to rise. So if you’re used to getting your nails done on a regular basis it may be time to learn how to do your own manicures and nail designs at home. These are some of the simplest and easy to learn designs I have found, so even if you aren’t the best artist with the steadiest hand you should be able to get these done with a little practice. 

Simple French tips are always a winner and a timeless classic. These useful tricks will help you master the simplicity and become a master at French tipped nails. 

Start with this easy how to guide from Style Craze to master the technique then check out how far you can go with this skill. Pop Cosmo has an interesting hack to perfect the French tip as well! 

These coloured French tips from La Belle Society are simply adorable! 

For a unique twist on the French tip check out these ideas on the Chasing Daisies Blog

Recreating ombré nails and adorable woodland creatures is right up there on the bucket list of DIYs for many people, the skills definitely need to be practiced but you can master them. Check out some of these beautiful designs to get you started on your DIY manicure journey! 

Style Craze has an amazing step by step guide to ombré nails that will get you started. has a great collection of unique manicures including a simple ombré and bright and punchy leopard prints! 

DIY nails can look just as good as professional gels if you put in the time and effort. These adorable creature nails by Love This Pic are so easy and definitely left a paw print on my heart.

These little creatures are broken down step by step on tumblr

These designs and ideas should keep you busy for a while and if you need extra practice start asking your friends to paint their nails and who knows maybe you will get really good and be able to charge a small amount and create a side hustle. 

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